Bloomberg analyst: Ethereum spot ETF may be listed in mid-June

2024-05-24 10:53

BlockBeats news, May 24, according to Cointelegraph, Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart has been saying that the S-1 approval of the Ethereum spot ETF may be completed in "a few weeks", but he also pointed out that "it may take longer" because the process usually takes up to five months. However, Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas responded that "mid-June is definitely possible." Balchunas expects there will be only one round of comments on the S-1 amendment document, similar to the feedback provided by the SEC for spot Bitcoin ETF applicants. He pointed out that this process takes about two weeks, which is how he came up with the estimated result of mid-June.

However, Gabriel Shapiro, general counsel of Delphi Labs, pointed out that the approval of the US SEC was made by its trading and market division under "authorization", and claimed that any of the five SEC commissioners has the right to question the decision within the next 10 days. Digital asset lawyer Joe Carlasare said that while in theory someone might raise such a question - "but not in practice". He said: "They will not approve this decision through the trading and market department without making sure that there is no objection from the commissioners." Seyffart seemed to disagree with this view, pointing out that it is "normal" to make decisions in an authorized manner because requiring a formal vote on every decision and every document "would be crazy." He also added that requesting a re-examination is unlikely to have any impact on the approval result.

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