A whale sold WIF at a loss and switched to TREMP and BONK

2024-05-19 13:40

BlockBeats news, on May 19, according to Lookonchain monitoring, after the WIF price fell, a whale sold 1.7 million WIF (about 4.4 million US dollars) at a loss to buy TREMP and BONK. After that, the prices of tremp and BONK rose.

On March 17, the whale spent 25,682 SOL (about 5 million US dollars) to buy 1.7 million WIF at an average price of 2.94 US dollars. After the WIF price fell, he started selling WIF 10 hours ago to buy TREMP and BONK.

So far, he has exchanged 1.28 million WIF (about 3.3 million US dollars) for 127.16 billion BONK at a unit price of 0.00002593 US dollars, and 410,688 WIF (about 1.06 million US dollars) for 966,000 tremp at a unit price of 1.1 US dollars.

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