How to obtain the CHARACTER NFT of AC's new Loot game BY THE VACANCY?

21-09-05 22:36
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On September 5, Andre Cronje, founder of YFI, announced the release of a Loot game BY THE vacancy, a Loot inspired game with 11 types of characters that players create and earn XP by exploring inside the game. Players spend XP to upgrade their characters and acquire their special skills. After reaching a certain level and possessing certain skills, players can manufacture items and auction them in the secondary market.

AC, who says he is an avid gamer, honed the game in his spare time, and currently only allows players to cast their own character by THE end of THE DAY, i.e. receive an NFT. The player only needs to pay Gas to claim their character NFT. 10. Based on THE Fantom on the chain, therefore, the draw is almost free.

10. Since Loot type projects do not have a front end and require the player to Mint by himself in the browser, and the vacancy is slightly different because the player can choose a different character by the vacancy. All NFT Mint is different from Loot type projects. BlockBeats has put together the Mint tutorial for your reference.

Immediately Character NFT Mint Tutorial

The preparatory work

First of all, this is a Fantom chain game, players need a Fantom wallet, in MetaMask to set RPC, setting content as follows:

Second, casting NFT requires Gas, Gas on the Fantom chain consumes Fantom, and players need to deposit several FTMS in their Fantom network wallet.

First-time FTM wallet users can do this across the chain. Start by buying FTM of ERC-20 in Uniswap and open the cross-chain tool.multichain.xyzAnd transfer FTM of ERC-20 to Fantom network. It should be noted that the minimum transfer amount of this cross-chain tool is 200 FTM and the handling fee is 80 FTM, that is, 120 FTM is received. Due to the low cost of Gas for Fantom network interaction, 5-10 FTM can play games for a long time, and 120 FTM may be more than enough for IMMEDIATELY playing. (Update: Currently multichain-xyz has updated the handling fee, the minimum transfer amount is 50 FTM, the handling fee is 0 FTM, the experience is better.)

The preparations are complete.

Casting VACANCY Role NFT

A. Open Fantom browser and type A. Write Contract immediately.

Find Connect to Web3, link to MetaMask wallet, note that the wallet network should be Fantom network.

Next, AC designs 11 kinds of roles for its OWN VACANCY world, which are:

1. Savage & NBSP;

2. The poet & have spent

3. The priest & have spent

4. Druids & NBSP;

5. Fighter aircraft & NBSP;

6. The monk & have spent

7. Paladin & NBSP;

8. A ranger & have spent

9. The thieves & have spent

10. The warlock & have spent

11. The wizard

Each character corresponds to a number in front of it, such as "1" for the barbarian.

Summon 8. In your browser, fill in the input field with the numbers 1-11 for character, or 9 if you like character Thief. There aren't a lot of character introductions at the moment, players are free to choose. When the number is entered, click Write to bring up the MetaMask interaction. Note that under normal circumstances only a very small amount of FTM is required. If the Gas fee is huge, such as tens of thousands of FTM, it indicates that there is an error and do not confirm.

After the transaction is confirmed, the player opens a new window to open the Fantom browser, searches for his Fantom address, finds the transaction just completed, and then finds the Token ID just issued by Mint.

Back to Mint NFT's & NBSP;Fantom browser", find 1. Adventure in Write Contract, and fill in the input field with the Token ID just found. Click on the Write. Similarly, under normal circumstances, only a very small amount of FTM is required. If the Gas fee is huge, such as tens of thousands of FTM, it indicates that there is an error and do not confirm.

10. Wait until the transaction is confirmed and IMMEDIATELY the ROLE NFT is taken.

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