BSC's new blockchain game SPACE KILL: the first Game-Fi with real-time multiplayer matching

22-09-16 12:00
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This week, SPACE KILL has become the most eye-catching project in the BSC chain game market, and its Soul  The turnover of NFT ranks first in the field of tofuNFT Game-Fi. The floor price of NFT is 0.35BNB, and its Game token SKS has increased by more than 600% since the opening of the market, allowing early participants to earn a lot of money.

As of press time, the price of SKS is still above 0.11 USDC. According to the strategies contributed by community players, an ordinary gray After Soul NFT is upgraded to 30, the daily income is about 200 sks, which is 22 US dollars based on the price of 0.11 USDC. Compared with the NFT floor price of 0.35 BNB, the payback period is only 5 days, and the rate of return is amazing.

The SPACE KILL project team is Invictus Lab. Its core members have more than 15 years of experience in game development and operation, and SPACE KILL is their first Web3 game. In addition to its amazing price performance, its distinctive gameplay has also brought super high retention to the game-90% player retention rate and 70% retention rate on the 14th.

The gameplay is similar to "Among Us", a Party Game

Before understanding SPACE KILL, you have to first understand "Among Us ".

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has made the social party game "Among Us" popular all over the world. As a Party Game, it successfully transformed the espionage game between real people into the form of a video game, allowing players to enjoy the fun of murdering and deceiving friends in a witty cartoon-style spaceship, so that Twitch, You  ;Many game anchors on tube rely on it to "live", and there are still more than 2.5 million daily active players today.

The SPACE KILL gameplay launched by Invictus Lab is similar to " "Among Us" is unique in the field of Web3 games, allowing us to see new possibilities of Game-Fi - with social parties as the core gameplay, focusing on multiplayer online real-time matching and voice social interaction, expanding the interaction between players The depth of the game improves user stickiness.

The game is easy to learn and focuses more on the interaction between players

The game rules of the SPACE KILL Beta version are relatively simple, without too many complicated maps, skills and job settings, and the threshold for novice players to get started is low enough. Each game consists of 6 players. The background of the game is set in a spaceship cabin. Players randomly play the role of the crew or the ghost in the game. The crew needs to complete the task of repairing the spaceship together or eliminate the ghost to win. Win by killing the crew.



The most interesting part is the voting session. Players need to express their opinions, select the "recognized" ghost and pass the Vote to ban it. This means that players need to be able to "act" enough - to ensure that they will not be identified as insiders. Just imagine, if you are an "inner ghost", how should you clear yourself of suspicion? If you're a crew member, how do you spot the real insider? This brings a very rich space to the gameplay - the interaction between players and players.


When you enter the Discord community of SPACE KILL, you will find that the total Some players are shouting "Let's play", and the social relationship in the game even extends to Discord. Players are happy to invite friends to play together, which shows the social magic of this game.


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The first multiplayer online real-time matching chain game, rejecting stand-alone mining and robots

At present, there is only one game mode in SPACE KILL—Matching. Players need to match other players to play the game at the same time. The game will start when the number of players reaches 6. This largely eliminates bots and stand-alone mining - you have to wait for others to start the game together.

In fact, this is not a pioneering work in web2, but it is unique in the Game-Fi game of web3. Although most Game-Fi projects today realize that "fun" is the rarest attribute of games, compared to designing complex PVE gameplay mechanisms, SPACE KILL's approach seems to be more tricky-simple game rules, rich interaction Space means a lower threshold for participation and deeper gameplay, emphasizing the interaction between people rather than between people and machines. The former has more possibilities, while the latter will inevitably fall into the dilemma of robots everywhere.

UGC Mode will be available in December, players can customize game maps and modes

According to the project roadmap, SPACE KILL will open UGC Mode in December. At that time, it means that players can design their own game maps and even create new game modes, such as designing different occupations and skills for different characters, so as to enrich the game rules and gameplay.

Although this function has not yet been opened, some players are already looking forward to it. On the one hand, according to the experience of "Among Us", UGC Mode has thoroughly stimulated the enthusiasm of the community for co-creation, and will bring a large number of new users to the game. On the other hand, as a Game-FI product, will UGC Mode be helpful to Reform of the economic system? Can players benefit from the maps and gameplay they design and participate in project governance? There are no answers to these questions for the time being, but there is no doubt that this is a brand new direction, which makes everyone in it feel full of expectations.

NFT+ dual Token economic model, through the algorithm to control the speed of NFT issuance

It can be seen from the white paper that SPACE KII uses a typical NFT+ dual Token economic model. The game currency of SPACE KILL is SKS, and the governance Token It is SKK, and Soul NFT is the core of the economic system. Players need to equip Soul NFT to make money in the game. Although they can play games without Soul NFT, they cannot get benefits.

The game relies on NFT to design multiple SKS consumption scenarios, including game physical power purchase, NFT upgrade, breeding And maintenance, until the NFT level is upgraded to level 50 (full level), players always have a large demand for SKS consumption and cannot obtain SKK rewards.

Soul NFT can almost be understood by referring to StepN’s running shoes. The upgrade attribute corresponds to the different abilities of NFT. Among them, Force is linked to the gold-making efficiency, and Luck is linked to the drop rate of treasure chests and scrolls. These are the two attributes that players generally upgrade at present. Soul NFT also has two innate attributes, Quality and Star, which represent the scarcity of NFT itself and are also linked to the efficiency of gold mining.


In terms of game economy, SPACE KILL controls inflation to the greatest extent, mainly relying on algorithms to regulate the speed of NFT issuance. Up to now, the game has issued a total of 1,200 genesis NFTs, of which more than 800 were airdropped to early community players, and the rest will still be gradually released as community rewards. When the player has 2 Soul NFTs with a level of 10, they can mint to get a new NFT. Mint will burn SKS and SKK. The cost is linked to the price of SKS. The specific calculation formula is: Cost = SKS (A) + base SKK (B) + additional SKK ([A+B]*x)

Relying on the Spike Solution engine, Soul NFT is applicable to all Spike Games supported by the server kit

It is worth mentioning that SPACE KILL is provided by the open source Web3 game engine Spike Solution Support, all web3 services in the game are provided by the Spike server suite, which means that Soul  NFT can be applied to all games supported by the Spike engine, and holders of other NFTs can directly enter Space Kill in the future without additional purchases NFT, you can directly use your own NFT to participate in the game, which brings huge room for imagination to the ecological development of Invictus Lab.

Also, SPACE KILL's game Token NFT and NFT are managed through special contracts instead of ordinary personal wallets, which can achieve more flexible and fine-grained risk control strategies to ensure the safety of funds.


As a brand new Game-Fi game, SPACE KILL represents Party Game in the field of Web3 Exploration, its easy-to-use, strong playability, and real-time matching features make it a good start in the slightly deserted Game-Fi market. From the UGC Mode plan and the application of the Spike engine, you can also get a glimpse of Invictus Lab's ambition.

For those interested in SPACE KILL, you can follow the project's official Discord  and Twitter.

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