MicroStrategy to Hold Bitcoin Conference in February, Disclose Accounting, Legal Considerations for Bringing Bitcoin to Balance Sheet

21-01-24 09:02
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Rhythm BlockBeats news, according to TrustNodes reports, MicroStrategy announced that it will hold a conference on Bitcoin investment from 1:00 to 5:45 on February 4th, Beijing time. The company’s CEO Michael Saylor said, "During the first week of February, we will be bringing together thousands of corporate executives, directors, directors, and advisors who are all wondering how to incorporate Bitcoin into their balance sheets."

According to his introduction, at the meeting, the team will disclose their previous research on buying Bitcoin, including accounting, legal "We're going to open up this data so that anyone can use it, so we can save millions of dollars."

It is understood that the theme of this meeting is divided into five parts.

Among them, Michael Saylor will host the first two segments: A Review of Bitcoin as a Financial Reserve Asset and Various Macroeconomic Factors Adoption driven by businesses and institutional investors; ways for businesses to integrate with the Bitcoin currency network and the merits of different strategies. Subsequently, their CFO will host "Key Financial and Operational Considerations for Companies Incorporating Bitcoin into Financial Reserve Strategies"; Legal and Regulatory Considerations." Two additional partners from Deloitte will host "Key Accounting, Tax and Audit Considerations for Companies Incorporating Bitcoin into Financial Reserve Strategies."

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