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2023: The Year of Internet DAOs.

2022-12-08 09:00
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What achievements can DAOs make when they have a platform that embraces and nurtures their unique characteristics, rather than forcing them to play someone else's game?
Original Title: "2023: The Year of Networked DAOs"
Original Author: Avenue
Translated by: Dr. Hu

2023: Year of Internet DAO

2022 is a burning dumpster fire for the cryptocurrency industry.

However, because I don't want to and don't feel like riding the roller coaster again, this is my prediction for next year.

2023 will be the year of "Internet" DAO.

DAO will shift from isolated organizations to the internet; a "network of relationships connecting people or things" where people, information, and resources can flow freely (David Ehrlichman, Impact Networks).

Please be prepared, because we are about to see the true role of DAO.

But before we discuss what Internet DAOs are, why they are better, and how they will come, let's take a look at the current situation.

DAO = Discord?

Currently, when you think of DAO, you think of Discord.

We know it has some problems: noise, spam, incessant notifications, and the "arduous work of keeping up with the conversation," as Nathan Schneider put it. But its obvious problems obscure something more important.

Discord is fundamentally incompatible with the best way for DAOs to work.

Due to its construction, Discord is preventing DAOs from realizing their potential.

Discord Server Creates Boundaries

Discord's building module is the server, which has boundaries: enclosing things inside and blocking things outside. Boundaries have their uses, but one of their drawbacks is that they prevent communication and information from easily passing from one side to the other.

This has two meanings.

If you don't join the DAO's server, you won't be able to communicate with the members of the DAO and will have to enter these boundaries on your own.

Everything you do within the DAO's Discord server will remain within that server, even if you leave.

The second point is particularly unsettling. This means that all the valuable things we have spent a lot of time building - relationships, reputation, achievements - cannot be transferred.

Just like in Las Vegas, everything we do in the DAO will stay within this DAO.

Of course, we can try to copy our network and achievements on platforms like LinkedIn (sigh) and migrate our favorite people to Telegram, but these are pale imitations of the original. In most cases, the server is a black hole, and little information can escape from it.

Just as a container determines the shape of the water it contains, the boundaries of Discord servers force DAOs to become isolated islands.

Boundaries separate us from each other

Boundary Generates Friction

Due to the boundaries of Discord, each DAO has to spend a lot of resources to understand the abilities, interests, and credibility of new contributors. Community members must do the same for everyone they interact with. It doesn't matter if a contributor has proven themselves a hundred times before, if it happened in another DAO, it doesn't count.

This kind of friction is strangling DAOs, as they spend more time and energy managing the community than actually working.

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For contributors, this is not a good thing either. It is difficult to find the right community when each DAO is trapped in its own server. And when you find a DAO that interests you, you have to start building your reputation from scratch.

When DAOs are bound by Discord, they will never realize their potential. So, what are the options?

Internet DAO

Excerpt from "The Cellular Church".

We have one of the most unfortunate misunderstandings of our time, which is to view small intentional communities as groups within the church. They are not organizations within the church; they are the church.

Using web3 terminology: DAO is not a container for people, DAO is people, people are DAO.

We must connect people as part of the network, breaking down barriers until "there are no servers, only peers" (Nathan Schneider).

This looks like what? GitHub provides a useful metaphor. Developers can find, start, and collaborate on projects, and build their own networks and reputations, creating opportunities for future work. When many projects are open, rather than isolated, developers can choose the content of their work. Developers know that anything they do on GitHub has the ability to enhance their reputation by building their own image. GitHub strengthens the ecosystem and provides more value than it captures.

Compared to it, Discord is almost impossible to see which projects are underway, launching a new project requires considerable effort and support from the core team, and it is extremely difficult to evaluate potential contributors.

In the DAO network, users coordinate their decisions by either viewing existing opportunities or creating their own opportunities and attracting others. In this world, DAOs can shift from an unscalable, top-down resource allocation to a more bottom-up approach, where they can see which projects are creating the most value, gaining the most attention, or making the most progress, and support them.

The Power of Internet DAO

When DAO becomes networked, three things will happen. Rowan Yeoman's article "DAO is not an object... they are fluid" has done a lot of work here.

Scale -- DAOs are becoming capable of achieving the same scale of economy that companies have demonstrated since the creation of the first modern "company" 400 years ago. Adaptation -- DAOs transform and fork according to the environment and requirements. DAOs compete with traditional companies by increasing the number of concurrent experiments and shortening the evolution cycle. Signal -- DAOs perceive the needs of the ecosystem and organically form groups to meet those needs. Great ideas come from anywhere, and there are more great ideas outside of organizations than inside. Internet DAOs are better at generating emerging collective intelligence than isolated organizations: more bottom-up flow and less top-down coordination.

In order to achieve these lofty goals, the Internet DAO needs a new platform. A "web3 Discord" that simply replicates a server and all its boundaries cannot solve the problem.

Contributors can respond to the environment and branch out to work on high-priority projects.

Avenue is a platform for Internet DAOs.

We don't need another chat tool, we need a collaborative way without boundaries. We need a better way to collaborate online.

We need Avenue.

In Avenue, DAO is a node in the network, rather than an isolated server.

Anyone can create a collaboration space and work with the people they want to collaborate with without having to associate their activities with any organization.

Collaboration spaces can be public, allowing for unrestricted access across the entire network and encouraging contributions from a wider ecosystem, or they can be kept private.

Relationships, reputation, and achievements allow contributors to build their web3 resumes through their work, opening doors for further opportunities.

Contributors' participation can be recorded on-chain or off-chain, and they can easily receive work rewards.

DAO does not determine which projects to do and invest in a top-down manner, but can see projects with high community participation and clear progress, and allocate their resources more effectively.

2023 will see a major transformation of DAOs as Avenue helps them move from isolation to network.

Thank you to Aragon, Bankless, DAO Masters, and Krause House for their role in providing feedback and encouragement. For the 90+ DAOs on our waiting list, you no longer have to wait - we will be launching our new collaboration platform in the first quarter!

2023 will not arrive soon. This is not only because 2022 is a disaster, but because we can finally see what achievements can be made when DAOs have a platform that embraces and nurtures their unique characteristics, rather than forcing them to play someone else's game.

The sprite is about to be released from the bottle.

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