BlockBeats is the biggest APP upgrade since its establishment, unlocking new functions immediately

22-11-07 18:11
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On November 1st, version V3 of the BlockBeats App was officially launched. The new version allows users to log in with their Twitter account and completes the mobile integration of Mirror content retrieval tool "MirrorBeats". Other major release updates include:

- Added "Personal Library" function, enabling users to create and share personal collection of subject articles.

- Overall UI optimization, added "Night mode".

- Added "Selected comments" function, quick view of V, KOL hot views.

Click the link to download and update the experience:

The key feature of the new version uses the image guide

Library & have spent

Support individual to build a library and share, after logging in to collect personal favorite content into the favorites, choose the sharing channel to share your views to more readers!

1. Select the article/news you want to bookmark, click the asterisk to bookmark it, and create a library for your bookmark (click "+" to create a new library).

2. Return to the home page and click the upper right corner to enter the library page.

3. Select the library created and click "" in the upper right corner to edit and share the library, which supports wechat, moments, Twitter, Telegram, Weibo and other channels.

4. Library also supports photo sharing. Enter a single library and click the logo in the upper right corner.

KOL comments for real-time viewing

The new version adds a "comment" function, which allows users to view their views and interpret the news from multiple perspectives while reading articles and dispatches.

Twitter Space & podcast

Channel page - real-time view of upcoming/ongoing Twitter Space, one-click appointment, never fear missing out on wonderful conversations; Listen with one click and instantly jump to your Twitter page; Recording playback in time to consolidate and record the essence of Space.

Quality podcast content collection, listen to podcast from now on an APP is enough.

Activities & amp; Financing & amp; Ecology on the Chain & video

Click on the search bar to see the events, financing, on-chain ecology and video sections.

In the financing information section, project introduction, financing quota and related news are added. In the video section, video tutorials and other content are also added. The active section is used to track the unmissable encryption activities at home and abroad.

Mirror one-click search

The Mirror search function is displayed on the home page, and you can easily search all the good articles in the Mirror with a click.

BlockBeats has been thinking about how to iterate and upgrade the new version. The new version adds more functions and optimizes more details, hoping to bring you more smooth reading experience.

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