Focus Tree
Web3 Productivity App
Basic Introduction:
Focus Tree is a Web3 productivity app that fights social media addiction by rewarding users for putting down their phones. Users can start a timer during which they cannot access other apps. If they succeed, they will accumulate focus points that can be used to grow their unique garden. The more points they earn, the greater their chances of winning valuable rewards (e.g.: new trees, garden tiles, focus tokens, etc.). The app encourages users to interact with friends, share their progress, and participate in collaborative focus sessions. The vision is to create a thriving ecosystem of proactive users who can use a combination of social and financial responsibility to increase their focus, productivity, and personal growth, ultimately improving their overall well-being through daily practice.
Latest Financings
Honeypot Finance
$1.3M DeFi Hub on Beracha
Crypto: The Game
3 million USD