8 new Web3 projects, a list of Y Combinator's latest incubation plan w23 projects

23-02-23 12:19
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The well-known venture capital company Y Combinator launches two incubation programs every year, and selects companies with development potential from global applicants to form Winter Batch and Summer Batch. Selected projects will receive $500,000 in seed funding from YC, entrepreneurial advice, and industry resources. In YC's latest incubation program, Winter 2023 Batch, 8 crypto startups were shortlisted, mainly in infrastructure areas such as wallets, payments, and privacy.

BlockBeats sorts out and introduces these 8 projects, as follows:

Wallbit Pay

Wallbit Pay is a payment platform tailored for remote workers, which allows users to receive salary directly in USD or Cryptocurrencies, and save on fees by exchanging dollars for cryptocurrencies with a low 1% fee without the need for multiple intermediary exchanges. Wallbit Pay aims to drastically improve the way remote workers receive money from abroad.

Official website: https://wallbit.io


Map3 connects crypto services to wallets, exchanges and bridges to Realize cross-chain Deposits, provide real-time gas, and connect users directly to more than 250 wallets and exchanges through open protocols, greatly reducing the possibility of sending to the wrong chain, address. In addition, Map3 also provides payments and deposits that integrate cross-chain bridges without changing the backend to form seamless payments.

Official website: https://map3 .xyz


Littio is a USDC digital dollar bank account tailored for Latin American people, it offers USDC savings and MasterCard debit cards The easy access method allows users to store, send and receive USD conveniently. Littio aims to help people in Latin America protect their savings from the devaluation of their currencies.

Official website: https://www.littio .co/


Koywe provides simple, well-documented and fully compliant payment API and SDK so that any developer can get started immediately Utilizes encryption technology to provide services such as remittances, USD wallets and investments, allowing businesses and individuals to easily convert between local fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Official website: https://koywe.com


Magik is a global fiat-to-cryptocurrency aggregator that helps the web 3 applications The program accepts payments from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for web3 applications to integrate with multiple uplinks in different geographic regions. Additionally, Magik's SDK aggregates ingress providers to get the best exchange rates and lowest fees for users.

Official website: https://magiklabs.io


ZeroDev is an SDK built on top of ERC-4337 for building Web3 applications powered by account abstraction (AA) program. Use ZeroDev to create easy-to-use applications that allow users to restore accounts through friends without mnemonic phrases, allow third-party payment users to skip GAS entirely, consolidate transaction steps to improve user experience, save time and cost, and increase security.

Official website: https://zerodev.app/< /a>


Chataverse is an NFT community messaging app that enables NFT holders and creators to communicate transparently and encrypted Communicate, socialize and govern. Chataverse has built-in community management tools, one-click airdrop rewards, users can vote for new proposals directly in the NFT community, create and participate in community-hosted events, and wallets from multiple chains are aggregated into one identity to display a unique NFT profile page wait. Chataverse positions itself as the crypto-native Discord for the NFT community.

Official website: https://chataverse.io/< /a>

Blyss SDK

Blyss SDK 使用同态加密作为用于增强隐私的新技术,可以创建存储桶, Write data to it and retrieve it privately from it, allowing users to check whether they have been exposed to a data breach without revealing their password information, resolve DNS privately in the browser without seeing every website the user visits , the software vulnerability scanner also cannot see the customer's codebase or scan results. The Blyss SDK is designed to enable new privacy-preserving applications, bringing this new realm of privacy to every developer.

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Official website: https://blyss.dev/

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