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Why "Composability" has become extremely important in the Web3.0 era?

2022-03-30 20:29
Rhythm Institute
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Web3.0 builds a more open, fairer and safer next-generation Internet
Original author: MiX

Composable innovation

Web3.0 Achieves Composability

The decentralized protocols and applications of Web3.0 can be combined and interoperated with each other, which is the composability of Web3.0. This allows Web3.0 applications to have the ability to "directly obtain assets or data generated by other protocols, and then combine them with another protocol". This continuous combination and combination makes every innovation result become the starting point of a new round of innovation in a faster way.

Why composability was unknown in the Web2.0 era, but it has become extremely important in the Web3.0 era?

The business world of Web2.0 is constantly strengthening the moat based on user data and building a proprietary ecology and economy. "Combination" is out of the question. What Web3.0 builds is a more open, fairer and safer next-generation Internet. Here, data is owned by users, applications, platforms and infrastructure are decentralized, and protocols are standard, such as the ERC20 protocol for tokens and the ERC721 protocol for NFT. The entire blockchain Internet is based on the Web3.0 protocol Combined, integrated.

The basis for the success of Web3. In the block chain Internet. Based on this, on the one hand, it is necessary to skillfully combine the existing excellent protocols, and the community integrates and shares the iteration dividend; on the other hand, it focuses on the core functions of the product and strengthens the value of the product "combined" with other protocols. Only by being open and win-win can we seize the value opportunities that may arise at any time, and have the opportunity to achieve broader value capture in the blockchain Internet.

Excellent combination agreement

Actively integrate into the blockchain Internet

In the era of Web2.0, bring doctrine Not glorious. However, in the Web3.0 era, the composability of intercombination and interoperability between protocols can be said to kill two birds with one stone and win-win for all parties.

The popular Web3.0 product Mirror, the domain name module combination ENS, provides domain name ownership to the author; the content storage combination Arweave, at the bottom of the article Mark the unique address stored on the chain; the NFT casting and trading of content combines multiple NFT platforms such as Zora, Foundation, Rarible, SuperRare and Custom, allowing Mirror authors to convert their posts into NFTs, and can also embed them in the posts Auction link for NFT. This helped Mirror quickly build a business framework in the early stage, enjoy the update and iteration bonus of multiple excellent protocols, and gain the attention of various communities.

Mirror's Articles are stored in Arweave

The architecture of the Octopus network also reflects composability importance. Octopus Network Octopus Network is the third multi-chain network protocol that has received widespread attention after Cosmos and Polkadot. Its design goal is to safely and efficiently start and run a large number of Web3.0 applications in the form of independent blockchains - application chains.

As a multi-chain network protocol, Octopus Network did not redevelop an independent layer1 public chain as a cross-chain hub, nor did it redefine the standards in terms of cross-chain technology, but cleverly combined Near Protocol as a cross-chain network The chain hub combines the IBC protocol proposed by Cosmos, which has laid a solid foundation for Octopus Network to achieve the mainnet launch in less than a year after the project was established.

- Combining Near Protocol as a cross-chain hub of a multi-chain network, directly enjoy NEAR Protocol’s fragmentation-based almost Unlimited expansion potential, direct use of NEAR and ETH cross-chain interoperable rainbow bridge; NEAR Protocol will also benefit from the multi-chain network ecology built by Octopus Network around NEAR, and the community will also integrate with each other, a great win-win situation for both parties.

- Combining the IBC protocol proposed by Cosmos, it naturally makes the octopus ecology and Cosmos The ecology realizes cross-chain interoperability.

It can be seen that the combination of excellent protocols can greatly accelerate the progress of the project, and can enjoy the dividends of other protocol innovation and development, which also means actively integrating into the blockchain Internet , all parties to the cooperation can capture more value.

Focus on core values

"Combined" to the blockchain Internet

Combined The excellent protocol is the process of our "active" integration into the blockchain Internet. On the other hand, when we are good enough that we become the best solution for other protocols to solve a certain scenario, we can inadvertently be "combined" into more innovative protocols. Embracing the opportunities that may arise in the blockchain Internet at any time with irreplaceable value is the way to truly integrate into the blockchain Internet.

Only by being focused and restrained, and becoming the best decentralized protocol for scenario solutions, can you be qualified as a "passed Combination" excellent protocol. The team needs to focus more on core values and become the best choice for other project combinations; at the same time, it must be more restrained in non-core functions, reducing meaningless competition will increase the chance of being combined, and use combination and cooperation to achieve functional effects .

The focus of the Mirror team is reflected in the key scenario of content monetization : By providing token issuance tools to help creators crowdfund content and quickly start a DAO, in fact, Mirror's crowdfunding tools can be said to be the easiest way to form a DAO. This makes Mirror the origin of many projects.

In terms of non-core functions such as the distribution of content information, Mirror has no attention, no comments, no likes, and has achieved extreme restraint. There are many teams helping Mirror to distribute: such as decentralized distribution protocols such as RSS3, as well as MirrorFeed and AskMirror, which are developed based on the Mirror ecosystem.

In fact, the Mirror team is increasingly aware of this. It turns out that Crowdfunds, Editions and Splits in Blocks And other functions are all migrated to the new function "Plugins module", Jon-Kyle said "combinability is the core principle of Web3. excited."

The core value of the Octopus network lies in the creative design of the LPoS consensus protocol, which builds a free and flexible security rental market. This mechanism allows those who join the Octopus network to The low-cost startup and operation of the application chain is the basis for the large-scale application of the application chain.

The Substrate IBC is an extension of the IBC protocol. biggest contribution. The application chain of the Octopus network can interoperate with the Cosmos partition chain and the Polkadot parallel chain; further combining NEAR's rainbow bridge, the Octopus application chain, NEAR Protocol, Ethereum, Cosmos and Polkadot have realized cross-chain interoperability, and the entire district The blockchain Internet has realized comprehensive interoperability and interconnection.

Focus on developing and optimizing the LPoS protocol, based on the IBC protocol to achieve cross-chain interoperability, combined with high-performance NEAR The public chain serves as a cross-chain hub, which allows the Octopus Network to realize the mainnet launch in less than a year after the project was established. Multiple application chains joined the Octopus and launched the mainnet, and dozens of candidate application chains joined to obtain the global Web3.0 High attention of innovators.

Extreme and Keen

Curved overtaking spiral

In the era of Web3.0 , Composability allows us not to worry about the problem that a single function cannot be realized, because as long as the real value is found to the extreme and can be integrated into the blockchain Internet, the team and the community can get a return that matches its value.

Composability also makes the product have the possibility of overtaking on curves and spiraling upwards. For example, Axie Infinity was very simple in 2018. By 2021, the DeFi model will be used for reference, and the huge energy of GameFi will explode with the Play to Earn model.

This makes us full of expectations, as long as we maintain a keen eye on technology, products and the market, the composability of the product can make it possible to upgrade to The explosive application of Web3.0.

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