MOOAR Launchpad Phase 2 of the seven selected projects

23-02-22 15:38
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The second season of MOOAR Launchpad, an emerging NFT platform launched by STEPN developer Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), has opened for voting, which will last for five days until 8am on February 26, Beijing time. The results are then tallied over a further two days and the project with the highest number of votes wins the Launchpad for the season.

Currently, the top five programs are updated hourly in real time on the MOOAR website, and the voting data is completely transparent and can be passed separately by usersEtherscanandSolscanChain browser view. In addition, members give their favorite projects to carry outvote, the voting limit for each chain is 30,000 GMT.

After the vote, each ranked item will be awarded back to the voting user based on their proportional number of NFT, and ticket holders who do not win the lottery can request a refund of their GMT at any time after the Launchpad winner is announced. (Please refer to the MOOAR platform introduction and voting rulesarticle)

This season includes seven new projects in the application category, five of which are deployed on Ethereum and two on the Solana chain. The specific projects are described below:



FSLands is a Web3 animation IP introduced by Kiframe Studio. It is a pioneering animation company dedicated to producing original content. The team is composed of experienced professionals from Disney's animation development department (China), who previously worked on the storyboard of Kung Fu Panda 3 and the creative production of in-film advertising for the film The Ten Commandments of Shangqi.

FSLands is set in a virtual world called Four Seasons land, where each FSlands NFT can upgrade and evolve to become the King of the Four Seasons, although currently only access Spring land. In the future, 100 percent of Web3 IP profits from Web2 will be distributed to NFT owners. NFT characters will be created in a series of animated films, and the game Alpha test will be released in September.

A total of 2500 FSLands NFT are priced at 100 GMT each in MOOAR Launchpad S2.

Loony Face: Genesis

Loony Face is a trendy cultural IP created by urban artist Ouyang Ru, whose works reflect society and humanity. With its humorous and ironic images, Loony Face leaves a deep impression on people, which can be used as the portrayal of a group of reckless "ordinary people" living in this era. At present, Loony Face has conducted in-depth cooperation with more than 20 well-known brands such as Adidas, Starbucks, Universal Studios and Absolut Vodka.

In addition, Loony Face was curated by OHDAT LABS, which initiated and facilitated the migration of well-known Web2 IP (e.g. Peking Monsters, Producer C) to the Web3 world and successfully raised $4 million in funding in eight months.

Loony Face launched 100 Genesis NFT's in MOOAR Launchpad S2, priced at 200 GMT each. Members who draw the Genesis NFT will be able to mint a regular Loony Face NFT for free.

Mingo Eggs (Pink Flamingo Social Club)

Mingo Eggs is a collection of 333 NFT eggs released by Pink Flamingo Social Club on MOOAR. Priced at 200 GMT each, Mingo Eggs will be entitled to various rights of the club in the future.

Pink Flamingo Social Club is a cross-chain project featuring Brisbane-based band Boss Moxi, as well as other filmmakers, visual artists and others. It's a collection of 3333 multi-chain hand-painted Flamingos, released on Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, and Ethereum. It's publicly available on Ethereum for 0.1 ETH and sold 173/777. Holders will have access to live art and online events services, exclusive Boss Moxi content and more.

It is worth mentioning that the Flamingo NFT can be migrated across chains, which opens up unlimited opportunities for its expansion in Web3. The NFT Bridges from their source to a special SMPC wallet address and is safely stored there. Then on the target chain, the smart contract mints the NFT held and sends it to the user's wallet.


DodoVerse is an African literary journey and dodo conservation NFT project by 3D animatorsThe KimbolDesigned with a total collection of 5,555 dodos, priced at 100 GMT each in MOOAR Launchpad S2, it aims to be the preferred Web3 brand and IP + IRL Utilities (real life utility) in Africa.

The dodo is a flightless bird native to the island of Mauritius, but it died out in the late 17th century due to human hunting and the introduction of non-native animals to the island. Thus, the DodoVerse has created a Dodo metaverse, and they return as animated NFTS that will live forever, with the Genesis NFT series as a passport to that metaverse.

Read2NWL-Box Mooar Pro

Read2N is a new generation of Web3 book publishing and reading platform, which allows creators to publish books through NFT, while other users can earn passive income through game Token RCM by buying and renting books, which is similar to a decentralized book publishing platform and trading market.

In the case of Read2N, each user has a status bar that shows the time earned and energy spent reading. Reading time is unlimited, but without power, the user will not be able to get the RCM. In addition, the higher the profile picture attributes, especially the efficiency attributes, the higher the revenue per 30 seconds of reading.

In MOOAR Launchpad S2, Read2N launched 200 Genesis "WL-Box" NFTS priced at 200 GMT each, which currently cost 4.8BNB in-app.


BetBats: Sleeping Bats

BetBats is a Web3 on-chain entertainment program that gives BetBatsNFTs holders the opportunity to not only enjoy games, but also take advantage of a variety of utilities to earn exclusive discounts and daily revenue rewards.

BetBats team members from F5 DAO, includingbnBeth_solvax,Firelauncher_,jameswerk,ShanRunsForFun,StepnEuropeThey are dedicated to providing Web3 consulting and SAAS services, and have currently incubated the Gingermooar project, which allows holders to share in future F5DAO revenues.

In MOOAR Launchpad S2, 222 Sleeping Bats NFT are available from BetBats, priced at 200 GMT each.

Clumsy Bears

Clumsy Bears is a West Coast Trend-themed NFT project by STEPN AmbassadorMishaFYIandktrainUSA_STEPNCreated on Solana.

Clumsy Bears launches 1,555 NFT in MOOAR Launchpad S2, priced at 70 GMT each.

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