DeFi renews its narrative, listing several "low risk, high yield" farming opportunities

23-03-15 17:49
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原文标题:《 DeFi 叙事再起,盘点几个「低风险、高收益」的 farming 机会 》
Original source: The DeFi Investor
Azuma, Odaily Planet

This article is a compilation and supplement of The DeFi Investor's tweets, and is not intended to be interpreted. The opinions of Odaily Planet do not constitute investment advice. Please make your own analysis and judgment.

DeFi 叙事再起,盘点几个「低风险、高收益」的 farming 机会

It is another good season for yield farming in DeFi.

If you're looking for high yield opportunities in Stablecoins and mainstream assets, don't miss this post. thread, I will share some good DeFi  in the following paragraphs. farming  The scheme.

It's important to note that this is done in the DeFi world. yield farming  It's impossible to be completely free of risk, smart contract loopholes, rug pulls, volatile losses... These potential risks will always be there. What you should do is look at the risks and manage them correctly -- spread your money around and don't put all your eggs in one basket.

1. Convex Finance, pETH-ETH pool

pETH is a compound of JPEG'd  Protocol  Issued ETH derivative assets. Users can use JPEG'd  Protocol pledges its own NFT and lends pETH, thereby freeing up liquidity in its NFT value.

当前,如果你在 pETH - ETH 池中的存入流动资金,并将相应的 LPs Token 质押在 Convex Finance 上,即可获得 28% 的 APY 奖励。

DeFi 叙事再起,盘点几个「低风险、高收益」的 farming 机会

Since the price of pETH is anchored to ETH, the pool has little risk of transient loss.

The main risk in this pool is that, since the value of pETH is supported by the NFT pledged by users, there will be a massive collapse in the price of the NFT pledged as collateral. Protocol will generate bad debt if it is not effectively cleared. It's not highly likely, but if it happens, pETH could break loose from anchoring.

2. Vela, VLP

Volume on Vela, a decentralised derivatives trading platform, has exceeded all expectations since its launch last month.

A VLP is a liquidity voucher Token on Vela that can be generated using a USDC foundry. VLP producers will be rewarded based on Vela trading volume, which currently has a pledge APY greater than 120%. , including     60% platform fee income and 10% capital rate income.

DeFi 叙事再起,盘点几个「低风险、高收益」的 farming 机会

Note that since Vela's mechanism essentially matches traders against liquidity providers (VLP founders), the VLP mortgagor will lose if the trader always wins. However, as long as the platform's trading volume remains high, VLP will be a good USDC interest generating opportunity.  

Given that the Vela team has already heralded the next flurry of activity (trading contests, beta drops, launch, etc.), the platform is expected to continue to grow in volume.

3. StakeDAO, frxETH

This is another high earning opportunity for ETH, with an annualized yield of around 22%. .

frxETH 是由 Frax Finance 推出的的流动性质押衍生 Token ,其收益主要来源于 Frax Finance 利用手中的巨额 veCRV 投票权,在 Curve 流动性池内争取到的 CRV 激励。

DeFi 叙事再起,盘点几个「低风险、高收益」的 farming 机会

If you put frxETH in the Stake DAO, the agreement will put it in the Curve gauge, and further increase the incentive by locking the CRV in the CRV Liquid Locker.

The pool has an average APY of 15 percent over the past 30 days, according to DeFiLlama. .

4.  Velodrome, LUSD-MAI pool

One thing the drama of the last few days proves is that we need a truly decentralized stablecoin, rather than relying on a centralized stablecoin like USDC. LUSD  And   MAI falls into this category, where LUSD is only available by mortgage. ETH casting is generated.

DeFi 叙事再起,盘点几个「低风险、高收益」的 farming 机会

At present, the strategy has a yield of 17.5%. The average APY for the past seven days was 14%. . Not as high as the first few, but at least.LUSD  And   MAI appears to be "stable" as a stablecoin.

Here's my recent roundup of some of the big money opportunities that have proven relatively safe over time.

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