SafePal announced that it will soon complete the integration of Runes protocol and will launch Runes, RGB++ and other engraving and trading markets

2024-04-18 15:08
According to BlockBeats, on April 18, according to the official announcement, SafePal, a Web3 full-stack wallet invested by Binance, AnimocaBrands, and Supserscrypt, announced that it has completed the integration of the Runes protocol. In the next few weeks, Runes, Atomicals, Ordinal, RGB++ inscriptions and trading markets will be launched one after another, and support will be provided in SafePal's App, browser plug-in, and hardware wallet. This means that SafePal is the first full-stack wallet to support the Runes protocol and ecosystem, and SafePal's hardware wallet is also the world's first hardware wallet product to support this ecosystem. SafePal CEO and co-founder Veronica Wong said, "SafePal continues to be optimistic about the future development of the Bitcoin ecosystem. The Bitcoin ecosystem is currently on the eve of an outbreak. We will continue to support new protocols and assets in the Bitcoin ecosystem as soon as possible to provide users with a one-stop silky experience."
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