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Crypto OG: How did I become a Thousandfold player in crypto in 3 years?

03-11 10:00
crypto story
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"Fear the market, business like sailing against the current, investment is more treading on thin ice, must be rational and prudent, do not expand, pay attention to risk control, live..."
原文标题:《 我如何在 crypto 中,从身无分文,3 年 1000 倍 to $10m? 》
Original article by VINCERO, OnePiece Research

How did I get into Crypto?

In 2017, in Bali, I was a Nomad at that time, but I didn't know what Crypto was, so I stepped into the door with half a foot. Crypto Nomad? Crypto nomad?


I lived in a small villa in Bali, and because I liked to meet people from all over the world and was interested in different languages and cultures, I also started a CouchSurfing Host, which is derived from the idea of providing backpacker travelers with a place to stay, either on a sofa or on the floor. It can also be a bed, Whatever you can sleep on. It is popular among young people and students in Europe and America, mainly because they can make friends around the world, have a deep understanding of the local lifestyle and culture, and also save travel expenses. As a Host of CouchSurfing, I also joined the local community. Every week, there were some activities, such as travel sharing, cultural exchange, drinking and dancing, etc., which were all young people from all over the world. They were very energetic and fun.

So how did I get into Crypto? Was it a coincidence? Or maybe it was destiny?

One night, it was normal to go to the "serious" CouchSurfing activity, drinking and dancing (as opposed to the local style of dancing in China, where you open a booth and scratch your fingers with champagne, and then vomit the next day after drinking fake wine from the club) in a very special place called the Jungle, which is in the rice paddies of Bali Canggu, This place belongs to the invitation system, only the local Nomad People know, go to some Cool People, appearance level is very high, very tall! (I just feel helpless in a crowd of 186), are artists, hippy, yogi, backpackers, surfers, you name it, fancy dress (usually no clothes in good shape), but cool is done.



Love& Peace

It was an Indian friend who took me there that day. I was her Host and she was a Fashion Designer living in Milan, Italy.

It was the first time that I felt weak and helpless. Fortunately, a friend took me to the airport and chatted with me for various reasons. After drinking for three times, she told me that she would introduce me to a friend who was also Chinese and had been her Host before. Then she took me to the DJ booth. It turned out to be the DJ brother who just played DJing -- long hair, beard, muscular, dark and indistinct. When I approached, I thought it was Steve Aoki, long lost half-brother.

Then it's a small talk. What's up homie? What am I doing here, what are you doing here, and then Big Brother asked us to make a few Tequila shots, and then the top sense, Big brother started telling me a story: It turns out that he is a Chinese American, not Chinese, before working in the Wall Street investment bank, then feel work boring back to Asia began to wave as Nomad, DJ is a hobby, usually work on the Internet to Teach people how to become rich (words: Teach people how to become rich) sound like a fraud? He said he also did investment and trading, and then the focus came -- he said: "Bro, you know, crypto is the future", I did not know what Crypto ah, only heard of Bitcoin, at that time the media reports are negative, what fraud and virus and so on. But I wrote it down, went back and studied it myself, and that opened the door to a new world.

I didn't have a clue at the beginning. I wasn't a computer major or a finance major, so I didn't know much about the basic and background knowledge. However, I was a natural science major, and I had the basic knowledge of mathematics and physics, so it wasn't difficult to learn new things. Therefore, I think if you want to engage in Crypto, in fact, the professional background is not so important, not necessarily computer or finance. To learn the most Fundamental major, it is better to have the cognition of scientific thinking. Logical thinking ability, the exploration of the nature of the rules of world operation, curiosity and desire to break the rules are more important.

Then read the Bitcoin white paper, at that time also do not understand the technology, Blockchain this mouthful of name, but was deeply attracted by the Bitcoin story: The power, supervision and centralized institutions of the old world have been corrupted. The financial crisis in 2008 made innocent people lose all their money, and people have lost their trust in it. The emergence of Bitcoin has brought the hope of a new world, and the decentralized future has brought people confidence.


A new world is born

Simply saying, Bitcoin - to make a better world!

Share the TED talks at that time, how Bitcoin changes the world, helps the life of ordinary people, the most simple cognition of Bitcoin:






In the summer of 2017, the first wave of violent bull market, began a leek career - stir-fried currency, remember that did not understand, is to see the name like to buy, BTC, ETH, NEO, QTUM, BTM what, name science fiction cool to buy, anyway are public chain, do not know which can do up, a dirty operation. The industry, finance, trading, market can be said to be ignorant, so the loss is luck, luck to earn money, sooner or later with the ability to lose back.

In December, I went to Palau, an island in the Pacific Ocean, to learn free diving. My coach at that time was a world record holder who could dive more than 100 meters free (I think he already looked like a fish - Sea King ‍). I was staying in a B&B by the sea, on the first floor, and a "pretty amazing thing" happened: One night, the window is not locked, jumped into a dark shadow, stole my computer bag, I was in a daze, but also can not catch up, only the alarm, the police came and did not find people, there is no monitoring on the island, after a few days there is no news, because can not find stolen goods, this thing is not done. The computer was lost, and the wallet was in it, so the ID card, bank card and cash were lost. Fortunately, the passport was not lost in the backpack, which is also a good luck, thank God, in this kind of island can not be reissued, lost will be very troublesome.

Have, penniless belong to is, the first time encountered this kind of thing, as a Nomad ronin, usually will pay attention to these security issues, in fact, the Host had reminded to remember to lock the window, because the island is very safe, holding a lucky mind, the result was really a problem, also understand a truth: Murphy's theorem should be true, if something is likely to happen, it will eventually happen, it's just a matter of probability, black swan events are inevitable, the slightest negligence will lead to a big mistake.

Because of this situation, I had to go back to China first. At that time, the Spring Festival was just around the corner. Grateful coach asked a friend to help me buy a $100 air ticket (the normal price was $500+) back to Hong Kong, and then I went back home for the Spring Festival.

So why is this an "amazing thing"? At the time, I think it was bad luck, but looking back, it was a good thing. It was a turning point in my life. If it hadn't been stolen, I would have been still in various islands and had no chance to really get into the industry, and of course I would have missed out on the market opportunities later on, so ah, blessing in disguise? As an optimistic person, everything is the best, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Here I also want to share a sentence, although very Chinese but very warm, from the classic line of Sauron in OnePiece:  

"It's just the way things are. Don't think that if you explain it, someone will come and save you. If I die here, that's all I'm made of."


Life and death have life, wealth in the day.


After the Spring Festival in 2018, I decided to enter Blockchain&. In the Crypto industry, the logic was very simple -- I believed Bitcoin could change the world, and I wanted to participate in the tide of this era. In addition, this industry is very early, you will get a dividend when you get on the car, maybe for the post-90s, this industry is the only opportunity for our generation. I've started businesses in other industries before, and I don't have a chance in the second half. It's all about resources, connections and background. It's meaningless.

At that time, it was a coincidence that I saw the recruitment information in my moments, and my friend recommended me to work for a startup company. I didn't think much about it at that time, so I started my career before I talked with my boss. When I went to the company, there were only five Startups with me, and I didn't know what would happen in the future. There were many startups that spent all their budget before starting their own business. Therefore, I had a good attitude.

It turned out that the bosses were OG, and the company became a well-known second-level institution in the industry within half a year. It was not too much to say Top 3 at that time. After all, SBF had raised funds from us in early 19th, and I received him.

Therefore, it is very important to have a good company and platform in the line, less detdetments, however, the master leads the door, practice depends on the individual, they should have a strong subjective initiative, in order to continue to learn and progress in the industry. Here I also want to thank my former boss and colleagues for their help to me. I have benefited a lot from what I have learned from you. Thank you!

I am good at social communication, which is also suitable for me. The work of BD can quickly contact with resources and contacts in various aspects of the industry, so that I have a preliminary understanding of the industry and a macro understanding of its basic operation rules is very important at the beginning. And then how to monetize, accumulate the first bucket of gold quickly, complete the 0 to 1 process. Therefore, how to achieve a stable cash flow is very important. In addition to wages (wages are designed to die by the economic model of the society, relying on wages can never be turned over), there must be other sources of cash flow, and they must be continuously improved, because cash flow is the realization of a person's productivity, and the development law of productivity must be linear growth. So at least meet a personal comfort level.

So the question is, how do you get cash flow beyond wages? It is in the industry you work in, not the side business (the so-called side business to make money is completely ridiculous, to work in an industry you have to delve into to find opportunities, everything is dabbling in the end will be nothing). To put it bluntly and simply, there is no cost for pimping, doing middleman business, and making money with poor information. However, personal Reputation is very important for doing this business, and rules should be kept in mind. Once you mess up, you may not have to do it again, such as uneven distribution of spoils, skipping orders, cheating and other behaviors. Therefore, pimping is actually a process of rapidly accumulating cash flow through industry contacts and resources. In the process from 0 to 1, only after the first bucket of gold can there be enough capital to earn the perceived money in the market -- Beta earnings and Alpha earnings. But also have the ability to resist risks, even if in the market loss, still can rely on cash flow back, not affect the life, even bankruptcy and debt.

For me, in 2018, in fact, I did such a thing, because in 2017, shrimp fried coins made and lost the case of a long lesson, coupled with stolen, penniless belong to is, at that time just entered the line of work, rent is my mother gave me a little money. Therefore, in 2018, when the overall market was in a downward bear market, I almost did not trade, so I did not lose money or withdraw. I reached the net income of personal assets by cash flow. By the Spring Festival in early 2019, I had saved about. $10k  . Because I like to have fun, I don't scrimp, I eat, I drink, I travel all over the world, and my core logic is just to keep increasing productivity. Money is earned, not saved, and when you spend it on yourself, it's an investment in self-growth, a business that never gets lost.

So with a steady cash flow and a little bit of principal, it's time to start earning Beta and Alpha in the market, Game just started!



This is 2019, after the first round, the market began to rebound and recover. Since there was not too much operation trading in the bear market in 2018, there was almost no retreat. Confidence in the industry was not hit, but full of hope for the future of the industry. (It may also be related to my steady growth of cash flow) In January, a friend introduced an investor from Silicon Valley in the United States. They came to visit some institutions in China. I invited them to dinner that night to talk about the industry and business. "I think you are quite optimistic, unlike the friends you have seen recently, who are concerned about the bear market and the future of the market." "I thought at that time:" Maybe you OG this bear market losses more, I belong to the barefoot not afraid to wear shoes, before entering the industry had no money to eat, and now can talk and laugh with you these big guys, where there may be problems in the industry, is the problem of people.

We got one thing right in 2019 about Beta revenue, long BTC & ETH, and hodl! At that time, the unit prices of BTC ($3,000-4,000) and ETH ($100-200) were not high, and ETH was also popular for fundraising, so most of the expenses received in business were based on BTC and ETH. Fortunately, for this reason, I stocked up on some BTC and ETH with very low average price. I remember that the lowest price was when ETH dropped to about $90, which was a great bargain.

At that time, due to the conservative investment strategy (poor at that time and insufficient knowledge of secondary market and trading, they were afraid to operate for fear of losing money), the trading frequency was very low, and only BTC and ETH were traded (at that time, the local dogs alcatocin was almost a wave, which reached its peak immediately after opening, and the liquidity depth was very poor, and slow news would be punished). I did not touch the contract at all (the contract system of each trading platform was not perfect at that time, and there were many problems, which was just gambling on dog slaughterhouses). Therefore, due to the correct guess of the general direction, fewer operations and fewer mistakes were made, I enjoyed the Beta earnings of the whole market, and the market rebounded in 2019. BTC rebounded from $3000+ to a high of $13,000, a gain of about 3x.

In terms of Alpha revenue, we mainly played BSV and LTC in 2019. At that time, BSV was a violent pull plate. With the news surface, every time the violent pull suddenly rose a big wave, and it was enough to run fast. LTC is a big cycle, half the market, the overall half year rebound about 7x, then eat about 4x. But this part of the position is not heavy, at that time is holding a play mentality, heavy in participation, as practice. Of course, I ran through some fake dogs, but it didn't have much effect on the whole, and my prediction proved correct -- a wave of water, cool cool.

However, in addition to the linear growth of cash flow and market gains, I think there is a more important harvest in 2019, which is the accumulation of industry resources, contacts and the improvement of cognition. At that time, I also participated in the world Travel meeting. One is that I love traveling, the other is that I feel fun, so I can meet my peers all over the world. At that time, the Chinese market was still half of the industry, and many large institutions and high-quality Startups were from China, so many overseas peers came to China to look for resources, and sometimes they were invited to attend overseas conferences as guests. It was much easier to get industry resources and contacts than now, but now it is completely the other way around, being led by American institutions. Chinese entrepreneurs can only call themselves "Chinese", anonymously disguised as overseas projects, etc. Hopefully this year the Chinese Hong Kong narrative will come back to life.


V God attended parties in his early years in China


That's 2020, the Chinese New Year will probably have. $150k  My assets were about one million rmb (I spent about the same amount in 2019 because I was traveling around the world). At that time, I was quite happy. I achieved a small goal and gave my family a big red envelope. In 2019, personal assets increased by about 15x compared to 2018. After a relatively steady rise in 2019, the expectation for 2020 was still very high at that time. However, the first two hits hit us at the beginning of the year, when the COVID-19 epidemic of Coivd19 (+312) plummeted. Because the position is not heavy at that time, so the impact of the crash is OK, there are some pullback, the industry and Bitcoin faith, the problem is not big; But the impact of the epidemic, I think, is serious and far-reaching, on all aspects of our lives.

When the epidemic first broke out in China, I was on holiday in Thailand for the Spring Festival. Later, foreign countries also began to break out one after another. Fortunately, I did not catch the centralized quarantine, so I was quarantined at home for a week. However, as a person who could not stay, I already felt self-closed. Shopping malls and restaurants were not open, so I could not do anything or go anywhere. But after a period of adjustment, slowly began to adapt to the new environment, at the same time, after calm down, more thinking, Try to find inner peace.

First of all, I reviewed the experience of the past two years, what problems exist and what changes need to be made. At the beginning of 2019, I learned a profound lesson from an incident in which I did not keep fit in winter and was in poor physical condition. I thought I loved sports since childhood and was blindly confident when I went skiing. As a result, I fell badly for several times. Then go to the hospital check, take a look at the film, as expected, broke - rotator cuff tear, need to do surgery. It was the first time I had such a serious injury. It was the first time I needed surgery. I was worried that I would be disabled or not be able to exercise normally in the future. Perhaps I am a hard nut. I am also grateful for the development of medical technology and the operation done by experts. After the operation, I gradually recovered to normal.

This incident also made me understand a few things:

• & have spent At any time, we should keep sober, rational and prudent, rather than blindly confident. Risks are everywhere. If we are not careful, serious consequences will be caused, or we will pay more to make up for them.

• & have spent Career and investment is treading on thin ice, must pay attention to risk control, to consider the worst outcome, if acceptable, then do it, if not, do not be a gambling dog;

• & have spent The development of human science and technology has saved my life and made me more determined to do things that create value and make value investment. Our industry was still in the early stage, rivers and lakes inside the mixed, all kinds of wild way, just rotten money leek, by these to make a lot of money "big guy" does not have any meaning, out of the mix sooner or later is to return.

In the first half of 2020, it's important for me to understand something. After the collapse of 312, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the whole macro environment and industry confidence were very poor. At that time, I was confused. Because the previous two years were relatively smooth, the business level was growing, and this year, under the influence of these factors, it began to stall. After being isolated at home for a period of time, I traveled around the country, communicated with friends in different industries, and also considered whether to go into other industries. At that time, I came into contact with mask factories, livestream delivery, cross-border e-commerce, etc. After much consideration, I still did not participate in these traditional industries. Maybe I felt that these traditional industries were too "primitive", which may be very profitable but not interesting and cool. Most importantly, they did not conform to their underlying logic and core values.

As for Beta revenue, in April 2020, I saw that many projects in the market began to transform into defi. To tell the truth, I did not know which project was good at that time, but they all belonged to ETH ecological, and the market was also empty, and the emotion was released. At that time, ETH rebounded more than double. We started to build a position at $200+, just a logic, capital and assets are mainly concentrated in the ETH chain, long ETH! In January-February 2021, when $1000 is exceeded, and $2000 is gradually reduced, the overall income of this wave is about 7x.

On Alpha Yield, that's the happy DeFi Summer, Yield Farming as a hard-working farmer ‍. At the beginning, it is what the new online fire to dig what, dig to sell, rush a wave of short-term income, there is not too much in-depth research, the back of the project to see more, and slowly find the feeling. Start with Compound, Curve, Yearn, Synthetix, etc., and go to the back Uni, Sushi, Cake, Yam, Bunny, etc. (These two last rugs...) The airdrop, excavation and sale of white piao, plus second-class boarding, minus rug, will gradually reduce the warehouse in January and February 2021. The overall profit of this part is about 8x.


DeFi Summer


Then, in early 2021, another Spring Festival and the start of a raging bull market, the accumulation of about. $1.5 m  (annual consumption of about $200k). It was also one of the most popular Spring Festival among the best people in the group. Everyone was crazy about handing out red envelopes. Looking back on my choice and persistence in 2020, I made a very correct decision. I must go deep into the industry and work.

2021 is a period of great industry explosion, of course, it is also related to the macro market (epidemic + US $big splash). Hot spots emerge in endless stream, from DeFi, NFT, Taiwan Dollar to new public chain Layer2, Web3, concept speculation of metaverse, zoo carnival triggered by Doge, and mass demonic dance of Meme currency. The GameFi Gold Boom, X to Earn, SBF Family Bucket and other shows continue until the end of the year.

It has been a fruitful year, but it has also sown the seeds of risk. It was held by "pattern opening", "hodl" and "diamond hand", but it also expanded in the end. Blind confidence still overshadowed the rationality of risk control consciousness. Humanity, who can control, who can laugh and become the Winner, Winner takes all...

In terms of Beta revenue, ETH fell below $2,000 in February and recovered again. In March, ETH broke through $3,000, and $4,000 was reduced successively, a wave of revenue of about 1.5x. In January, I just communicated with a friend of BSC, went back to study the fundamentals and felt that it was going to take off. BNB cost about $40 to build a position, and then $200 and $300 were gradually reduced. This part is about 6x income.

As for Alpha returns, due to this round of violent bull market, there are too many projects rushed, and there are all kinds of fake local dogs as valuable investments. Let's talk about some representative projects with good returns:

• & have spent DeFi, due to the malpractices and regulatory issues of CEX, is optimistic about the development of DEX in the long term. After the correction in February, it continued to get on UNI and CAKE. In May, it successively reduced its position.

• & have spent Meme, after understanding that this is the native culture of crypto native, it is a carnival belonging to the community and understands the importance of narration (of course, most of it is still a wave of leeks). From DOGE and SHIB (not understanding at the beginning, they get on the bus late and pull the tray is violent, so they run faster. This portion of the proceeds is about 10x) to the end of the year PEOPLE (started with 2 ETH at Juicebox, a week later it became 100 ETH);

• & have spent GameFi, which had missed AXS at the beginning of the research (high market value, already the head), experienced DeFi Summer, after the research, I thought that GameFi at that time was actually DeFi 2.0, which needed to spend some time and energy, move the mouse to play the game. The essence is Yield Farming -- yield farming. GALA is an early bullish heavy position of a game platform, the pattern opened to hold, also jumped to the top, about 80x revenue (but this may be behind MBOX, did not timely stop the loss of the reason, the pattern is unpredictable...) And MANA, according to the researcher, thinks it can become the head of the Metamask concept. Metamask bought a little and forgot, and passively took the result for more than half a year, about 50x revenue;

• & have spent There is also the SBF family bucket at the end of the year, SOL, FTT and FTM. I remember that I said at that time to bet on the pattern of SBF, he will surpass CZ in the future (we all know the later story now), this part of about 5x income; There are also some projects involved in different tracks, such as MINA, AR, WOO, FET, etc., which also have a profit of 5-10x.


$10m achievement achievement memorial. NFT

2021 has been a very productive year, and perhaps the happiest year for practitioners so far. I still remember that October, Wanxiang Web3 Conference period, friends in Shanghai, can be said to be partying and money: you rode a horse, he walked a cow, seven consecutive days a week to open a club card, spend hundreds of thousands of rmb a night... Perhaps it was the inflation of that period that planted the seeds of risk for subsequent losses and retractions. We all know that only through this experience, can have personal experience, so now always remind themselves: fear the market, business like sailing against the current, investment is more treading on thin ice, must be rational and prudent, do not expand, pay attention to risk control, survive...

Still clearly remember the waterfall began in the middle of November, one night and friends together at a party, began to plummet again, at that time due to inflation, blind confidence that this wave is not over, BTC to go to $100k (may also be deceived by PlanB), and friends bet that the pattern opened, hodl! And then they all ran away... For the first time, there is a major mistake in the judgment of the general direction, not the fault is to recognize, pay for their own cognition, retreat and losses are inevitable, victory and defeat is a common thing.


2022 was an important turning point, with many big events. Before Luna's death spiral, everyone was still basking in the aftereffects of last year's raging bull market, and the deterioration of the macro environment accelerated the market crash -- inflation, dollar rate hikes, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, uncontrolled quarantine and so on -- and everyone's expectations for the future took a nosedive. With the exception of StepN and APE, two big hits at the start of the year, the rest has been one black swan after another.

Due to the wrong judgment on the direction at the end of 2021, the blind confidence was inflated and the loss was not stopped in time. Of course, the Beta yield was negative and there was a large pullback of over -30% on the whole.

Alpha revenue is GMT and APE, Ogura short operation wave, about 5x revenue, because other hodl are trapped, can only be a little blood. When LUNA crashed, UST and USDT began to lose their anchors, so they began to short around $60, opened 5x short on $100k, and made $1m in half a day's work. As a result, a pin suddenly burst and there was no time to cover the margin... So trading is like boxing match, we must concentrate on, as long as not careful operation mistakes, will be knocked down by the opponent (the market). Even when the overall market is in a downward bear market, there is no shortage of opportunities, but depending on how you seize them, the big shorts of 2022 will have the last laugh.

Despite the reversal of losses in investment and trading in 2022, there are still new understandings and gains in terms of personal growth. In fact, in October 2021, there was the idea of becoming a professional industry research institution with subjective opinions, providing valuable information in the industry through research reports, making contributions to the industry and becoming a buidler. In my opinion, the most important thing in our industry is poor cognition and information. If we run ahead of the market, we can gain profits more easily, which is the so-called arbitrage thinking. At the same time, as we have been doing the second level, there has been some fatigue for this pure market game. It is a mathematical game, which makes no sense.


Set up OP Research

So it was created. OP Research, OP for OnePiece (OnePiece, my favorite animation), meaning is very simple and direct, Research for finding your own OnePiece, that is, I hope you can learn and study, and constantly explore to find the secret of your life.

At the same time, to be a buidler, you have to do projects, you have to produce, which goes back to the experience and the knowledge of the NFT. In fact, I played Cryptokity in 2018 for the first time. However, due to the incomplete infrastructure and ETH ecology at that time, most Dapp projects did not survive the bear market, and there was no concept of NFT at that time, so market users did not know anything about it. By the end of 2020, I was concerned about Cryptopunk and suddenly became popular. But because I didn't understand it at that time, I thought how could a broken picture head sell for money, so I just copied and pasted it on the Internet. I didn't have relevant knowledge about art collections, etc. Besides, I preferred the underlying logic of the second level and preferred the asset subject with good liquidity. So he didn't get on the bus, missing out on the first wave of blue chip NFT projects.

It was only after the popularity of meme in 2021 that punk understood the meaning of crypto native culture and understood why he was able to make a small picture of a $1m head. However, as a person who never buys "luxury goods" and does not follow the fashion of the "native turtle", for NFT social show off attributes (that is, the Web3 famous watch package) at the beginning of not understanding and not paying, is also in line with their own underlying logic, their own cognition and values outside the money is not earned. In addition, it is important to have one's own personality and aesthetics. For example, I think it is very unattractive to use similar profile pictures with others. I think punk is beautiful, but I think bayc is ugly.

So in 2022, I made a little NFT avatar inspired by Rick& Morty, one of the most beloved anime, the theme of sci-fi rebellion is also very much in line with Crypto Native culture, called. romoverse.wtf. At the same time, I am optimistic about the development and growth space of the whole NFT circuit in the long term. After all, compared with the FT market, there are more 100x opportunities, and it is more friendly to new users and traditional industries, easier to understand, with lower threshold and relatively loose supervision.


Crypto Nomad

Of course, there's another big theme for 2022 - How to become a crypto nomad!

I think this is one of the most interesting topics, and it is also a return to the essence of human nature -- how we can pursue freedom. The rise of Digital Nomad groups, in fact, began to be popular many years ago in Europe and the United States, the occurrence of various black swan events in 2022 May be a trigger, practitioners actively or passively become Cryptp Nomad.

After I started my study at the beginning of last year, I spent more than half a year in more than a dozen countries, attending industry conferences and activities, visiting partners and customers, and traveling to explore local scenery, cuisine, history and culture, which made me feel full and fruitful. It sounds like traveling around is very tiring, but I think it may be even more tiring to be isolated at home. So is there any point in being a Cypto Nomad?

First of all, compared with the traditional industry, our industry has a great advantage in the freedom of work. Many companies now don't need to clock in at work. With the improvement of the entire Internet infrastructure and the acceleration of this process due to the epidemic, everyone can work remotely from home or anywhere, as long as they have a computer and mobile phone.

Secondly, Crypto or Web3 is originally a process of promoting decentralization and globalization. With the improvement and development of infrastructure, the cost and friction of collaboration between people all over the world are constantly reduced.

At the same time, the social integration has made young people see no hope, in the big city to rent is to work for the landlord or to help him pay the mortgage, choose to buy a house on the back of the mortgage belongs to the next 20 or 30 years of their own time to contribute to the country, from a free person formally alienated into a social screw.

So, when you think about these principles, you can choose to jump out of this cage and cycle, become a Crypto Nomad, is to participate in the tide of the revolution of The Times, against the totalitarian and vested interests of these worms and vampires, to say goodbye to them - do not play their design of this series of cheating games.

But to pursue what is essential to human nature -- love and freedom.

"To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. "- Star Trek


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The new regulations on virtual assets in Hong Kong have officially come into effect, marking a historic moment for Web3 in Hong Kong.
The new regulations on virtual assets in Hong Kong have officially come into effect, marking a historic moment for Web3 in Hong Kong.
MoDragon: Can the new trend of blockchain gaming be replicated on Arbitrum?
MoDragon: Can the new trend of blockchain gaming be replicated on Arbitrum?
Vitalik: Maintain the minimalism of the chain, do not let Ethereum's consensus become overloaded.
Vitalik: Maintain the minimalism of the chain, do not let Ethereum's consensus become overloaded.
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