Embrace the development opportunities of information technology and listen to the voice of Yuan Universe

22-11-24 18:21
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Original title: " Facing the development opportunity brought by information technology, we embrace it! Listen to the voice of the most "Metaverse" at this venture capital conference "
Original source: Gao Yang, Xinmin Evening News
The universe is sweeping the globe.  

Illustration: 2022 Tree Map · De Ding Yuan Universe Photo courtesy of the interviewees of the Venture Capital Conference (the same below)  

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Gao Yang) At present, the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence , AR, VR, Internet of Things, computing power, digital twins and other information technologies, the new track of the digital economy, the Metaverse, is sweeping the world.

The metaverse is connected to the real world; it is also connected to you and me; it is also connected to the present and the future. Focusing on the hotspots of Metaverse Venture Capital, the 2022 Tree Map·Deding Metaverse Venture Capital Conference will be held in Shanghai for two days starting today, bringing together dozens of investment institutions, Metaverse entrepreneurial projects and teams, and will create "Metaverse" innovative and entrepreneurial projects Opportunities to display, communicate and achieve mutual achievements with venture capital. Everyone agreed that in the face of the development opportunities brought about by the progress and changes of information technology, we only embrace them.

The conference is co-sponsored by Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute, DFJ Dragon (Shanghai) Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Distributed Consensus Technology Association .

"Yuan Race Track" is running fast  

Technological progress and technological innovation are the driving force behind human civilization and economic and social development— —The modern computer, which was born in 1946, and the Internet, which originated in 1968, have profoundly changed the world's industrial structure and affected all aspects of human society for more than half a century with their extensive influence and great vitality; In the foreseeable future, information technology will also profoundly change the comparative and competitive advantages among countries, thereby exerting a profound impact on the global structure.

As the future development prospects of the "Yuan Universe" become increasingly clear, after Shanghai, more than 20 local governments in more than 20 provinces combined their respective advantages to focus on the "Yuan Universe" The key nodes of the "Universe" industrial chain have made full efforts to intensively introduce "Metaverse" development policies in the form of industrial policies, government work reports, and action plans to create a development environment for "Metaverse" innovation and entrepreneurship, and the capital of various industries is also accelerating. The "Yuan Universe" industrial track "horse staking". Metaverse start-up companies are not far behind, springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and the industry is developing rapidly.

The reporter learned that Shanghai proposed to initiate the establishment of a tens of billions yuan universe new track industry fund in 2022, to create 10 leading companies with international competitiveness and 100 specialized companies with core technologies. Special new enterprises; and it is planned that by 2025, the industrial scale of Shanghai Metaverse will exceed 350 billion yuan. It is estimated that the market size of China's "Metaverse" will maintain a continuous growth trend from 2022 to 2027. In 2027, the market size will reach 126.35 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 32.98%.   

"Metabase" is subject to Follow  

In the more than half a century since the birth of the Internet, it has gone through time and time again—the appearance of the first website in 1991 marked the Human beings have entered the era of Web1.0, which is characterized by read-only, that is, professional websites are responsible for producing content, and users are consumers of content; Web2.0 is characterized by a "readable + writable" social network, where users are the source of content. Major producers, disseminate their works on the Internet and interact with other users.

In 2014, Gavin Wood, founder of Ethereum, wrote down his understanding of Web3.0: "Decentralized ecosystem network". This system includes a series of open source protocols that can provide building blocks for application developers, and the rights and assets endowed by the network are owned by developers and users.

With With the sudden emergence of the metaverse, people found that Web3.0 under this definition and the metaverse are surprisingly consistent. According to Yang Guang, research director of the Shanghai Treemap Blockchain Research Institute, the "immersion" of the metaverse is not limited to the senses, but also to various activities such as production and life. Therefore, the metaverse represents the development direction of the digital economy: by migrating the process of information processing from the physical world to the digital world, higher processing efficiency, larger data scale, and stronger governance capabilities can be achieved, ultimately improving social production efficiency , enrich the creation of cultural products, and optimize the social governance model. "The future development of the digital economy urgently needs the revolution of production relations in the digital world led by Web3.0." He asserted.

Professor Montgomery Hinman, director of the Interactive Entertainment Committee of Shanghai Creative Industry Association, believes that Metaverse will bring a new economic model, especially without the need for high technical threshold An extremely civilian creator economy, "the metaverse in the future will change the way businesses operate and bring new job opportunities for creators, participants, builders and other roles."

Founder of Conflux Treemap, Shanghai Treemap Long Fan, Dean of the Blockchain Research Institute, "brought goods" at the conference on the infrastructure of the Metaverse: the treemap blockchain. "The main network of the Conflux treemap public chain has been in operation for more than two years, with more than 24 million users, nearly 120 million transactions, nearly 15,000 contract deployments, and the number of nodes ranks among the top three in the world. The system performance ranks first in the world, is It is 428 times that of the Bitcoin system and 75 times that of the Ethereum system." He said, "The tree map alliance chain is the only high-performance alliance chain that supports 100 nodes in the world, and it is also the alliance chain with the best "benefit ratio". "< /p>

Long Fan also revealed that the Conflux OS operating system, which is being tested publicly, will create a low-code or even zero-code development environment. In the future, it will also be based on the IEEE Blockchain application interface international standard, open up the blockchain system at home and abroad.


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