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The new regulations on virtual assets in Hong Kong have officially come into effect, marking a historic moment for Web3 in Hong Kong. Revisiting the Orthodoxy of Crypto: The Spiritual Divide Between Us and Vitalik. Creating NFTs on Bitcoin for just $5? Learn about BRC-1155 and GBRC-721. MoDragon: Can the new trend of blockchain gaming be replicated on Arbitrum? Vitalik: Maintain the minimalism of the chain, do not let Ethereum's consensus become overloaded.
In the development of Web3.0, Singapore has some first-mover advantages, but Hong Kong, China is also striving to catch up. What does the new Hong Kong regulation, "Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing for Virtual Asset Trading Platforms," which officially came into effect today, mean for the cryptocurrency industry?
21 hours ago
香港证监会: 虚拟资产的分类可能会随时间演变,某种虚拟资产的分类可能从非证券型代币变为证券型代币(反之亦然)。为了遵守发牌制度的规定并确保业务能够持续运作,虚拟资产交易平台同时根据现行制度下的《证券及期货条例》和《打击洗钱条例》申请批准是谨慎的做法。证监会将采用简化的申请程序,使双重牌照申请只需提交一份综合申请表格。
香港证监会: 持牌虚拟资产交易平台在纳入每个代币以供买卖之前,也应进行代币的尽职审查。因此,将已经由其他持牌虚拟资产交易平台纳入的代币等豁免审查并不适当。证监会只要求平台运营者考虑虚拟资产在香港的监管状况,而不要求平台运营者考虑代币在其提供交易服务的不同司法管辖区的监管状况。
FATF: Qatar has not actively enforced its 2019 cryptocurrency ban.
BlockBeats news, on June 1st, according to a report by CoinDesk, a report released by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global anti-money laundering regulatory agency, showed that Qatar banned cryptocurrency providers in 2019, but the country has taken almost no action against cryptocurrency companies that violate the ban announced in 2019. FATF urged the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) to more actively identify and sanction virtual asset service providers (VASPs) that violate its cryptocurrency ban.
8 hours ago
Lido: Unrelated to Lybra Finance, please conduct due diligence when interacting with the new protocol.
BlockBeats News, June 1st, Lido officially announced that it has no affiliation with Lybra Finance, regardless of how its brand implies it. "Although the constantly developing LSD DeFi environment is exciting, please be cautious and do due diligence when interacting with new protocols."
8 hours ago
Bitcoin Magazine Ventures has launched a Bitcoin ecosystem fund that has been oversubscribed to over $90 million.
According to BlockBeats news on June 1st, Bitcoin Magazine Ventures, managed by David Bailey and Tyler Evans, is launching the world's first Bitcoin ecosystem fund. According to internal sources, the venture capital fund, which specializes in investing in the Bitcoin ecosystem, raised $30 million and has oversubscribed by $90 million. The new fund emphasizes the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem and mainly invests in new applications, tools, and infrastructure such as Ordinals, Lighting, BRC20, DLC, and other UTXO-related elements. These innovations allow Bitcoin to adopt more flexible functions similar to Ethereum. Well-known venture capital firm Sora Ventures invested $3 million in the fund.
8 hours ago
OPNX: Celsius' claims trading has officially launched.
BlockBeats reported on June 1st that OPNX officially announced the launch of Celsius claims trading. Users can now log in to Celsius and tokenize their own claims, immediately releasing liquidity.
8 hours ago
The Ethereum staking protocol Rocket Pool has been deployed on the zkSync Era network.
According to BlockBeats news on June 1st, Ethereum liquidity staking protocol Rocket Pool has been deployed on the zkSync Era network, as reported by The Block. By running on zkSync Era, Rocket Pool users will be able to transfer their Token rETH faster and cheaper, thereby achieving a more user-friendly experience in DeFi applications. Rocket Pool has previously been launched on Ethereum Layer 2 networks Optimism and Arbitrum.
9 hours ago
OKX has released the BRC-30 standard, which introduces a staking mechanism to the BTC ecosystem.
According to BlockBeats news on June 1st, OKX has officially released the BRC-30 standard, which allows users to earn rewards by staking BRC-20 assets without selling them. The launch of this standard makes on-chain asset staking in the BTC ecosystem possible. OKX Web3 wallet has already synchronized with the Ordinals market on both the app and web platforms. It is reported that the BRC-30 staking feature will soon be launched on OKX Web3 Earn section. This standard has been released on the Bitcoin ecosystem page of the OKX developer center, which can be used by all projects and developers. Previously, OKX had established the BRC-20 industry double verification and parsing standards and launched the first BTC browser for BRC-20.
9 hours ago
Circle will launch native USDC on Arbitrum on June 8th.
BlockBeats reported on June 1st that Circle will launch native USDC on Arbitrum starting from June 8th, 2023. Arbitrum stated that this token will become the official version of USDC recognized within the Arbitrum ecosystem and will eventually replace the current bridged version of USDC from Ethereum. Before the launch of native USDC on June 8th, Arbitrum announced that it will rename the Ethereum bridged version of USDC to "USDC.e" on the blockchain explorer.
10 hours ago
The Ethereum Foundation has opened applications for the fourth round of its Fellowship program, with applications open until June 16th.
On June 1st, BlockBeats reported that the Ethereum Foundation announced the opening of applications for the fourth batch of Ethereum Protocol Grants (EPF). Users can submit applications before June 16th. This program provides researchers with a four-month scholarship to advance Ethereum technology, including developing client implementations, testing and specifications, and participating in the latest core protocol research. The fourth batch of EPF will run from July 2023 to November 2023, with a final live event held at Devconnect in Istanbul.
11 hours ago
Chiliz has selected Ankr as the primary RPC provider for the Chiliz Chain.
BlockBeats news on June 1st, Chiliz, a sports and entertainment blockchain solution, announced that Ankr was selected as the main RPC provider for Chiliz Chain. Chiliz Chain will introduce a system consisting of 11 active Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) validator nodes, with Ankr, Jump Crypto, Paribu, and Meria (formerly known as Just Mining) being the first four validator nodes for the chain.
11 hours ago
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