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Researcher Squad
NFT Labs
From 'drawing doors' at floor prices to the 'biggest sell-off in NFT history', we can't help but re-examine whether the liquidity in the current NFT market comes from innovative mechanisms or the inward rolling of existing funds.
Who better represents the future of blockchain gaming, DeGame or GameFi?
How did the run problem, which had nothing to do with the trading platform, happen again and again in the currency circle.
Participants and contributors are the most valuable stakeholders
How can we tell if the tokens we're buying really represent asset ownership
The Last Miner, A History All Web3 People Should Know
The analogy of blockchain to a special form of database does help in explaining related concepts to the layman. But this kind of metaphor can never answer a question, that is: Compared with traditional databases, what special comparative advantages does t
The future encrypted world is divided into two factions: the "regulatory majority" represented by USDC, and the "decentralized minority" represented by DAI
A financial institution incubated by a Wall Street giant has now become the mainstay of the entire DeFi. Who is the master of the decentralized world?
In addition to "scythe", the biggest point of this fork is that it is the first time in history "ecology and public chain fork at the same time".
CryptoPunks to the left, Moonbirds to the right
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