Tether announces its entry into artificial intelligence

2024-05-24 23:39

BlockBeats news, on May 24, Paolo Ardoino, CEO of stablecoin issuer Tether, said in an interview that artificial intelligence (AI) will be the company's next big bet. Ardoino pointed out that Tether is investing in the field of AI, aiming to create decentralized, localized AI models that can run on personal devices to enhance privacy and control. He emphasized that Tether's goal is to reduce intermediaries and achieve decentralization in various fields such as finance, communications, and education through blockchain technology. In addition, Tether has invested in brain-computer interface technology to maintain human uniqueness and enhance cognitive abilities. Ardoino said that Tether is leveraging its solid foundation in the field of stablecoins to build a decentralized and resilient ecosystem that can withstand global challenges.

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