DLN has established a strategic partnership with bloXroute, a DeFi trading service provider.

2023-11-17 08:24
BlockBeats News, November 17th, cross-chain trading platform DLN has established a strategic partnership with DeFi trading service company to explore lightning-fast cross-chain value exchange based on the intent of MEV explorers, institutional DeFi traders, and projects. With the synergistic effect between DLN's high-performance infrastructure and bloXroute blockchain distribution network's fast transaction propagation capability, users and integrated dApps will be able to use bloXroute API for high-speed cross-chain interaction. For market makers and explorers, this integration opens up scalable access to DLN's cross-chain liquidity network, and any user can subscribe through bloXroute SDK. As the first step of this partnership, bloXroute is currently attracting MEV explorers and institutional DeFi traders to join its platform for early access and faster cross-chain transactions, while RockawayX x FORDEFI will become the first batch of trading partners in DLN's recent non-custodial wallet plan.
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