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Dialogue StarkWare Collaboration: Layer3 expansion and the advantages of Cairo will make StarkNet even more powerful

02-09 15:20
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StarkWare was the first Rollup to develop Fractal Scaling and Layer3 concepts, which has advantages over other Rollups in scalability.
原文标题:《 独家探会|对话 StarkWare 联创:Layer3 扩容和 Cairo 优势将使 StarkNet 更强大 》
Original source: Foresight News


StarkWare is hosting the two-day StarkWare Sessions 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel, on February 5 and 6. At the event, members of the StarkWare official team, Ethereum Foundation researchers, and community project team, Focus on StarkNet governance and decentralization progress, StarkNet DeFi, Account abstraction, Layer 3, IP-4844, sharding, AppChain, zkEVM and other hot topics through talks, panel discussions and presentations. Discusses the development, construction, and potential of several popular themes and tracks in Ethereum and StarkWare.


Foresight News went to the StarkWare Eco-Top event and asked the core developers some of the questions that are on everyone's mind. We spoke with Eli Ben-Sasson, StarkWare co-founder and president, Louis Guthmann, StarkWare head of ecology, Abdelhamid Bakhta, StarWare head of exploration, and Kakarot co-founder Elias Tazartes and Clment Walter, head of technology at Kakarot. And Ethereum Foundation fellow Dankrad Feist. In this interview with StarkWare co-founder and president Eli Ben-Sasson, we learn more about StarkNet's competitive advantage, degree of decentralization, future vision, and wallet optimization details.


Foresight News: What is StarkNet's vision for the future? Do you want it to grow as a separate ecosystem, or do you want it to be part of an EVM compatible ecosystem focused on interoperability across chains?


Eli Ben-Sasson:It will definitely start with the Ethereum ecosystem, but since StarkNet offers a lot of scalability, I think it will grow into something that stands on its own, but is still intended to scale up Ethereum.


Foresight News: Layer 2 networks are all booming at the moment, what are the characteristics of StarkNet?


Eli Ben-Sasson:Among the many features, it has the best smart contract programming language, the best scalability, and the ability to further expand through the invention of Fractal Scaling and Layer3 by StarkWare. This is also the first Rollup that StarkWare introduced, so maybe there are some network effects as well.


Foresight News: What competitive advantage do you think StarkNet has to support Layer 3 development? What's the difference between developing on StarkNet and other L2?


Eli Ben-Sasson:StarkWare is different in that it has its own language instead of using Solidity. Many other L2 are compatible with the Solidity language. StarkWare's programming language is Cairo. It isa newer language, which means in many ways it is more novel, plus StarkNet already has account abstraction, which is being used by Visa and others, and brings a better UI and higher security to the end user. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of the Cairo language, and this is our competitive advantage.


Foresight News: As a new language, Cairo introduces new possibilities for cryptocurrencies. Are you trying to attract new developers to Web3, and what are your plans?


Eli Ben-Sasson:Yes, we are attracting new developers to Web3, we are attracting developers who are interested in the scalability that only StarkNet can offer, and developers who are currently in the Web2 space but see the potential of this new ecosystem. StarkWare is attracting developers from a variety of areas, and there are a number of very important organizations in the ecosystem that help developers join, such as Only Dust and Node Guardians, that are trying to expand the developer base.


Foresight News: Is mass adoption one of StarkNet's goals? How do you do this?


Eli Ben-Sasson:Mass adoption is certainly StarkNet's goal. Blockchain is a technology that can be used for social use cases. It needs to achieve the scalability required for social networks and social applications. The way we tried to do that was not through publicity, but by providing very practical development tools, and then developers would take StarkWare around the world.


Foresight News: How decentralized is StarkNet now, especially in terms of sequencer, and how will it stay decentralized as the network grows and scales?


Eli Ben-Sasson:That's a great question. If you measure the number of core developers of protocols and tools, the web is already very decentralized in some ways, and there are many other teams building important parts of the infrastructure. In terms of sequencer improvements, we announced the open source of validators and sequencers. We are currently in the process of finding protocols to improve and decentralize sequencers. Once the protocols to use are identified, we will implement and decentralize sequencers.


Foresight News: StarkNet's wallet experience optimization gets a lot of attention, where will the wallet improve?


Eli Ben-Sasson:With account abstraction, you now have a much better user experience and high security. In addition to trusting some very standard security measures in smartphones, everything else will be done through account abstraction. Like Cartridge, Wallet Argent and Braavos are currently leading the pack. The end user can use the wallet in a more secure way, which is actually better than the previous blockchain experience.


Foresight News: StarkWare has launched the Token (StarkNet) but has not yet started distribution, what are the plans in this regard?


Eli Ben-Sasson:Token-related issues are in the works, but there are no details to share beyond what was in the blog post.

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