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According to BlockBeats, on April 22, according to the official announcement, the Web3 social protocol PairedWorld announced the completion of $1.5 million in financing, and the details of the financing have not been disclosed. In addition, BlackRock Venture Partner Paul Taylor also joined its advisory board. It is reported that PairedWorld aims to enhance real-world social interactions through blockchain technology, while providing new data channels for consumer brands through real-world interactions (RWI). The announcement stated that Paul Taylor's joining the PairedWorld board of directors is expected to significantly promote the development of the protocol. His rich expertise in fintech and blockchain is consistent with PairedWorld's mission.[Original Link]
According to BlockBeats, on April 22, according to Arkham data, Grayscale transferred about 424.873 BTC to Coinbase Prime address today, worth about 28.04 million US dollars. In addition, Grayscale also transferred 943.889 BTC (worth about 62.29 million US dollars) to 2 new addresses.[Original Link]
According to BlockBeats, on April 22, Bitcoin L2 network BOB (Build on Bitcoin) posted on the X platform that due to the surge in the number of projects ready to be deployed on BOB, the team postponed the mainnet launch to May 1 (originally scheduled for April 24) to accommodate additional testing and auditing. Earlier in March, BOB announced the completion of a $10 million seed round of financing, led by Castle Island Ventures, with participation from Mechanism Ventures, Bankless Ventures, CMS Ventures and UTXO Management, as well as some angel investors; BOB later announced that Coinbase Ventures joined its $10 million seed round of financing.[Original Link]
According to BlockBeats, on April 22, Othentic, a project focusing on shared security of distributed systems, announced the completion of a $4 million seed round of financing, led by Finality Capital Partners and Breyer Capital, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, HashKey Capital, Collider Ventures, BanklessVC, Robot Ventures, Everstake, PUNK DAO, etc. According to reports, Othentic is committed to creating novel distributed computing services by providing self-deployed infrastructure to launch systems with underlying shared security, including promoting innovative work on EigenLayer and Babylon. Its Othentic Stack allows AVS developers to self-deploy operator networks that customize computing services and run arbitrary computing tasks in a trustless execution environment. In addition, Othentic introduced a framework for Stateless Rollups to support flexible and secure execution of off-chain computing. Stateless Rollups are computing networks that provide services to other networks or applications without being constrained by any specific blockchain. The framework facilitates the creation of coprocessors, ZK provers, privacy-preserving computation, decentralized order books, AI inference networks, vulnerability prevention systems, and other new services.[Original Link]
According to BlockBeats, on April 22, according to Lookonchain monitoring, a whale withdrew 800 bitcoins from Binance in the past 5 hours, worth about 52.84 million US dollars. It is reported that the address previously sold 4,556 bitcoins (US$302.3 million) between March 15 and March 22.[Original Link]
According to BlockBeats, on April 22, cLabs, the core developer of the Celo blockchain, proposed to use OP Stack to develop its Ethereum Layer 2 chain. After evaluating various expansion technologies for eight months, cLabs chose OP Stack for development. The Celo community approved the proposal to migrate to Ethereum Layer 2 through a governance vote last July. It is planned to deploy a testnet in the summer of 2024 and conduct a community vote. (The Block)[Original Link]
According to BlockBeats, on April 22, CoinDesk reported that the Omni Foundation announced the launch of the Omni Network mainnet on Arbitrum and Optimism. Omni Network is a L1 network that combines Ethereum rollup and aims to provide access and liquidity to the Ethereum ecosystem for all users. At the same time, Omni Network announced the launch of the first phase of the mainnet, Omni Armgeddon, and users can now re-stake on EigenLayer to help protect Omni.[Original Link]
According to BlockBeats, on April 22, io.net and Aethir announced a strategic partnership. io.net's virtualization technology cluster solution will be integrated with Aethir's enterprise-level distributed GPU cloud to create a powerful, low-latency, and cost-effective GPU-intensive workload solution to enhance GPU access, performance, and coverage for AI, machine learning, and gaming applications. In addition, Aethir will airdrop $50 million worth of ATH tokens to io.net community members, and io.net will airdrop $50 million worth of IO tokens to Aethir community members.
According to BlockBeats, on April 22, the Web3 Foundation (W3F), the organization behind the Polkadot ecosystem, announced a bonus pool worth 10 million DOTs ($74.5 million) to “promote diversity in the development of the JAM protocol.” The JAM protocol combines elements of Polkadot and Ethereum, and W3F seeks developers to diversify and strengthen the resilience of the network through the JAM implementer bonus. JAM stands for “Join-Accumulate Machine” and provides a global singleton permissionless object environment, similar to the smart contract environment of Ethereum’s pioneer.[Original Link]
BlockBeats reported that on April 22, Cryptoslate reported that Swiss Bitcoin advocate, founder and chairman of non-profit think tank 2B4CH Yves Bennaïm launched a referendum urging the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to include Bitcoin in the national asset reserve. It is reported that the launch of this referendum depends on whether 100,000 valid signatures of Swiss citizens can be obtained. If the required number is reached, Swiss citizens will vote on the proposed amendment.[Original Link]
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