Nervos will integrate with SafePal and provide Grant support

2021-12-22 17:33
Nervos will integrate with SafePal, allowing users to store CKBS using SafePal wallets, And recharge CKB into YokaiSwap, the first Layer 2 DEX product on Nervos. To help and support SafePal, Nervos provided SafePal with a Grant Grant. Pre-implementation features include: integration with the sUDT protocol; Support Godwoken Bridge; Support CKB Swap; Jointly support and promote Nervos ecosystem DApps; Support Nervos DeFi project liquidity mining etc. SafePal Wallet has previously selected YokaiSwap as its first Layer 2 partner and launched its innovative Wallet Holder Offering, in which tens of thousands of users participated and received YOK.
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