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23-03-16 23:07
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March 16, Binance  Binance Launchpad will launch its 30th Launchpad project with the launch of Space ID and BNB. The launch will be based on an input model, Binance will determine how much a user can put in based on their average BNB holdings on the 5th day. The BNB position snapshot period is 08:00 am on March 17, 2023 to 08:00 am on March 22, 2023 (Zone 8 Eastern time).

With 10% of the total supply of 2 billion Token ids reserved for community airdrops, all early adopters of SPACE ID will be eligible to claim 21% of the community airdrops (2.1% of the total supply). The remainder of the airdrop allocation will be reserved for contributors in future activities and will be progressively released.

Founded in April 2022, SPACE ID is a decentralized domain Name services protocol dedicated to building a common name services network that seamlessly connects people, information, assets and applications across the blockchain. And allowing users to bind their identities to multiple chains, communities can build their own domain name services through the SPACE ID network. To date, more than 40 apps have announced support for integrating the SPACE ID protocol.

In August 2022, SPACE ID launched its ".bnb "domain service on the BNB Chain and quickly gained about 361,000 registrations and 168,000 unique domain holders within six months. After the popularity of the ".bnb "domain name, SPACE ID launched version 2.0, and earlier this year Arbitrum launched the".arb "domain name service. Currently, the domain names ".bnb ", ".eth "and".arb "can be traded on the Space ID website.

SPACE ID 2.0 provides a one-stop Web3 domain and identity platform for discovering, registering, trading, and managing Web3 domains. It also includes a Web3 domain SDK & for developers across blockchain. API and a multi-link domain name service for everyone, making it easy for everyone to create a Web3 identity. It mainly supports the following four aspects:

1. Discovery: As a central hub, users can search for required domain names in all supported top-level domain names (TLDS) and discover popular domain name collections. It also supports automatic prompt, quick query of domain name registration status and other functions;

2. Registration: Users can register all Web3 domain names on the SPACE ID main network. ".bnb "and".eth "domain names will be the first two top-level domain names supported on the main network of the first version.

3.Trade: A market designed specifically for trading Web3 domain names with aggregated liquidity from other NFT markets such as OpenSea;

4. Management: A single integrated portal for managing the renewal, recording, and ownership of all Web3 domain names for users;

In addition, "One SDK for all" is also one of the main features of SPACE ID. This is designed to achieve architectural unity to simplify the integration of Web3 services, eliminating the need for developers to deal with multiple protocols, thereby saving time and reducing compatibility risks. In SPACE ID 2.0, the Web3 Name SDK has more power than ever before -- projects can leverage custom domain names to enable communities and partners to better interact with users.

SPACE ID 2.0 also adds an all-in-one API on top of the SDK to act as a more comprehensive platform for project parties to integrate Web3 services into any application, meaning that SPACE ID partners only need to integrate the Web3 Name SDK, You can connect to all the domain name data owned by the user.

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