How to become a Web3 social protocol Nostr "purple label" user

23-02-02 18:45
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原文标题:《 教你如何成为 Web3 社交协议 Nostr「紫标」用户 》
The DeFi Way

Have you been brushed by strings like the one below recently?

On February 1st, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, announced a Web3 social protocol client based on Bitcoin. Once it was launched, it quickly swept the whole industry. This article does not explore Nostr's innovation, but only focuses on how to become a "purple label" user of Nostr.

If you have registered and used a Nostr-related client, you should have seen someone with the purple logo shown below (this varies from client to client). This is NIP-05 of Nostr. NIP is short for Nostr improvement proposal, similar to Ethereum's EIP. This is an upgrade to the Nostr protocol. The NIP-05 proposal is a verification method for user Nostr accounts. You can think of it as the blue flag on Twitter or Instagram. Check out Nostr Github  Related resources of

Early developer of Snort

First, you need to log in to the webpage ( Currently, some mobile clients cannot perform authentication operation. After logging in successfully, click the Profile button, Settings button, and Profile to enter the personal information Setting center.

In the Personal Information Center, you can modify the basic information, perhaps because the product is not mature, there may be no response when modifying the information, you can try several times or change the browser, we find NIP-05 below, and click Buy.

You'll see the following picture: is officially certified, and "Nostr Plebs" below is certified by the community. You can Handle the name you want, and it's unique. Registration allows users to search by the name, which ranges from 12,500 to 90,000 cong ($3 to $21), depending on Handle length and suffix, and then click Buy Now.

This is the Lightning Network payment code, so you need a wallet that supports Lightning network payment. There are many other wallets out there that support Lightning Network payment, such as BlueWallet, Phoenix, Breeze, etc. BlueWallet is used as an example.

I will not repeat the basic process of registering the wallet. It should be noted that you need to choose the type of registration which is lightning network wallet, rather than Bitcoin wallet. After registration, click fund management. Enter the amount of recharge (pay attention to the division of units) and confirm, and then scan the two-dimensional code of payment to complete the recognition of purple object.

If you want to top up from an external source, it's important to note that BlueWallet top-up supports an isolated witness address, which starts with bc1, and many transaction platforms do not support withdrawals from this address, so make sure you know that.

The final effect on Damus client after success is shown as follows:

At present, there are not many functions of the client related to Nostr, and there are still many experience problems. NIP-05 does not have investment attributes, so please do not blindly register. Finally, during the authentication process, please improve the awareness of asset protection, download applications from official channels, and protect private key security.

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