OKX has released the BRC-30 standard, which introduces a staking mechanism to the BTC ecosystem.

2023-06-01 21:50
According to BlockBeats news on June 1st, OKX has officially released the BRC-30 standard, which allows users to earn rewards by staking BRC-20 assets without selling them. The launch of this standard makes on-chain asset staking in the BTC ecosystem possible. OKX Web3 wallet has already synchronized with the Ordinals market on both the app and web platforms. It is reported that the BRC-30 staking feature will soon be launched on OKX Web3 Earn section. This standard has been released on the Bitcoin ecosystem page of the OKX developer center, which can be used by all projects and developers. Previously, OKX had established the BRC-20 industry double verification and parsing standards and launched the first BTC browser for BRC-20.
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