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What are the characteristics of the 27 projects shortlisted for the fifth batch of BNB Chain Web3 Accelerator Program?

2022-10-09 16:17
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Seven outstanding projects out of the 27 shortlisted projects will also be funded by Binance Labs
Original title: What did Binance Labs invest in recently?
Original article by Kimming 
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BNB Chain is one of the smart contract blockchains with the Most daily active users (well, yes, despite its crash), and Binance recently announced the fifth batch of 27 startups that have emerged from its Web3 accelerator program, MVB(Most Valuable Builder). Seven outstanding projects will also receive funding from Binance Labs, which together with BSC will lead the initiative. Startups that have emerged from this project span DeFi, music and NFTs, gaming and the Metaverse, infrastructure and tools, security, and more.



One, the Antimatter DAO

When Antimatter was founded in early 2021, its primary goal was to build innovative models to revolutionize derivatives in decentralized finance. Inspired by Uniswap, Antimatter has been actively working with people from different academic backgrounds to build Antimatter's first original perpetual option model. Members include PHDS and professors in mathematics, economics and finance from the United States, the United Kingdom and China. Antimatter would never have been created without this interdisciplinary and international team. In this context, the DAO organization was formed:

Academia is interested in exploring new derivative models; The development of DeFi requires new innovations, not just copying other protocols; DeFi new model needs the knowledge base of traditional finance; There is currently no environment to communicate and discuss the new model.

In short, Antimatter DAO is a place where academics and hobbyists can come together to exchange ideas and experiment with one unified goal: to advance the development of DeFi derivatives.


Second, an fi

Tenderly.fi is an innovative open source decentralized lending protocol. It will support whole portfolio mortgages, 0% interest loans and a new long tail of collateral.

Third, Aperture of Finance

Through strategic markets across chains, Aperture connects investment opportunities from diverse blockchain networks to one place, providing a one-stop solution for DeFi users while bridging the chain-to-chain gap.


Four, Velvet Capital

Velvet Capital is a DeFi protocol that helps users create crypto portfolios by combining modern portfolio theory and yield farming to build diversified portfolios with additional returns.


Fifth, IdentDeFi

IdentDeFi is a platform that converts standard tokens into wrapped AML/KYC compatible tokens.

Six, InsurAce Protocol

InsurAce Protocol is an insurance protocol in the security domain


Seven, Wink Financial

Wink Financial -- Web3 Payroll and financial management solution


Deus Ex Securitas

Deus Ex Securitas can use machine learning to automatically audit smart contracts, NLP models can sort Solidity scripts based on vulnerabilities, and even point out which lines of code are vulnerable.

Infrastructure and tools

Multi-chain event protocol (MEP)

MEP is an interoperability protocol that acts as an authentication service to verify messages passing between chains.


Ten, Nakji Network

Nakji Network is the answer to quickly and easily getting blockchain data from all Web3. Nakji acts as a data transmitter from the blockchain to the Internet. It effectively moves millions of data points off-chain for free and open access by anyone who wants to connect to Nakji's API.


Eleven, Overeality

Overeality is a new form of social NFT managed by DAO technology that brings people together as a community. The goal is to create a metaverse that is watched, curated, visited, and driven by people-all with a voice, a skin in the game, and an equal right to what happens next.


Port3 Network

Port3 provides open data services on blockchain networks by aggregating Web2 and Web3 data. This sets the stage for creating user identities, protecting user privacy, and implementing a variety of other applications.


Thirteen, Staging Labs

Staging Labs is an infrastructure layer that protects Web3 users and businesses from errors, hacks, and scams.



14, Web3Go

Web3Go is an open data analytics and services platform where everyone can grasp the value behind blockchain data.


15, Zash

Zash is an enterprise-class blockchain analytics and intelligence provider. It is the read middleware for blockchain and has launched a multi-chain NFT data API to turn complex transactions into insights. Co-founders Parit Patel(former Drover CFO) and Efe Surekli(former Tractable, 2x AI founder) came together in early 2021 to build a social network to share trading ideas through public blockchain data. From this, they identified the data barriers to NFTS and the need to provide accurate data access. Consists of on-chain data and off-chain insights from social hubs such as Discord and Twitter. Zash eliminates lengthy address combinations and complex transactions on the chain and presents fragmented social media data in an easy-to-understand format, enabling users to make sound data-based decisions.


16. Space ID

Recently very hot, domain name class project (.BNB). SPACE ID is building a common name Service network that seamlessly connects people, information, assets, and applications across the blockchain. It's chain-free, decentralized, censor-resistant, and open source.


In the 17th and Metasset

Metasset is a blockchain-based NFT social commerce mobility platform. Their goal is to accelerate NFTS adoption, innovation, and financialization by leveraging the power of social affiliate networks to improve NFTS 'mobility. Metasset combines basic e-commerce with social media, hoping that everyone can build their own unique NFT social commerce brand in Web3.




18. Double Protocol

Double Protocol is a fully decentralized and open source non-FT leasing protocol and marketplace for Metaverse and GameFi assets, exploration, and non-functional testing.


In the 19th, GiroGiroAI

GiroGiroAI's goal is to build an AI infrastructure for NFTS, add intrinsic value, and turn NFTS into on-chain intelligent beings.


Twenty, Rareboard

Rareboard is BSC's non-financial market aggregator. This means that here, users can bid, cast and buy NFTS from a variety of collectibles in different markets. It also allows users to get a second rarity and price data for collectibles listed on its rarity dashboard.



Gaming & Metaverse

21. Gameta

Gameta is a platform that allows users to play different casual games in the same place. Its goal is to move as many people as possible from Web2 to Web3. Gameta is targeting a broad audience and believes it can incorporate products used in the Web2 era, such as music, games, and media, into the new Web3 experience.


22. Meta Apes

Meta Apes is a free-to-play, play-and-earn MMO strategy game. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the human race has ended and a new era of simian rule has begun. Next on the agenda is space domination. Each primate (yes, you) will have to work closely with their gang to become the strongest tribe and win the ultimate space race.

23. CryptoZombies

CryptoZombies is a free, open source, interactive code school that lets users learn to create games on Ethereum. The course is designed for beginners and starts with the absolute basics. So if users have never used solididity to code before, fear not, it is teaching by hand.


24. SocialFi/DAO

Kola Labs -- In addition to visuals, audio is another cornerstone of immersive and interactive virtual worlds. The full potential of music can only be unleashed by: 1. Democratizing creativity so that everyone can own and enjoy personalized music; 2. 2. Deeply connect music NFTS to the existing Web3 ecosystem. At Kola, cutting-edge generative art and AI technologies are used to build scalable solutions for this experience. Kola is a pioneer of the related audible recognition and entertainment utility for Web3 music.


25. Orange Protocol

In Web2, identity and reputation are tagged by identity providers, such as FANG, based on user data generated by their online services and stored in their servers. In Web3, identity and reputation data should be portable, autonomous, securely stored by users, and available to all online services. Orange is a reputation and trust generation protocol that aggregates data and Web3 reputation models to generate comprehensive proof of reputation in the form of verifiable credentials and NFTS. It supports an autonomous and decentralized way to use, build, and grow reputation in decentralized organizations and services.


26. FusePass

Fuse Pass is a Web3 native professional identity network optimized for hiring. Leveraging NFT badges, on-chain and off-chain credentials, Fuse Pass provides users with a high degree of composability to customize their professional identity, striking a balance between social legitimacy and proof of competence.


27. AnyDAO

AnyDAO represents the next stage of DAO maturation. As Web3 evolves in real time, it helps the decentralized community make real decisions.


Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain, said: "MVB V has been one of the most successful teams, receiving over 700 applications from Web3 developers around the world, covering diverse areas such as Defi, infrastructure and tools, NFT, Gamefi and security. "

"These projects are strongly guided and supported by the BNB Chain and Binance Labs ecosystem. This includes generic technologies and products, token economics consulting, community and regional market support. In addition, we provide technical advice and integration with BNB Chain, CoinMarketCap and Trust Wallet infrastructure support, which will help the project grow quickly and integrate into the overall ecosystem."

Tyler Z., Binance Labs Investment Manager, added, "Binance Labs is excited to co-lead the MVB Accelerator program and connect with the program founders over the past three months through dedicated classes, mentoring sessions, and fireside chats. Quarter 5 is the first time Binance LABS has selected the top performing projects to invest in. We look forward to seeing these projects grow further and scale up the BNB chain."


Seven swords descend the Tianshan Mountains

Focus on seven projects that have received funding:

Space ID is building universal identifiers that are decentralized, censor resistant, and open source. Its network of naming services allows users to use a human-readable domain name to represent their identity across DApps and blockchains. Each domain service is built around the following properties:

- Common username with multi-chain interoperability.

- Decentralized identity in a Single Fact Source (SSOT) system.

- Enhanced scalability and usability of the temporary prophecy machine chain.


Overeality is building the infrastructure for Web3 interoperability and extensibility. It designs and implements a scalable zero-knowledge proof system for zkBridge and ZK-rollups acceleration. The main features and products of Overeality include:

-DeVirgo is a distributed zero-knowledge proof protocol that combines Sumcheck and polynomial commitment schemes. It runs on distributed machines and ensures shorter proof generation times.

-Gemini is a hardware-friendly zero-knowledge proof protocol designed to verify the history of blockchain. It helps speed up ZK-rollups.

- Other products include zkBridge for de-trusting cross-chain communication, programmable NFT protocol, and Meta-ID for cross-chain authentication.


Multichain Event Protocol  MEP is an interoperable communication protocol. It can be described as a secure mutual communication channel built on top of a multi-chain cache, authentication service, and execution environment. Its structure is as follows:

- Cross-chain solutions are implemented through user defined subprotocols and messages.

- All events used for multi-chain messaging can be publicly verified by anyone with an authentication service.

-MEP's execution environment provides a secure kernel to run subprotocols without problems such as Byzantine glitches or event chaos. The decentralized network is built using proof of delegated Interest (DPoS) and HotStuff as consensus.


Meta Apes is a free and earned mobile strategy game. It was the first game built and released on the BNB side chain, with over 400,000 players worldwide. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has ended and a new era of ape-man domination has begun. The core features of the game include:

- Construction: Players will develop their cities and armies by managing resources, training and conducting research.

-Competition: Players engage in player-versus-player (PvP) or player-versus-environment (PvE) battles and participate in different challenges.

-Community and Exploration: Players will collaborate and strategize with their team members, travel around and discover a world full of surprises.


Velvet Capital makes DeFi more flexible and secure by helping users automatically invest in tokenized portfolios. It supports assets across different projects and ecosystems to ensure broader exposure while allowing users to earn additional revenue. Its core functions include:

- Simplify the user experience of investing in tokenized Web3 index funds, portfolios, and other privacy-protected financial products.

- A cross-chain asset management protocol that supports the creation of a single strategy or portfolio across multiple chains.

- "DeFi as a Service" (DaaS) for institutions that can use the protocol to create their own funds, policies and other financial products.


Web3Go is a multi-chain open data analytics platform that supports push notifications of on-chain events. It indexes blockchain data and presents them in a formatted manner so that users can transform the data into visualizations. Its core products include, but are not limited to:

- A marketplace that provides user-generated data dashboards and custom dashboard apis.

- Real-time notifications, providing customizable alerts for on-chain activity.

- Cross-chain Web3 ids for additional social discovery and engagement.


Gameta  Is a platform that allows users to play different casual games under one roof. The team aims to build a smooth Web3 migration process for users. Its attractions include:

A GameFi project based on the BNB chain with a significant number of daily active users.

The platform offers nine casual games and has more than 20 apps in development.



Although there were frequent thunderstorms on BSC, there were even major security problems during the National Day holiday, which led to the machine down. But have to admire Binance's strategy, yes, it has a lot of money, how to make money, constantly investing in projects is a way. However, in any case, if the BSC problem is not solved, Binance Labs had better become a VC institution outside the system alone, otherwise it always makes people have a unreliable feeling.

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