Hop community, a cross-chain bridge, has released a proposal to regularly reward Hop DAO contributors.

2023-03-22 15:34
On March 22nd, StableLab, a professional DAO governance company, launched an RFC (Request For Comments) proposal on the Hop DAO community cross-chain bridge, aimed at regularly rewarding Hop DAO community members who actively contribute to the DAO and safeguard digital assets from theft and private key compromise. According to the proposal, any member of the community is eligible for rewards. Every month, a nomination discussion post will be opened on the forum, where community members who contribute to Hop DAO can nominate themselves or be nominated by others for retrospective rewards. The proposal also puts forward a six-month pilot plan. During the initial testing period, StableLab will send $30,000 worth of Hop Tokens to the community's multi-signature account, with a maximum application limit of $2,000 per contributor.
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