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19-11-25 19:40
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Rhythm BlockBeats was founded in 2018. It is a professional blockchain research institution and information platform. The website content covers overseas blockchain news and domestic blockchain industry information. Rhythm BlockBeats has a portal (theblockbeats.info) and mobile APP. Users can download the Rhythm BlockBeats APP from the Apple App Store or Android App Store; or click on the mobile phone icon in the lower right corner of the screen and scan the QR code to download.

BlockBeats is committed to disseminating cutting-edge technology trends and long-term advocacy of value investment concepts. It has successively integrated Fat Protocol, WEB3. 0 concept was introduced to the Chinese Internet, and is regarded by users as the Chinese media with the most ability to discover value.

Rhythm BlockBeats is designed to satisfy various types of readers including blockchain beginners, enthusiasts, practitioners, and investors. Demand, content types include introductory learning articles on blockchain and digital currency, popular event reports, Rhythm original research, in-depth analysis of industry phenomena, well-known influencer opinion sharing, front-line high-quality interviews, etc. Content display formats include graphics, audio and video .

Rhythmic BlockBeats’ own sections include:

Video: https://www.theblockbeats.info/video

Podcast: https://www.theblockbeats.info/special

News information: https://www.theblockbeats.info /newsflash

Article collection special topic: https://www .theblockbeats.info/special

Rhythm Research Institute: https://www.theblockbeats.info/research

Since its establishment, Rhythm BlockBeats has produced thousands of in-depth articles, in-depth investigations of more than 100 tokens, and a single article on WeChat With a maximum reading volume of 1.1 million, it is the first media in China to pay attention to and lead topics such as EOS ecology, POS ecology, new generation of anonymous coins, and DeFi ecology.

At the same time, BlockBeats has established in-depth ties with domestic leading media, high-quality communities, and expert think tanks, and has established close ties with Tencent and NetEase. , Toutiao, Zhihu, Huxiu, Baijiahao and other technology media platforms have established content cooperation relationships.

Rhythmic BlockBeats’ honors:

1. WeChat public account blockchain media front Three;

2. Zhihu, the first blockchain media organization, and Zhihu official jointly produced the salt selection column "Crazy Bitcoin: The Unknown Story Behind Wealth" , currently the most popular column in the industry;

3. A well-known blockchain blogger on Weibo, supported by Weibo Finance MCN, and won the 2019 Weibo celebrity list in the financial field Third place;

4. A member of Tencent Technology's "China's Top Technology Media Plan" and has jointly produced blockbuster investigative content with Tencent Technology many times;

5. Outstanding author of the year on Huxiu.com.

Rhythm BlockBeats reminds readers that the information content is for learning and exchange purposes and does not constitute investment advice. Cryptocurrency investment is a high-risk investment behavior. Do not operate blindly to avoid asset losses. According to the document "Risk Warning on Preventing Illegal Fund-raising in the Name of "Virtual Currency" and "Blockchain" issued by five departments including the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission in August 2018, the general public is requested to view blockchain rationally and not blindly believe in hype. Commitment, sort out correct currency concepts and investment concepts, and effectively improve risk awareness.

Contact us: contact@theblockbeats.org

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