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NFT's "Gamification of Art" : Burn-Redeem and Lottery Tickets

03-09 14:57
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"Gamification of art" has long been one of the solutions to the creator's dilemma. Now, it's also making the ERC-1155 even more popular.

Writing: Cookie, Beat BlockBeats

The consumer demand for art is huge. In real life, the logic that drives art consumption can be simple. When off work, random push songs to listen to, dozens of dollars a digital album? Buy. On a walk, a painting by a roadside artist hits the spot, a hundred or two hundred dollars to take home for collection? Buy. To unlock the potential of mass art consumption such as this, we only need to "enjoy" the word, "enjoy" is the reward.

In the NFT world, the pursuit of returns is often not so pure. In addition to the spiritual pursuit of "enjoyment", more to the solid profit. In some ways, the world of the NFT, where the attention economy is magnified, is harsher for artists than it is for the real world. Matching art quality with pricing may be enough to make a difference in the real world, but in the NFT world it may not even stand a chance of being seen. Get over the "being seen" hurdle, the "road map" test for NFT players -- your drawings look good. Besides looking good, what's the point?

"Gamification of art" has always been one of the solutions to both of these creator dilemmas. Now, it's also making the ERC-1155 even more popular.


Scarcity is an important factor affecting value. For the ERC-20 tokens, even if creating scarcity through Burn-Redeem is a lot better than simply "destroy for deflation," it is still hard to reconcile creating scarcity with enriching the diversity of value. But for NFT, burnt-redeem can not only induce supply deflation and reinforce scarcity, its creative ways of playing can create attraction, it can also enrich the artistic experience and create a game between different artistic experiences, which is a "match made in God".

In January 2021, @Mad_Dog_Jones launched the "Crash + Burn" NFT line, a project that was a precursor to NFT Burn-Redeem. The "Crash + Burn" NFT series consists of 7 1/1 art pieces, Burn@mad_dog_jones' first NFT series to get the subscription rights to the 7 1/1 art pieces.

Crash + Burn NFT series

In July 2021, Damien Hirst launched "The Currency" NFT series, which realizes "artistic medium transfer" through Burn and Redeem, and gained wide recognition from the market. Holders of "The Currency" can choose to burn the NFT to get a physical version of the NFT. To date, nearly half of the 10,000 Damian Hirst's NFT has not been chosen to burn in exchange for the physical version. Part of the NFT world on the chain, part of the real world off the chain, the aggregate remains "unchanged", but the market does show "medium preference", which is interesting.

"The Currency" NFT series

"The Currency" was followed by some successful Burn-Redeem artistic NFT projects, such as Alpha Centauri Kid's "The Great Color Study." Because a Burn-Redeem implementation requires more technical resources, such artistic NFT projects have not sprung up on a large scale. When Manifold announced its Burn-Redeem support in November 2022, and the technical issues ceased, such art NFT projects began to appear and attract more attention.

This year's "Nyan Balloon" in January was a work in Manifold from launch to burn-and-redeem. Launched as Open Edition on Manifold by Rainbow Cat "Nyan Cat" author Chris Torres, the series sold 21,191 copies in seven hours at 0.0077 ETH. Soon after the launch, Chris Torres launched the "Nyan Balloon Sky Map," a six-day burn-and-redeem campaign where you can Burn the original "Nyan Balloon" every day to get rainbow cats with balloons of different colors.

"Nyan Balloon Sky Map"

The final distribution

Manifold solves the technical problems of implementing Burn-Redeem, and the ERC-1155 allows creators to better manage the new Burn-Redeem NFT. Having different versions of NFT under the same smart contract makes for a better experience for both creator management and NFT player purchase.

The Memes series of Punk6529 also uses the ERC-1155. If these NFTS were individual ERC-721 projects, the buying experience for NFT players would be significantly reduced, and the creators would have a bunch of smart contracts to manage

Using the Checks VV of the ERC-721, the buying experience isn't as refreshing

The convenience and clean experience offered by Manifold and ERC-1155 for NFT Burn-and-Redeem is making 'art gamification' increasingly mainstream. The Open Edition model combined with NFT Burn-Redeem has given NFT a new development path -- art has become a "currency", but this "currency" has formed an emotional connection with collectors through artistry. To collect is to consume, and to consume is to collect better, which not only enriche the art experience, It also causes a change in the flow rate that allows the market to determine the original value twice (active liquidity also allows creators to collect more royalties). For example, the aforementioned "Nyan Balloon", after consuming the original version to collect all the other colors of balloons, will still make people want to buy an extra original version to complete the full collection.

Lottery ticket

In addition to turning art NFT into a "currency", another "art gamification" must be mentioned is "lottery ticket". Compared with "currency", the successful creation of "lottery ticket" often requires the creator itself to have a greater influence to provide the expected value. For example, the "end of sartoshi" NFT series was released when mfer founder sartoshi last announced his "retirement". Although Sartoshi claimed at the time that it was only a "retirement souvenir", NFT players felt that there would be "empowers" in the future. Nearly 17,000 copies were sold for 0.069 ETH.

When Sartoshi announced his "return" in January, he also announced that end of sartoshi would become a "Pass card for collecting more art." Soon after, Sartoshi announced "Life Death & Cryptoart "themed NFT art activity. From February to July, a themed NFT artwork created by SuperRare artists will be released every month, with a total amount of 300 for each artwork. The more "end of sartoshi" you own, the higher the probability of being claimed.

Currently has released "Life Death & Cryptoart" themed NFT artwork

Although Sartoshi himself is already well known in NFT circles, "end of sartoshi" is closely related to "Life Death & The market performance of Cryptoart themed NFT artwork has not been satisfactory to NFT players (especially since the new 20K PFP NFT series can be claimed for free by "end of sartoshi"). A successful "Redeem ticket" requires not only a high level of focus to activate, but also to maintain a high level of focus to meet NFT players' expectations, which is harder to do than Burn-Redeem.


The "art gamification" of NFT combined with the mode of Open Editions is worthy of affirmation, and the biggest significance lies in the realization of the "parity" of art NFT to a certain extent. While it may seem absurd to sell a work of art for a high premium because it is NFT, it is impossible to fight the consensus. "Making art affordable" through "art gamification" while also enriching the sense of acquisition for NFT players is a smart way to adapt to market conditions.

The "art parity" achieved through the "art gamification" of content also makes us have higher expectations -- "art parity for the public". Outside of the "art gamification" of content, there is another area that has not been well developed yet, and that is the "gamification" of the distribution of art. Many traditional App users are still blocked from the NFT world by the use of MetaMask. The display of NFT, a new art carrier, is not easy enough, but the social contagion generated by it is still not released. Will we see more interesting and easy-to-use "gamified art distribution/collection platforms" emerge through the Token incentives featured in Web3? Can we make small creators invisible in the NFT world in this way?

There's a lot more that can be done.

Ethereum on the "two dimensional", unique embodiment
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