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Will GNT MOOAR be the new game changer in the NFT market?

03-17 11:02
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Find Satoshi Lab, the developer behind STEPN, has launched GNT, an AIGC product for NFT. What are the opportunities and impact on the NFT market?

Will GNT MOOAR Be the New Game Changer in NFT Market?
Original article by 0x Jiaran

@mooarofficialJust announced that NFT will be launchedAIGCProduct GNT news. I am excited and looking forward to it after having a deep understanding of all aspects of the information. In my next tweets, I'll cover six areas in detail:

1. What is GNT?

2. Who can use GNT;

3. Influence on NFT market ecology;

4. Potential opportunities for MOOAR users;

5. Judging the technical strength of the team from GNT;

6. My expectations.

What is GNT?

GNT = Generate NFT Tool is the forthcoming NFT AIGC product from STEPN developer FSL (Find Satoshi Lab).

The official description is: GNT can provide users with one-stop service in the multi-chain NFT marketMOOAROn the creation and casting of NFT without the need for AI related knowledge or smart contract deployment process. A lot of people ask, what's the difference between this tool and generating NFT images yourself with sd or midjouney? With this question in mind, I carefully read the white paper and@mooarofficialAfter the official explanation of GNT, I came to the following conclusions:

Easier to use: prompt generators are available that may generate prompt words with a simple selection. Those of you who have played AIGC know that prompt words have a significant effect on generating images.

More vertical: Independently trained AI model for generating PFP type NFTs.

One-stop integration: Foolproof release of NFT, automatically complete smart contract deployment and chain. For now, only solana chain is available in the beta phase, but considering mooar is a multi-chain NFT launch and trading platform, there should be support for deployment in the futureETHOn the chain.


Who needs GNT?

What distinguishes NFT from small pictures is the value behind it, including exclusive digital ownership, social value, and other holding benefits (such as airdrops, privileges, etc.). So I think there will be three types of target audience:

Small community, DAO organization

Like our coffee running club@PaoKaDAOA few months ago, I was discussing possible solutions for Trands NFT to move Trands users from the inaccessible APP to the chain. Personally, I have tried many times to generate NFT using AIGC technology, but encountered many difficulties: no guarantee of design consistency, lack of knowledge of contract deployment, limited time and effort. The night the GNT news came out, Aqua@bitwater3There is a real need to "lower the barriers to creation and production and let project teams focus on the community and enabling applications of NFT," as the official put it.

Has gained fans and influencer/star/web2 brand

Now almost all of the PFP NFT projects are going IP narrative, and everyone wants to be the secondBAYCBut creating a brand out of thin air is a very difficult thing, by Shouting single, pull market to bring a wave of false prosperity always can not last, after fomo is the high level of the chive. Communities formed solely by the consensus of making money will soon become cold and dispersed because they no longer make money. My understanding is that if the reverse is true from the established brand/consensus community. If you hold the NFT, then the NFT will be much more willing to hold and much more valuable. As large as the Trump series NFT, as small as@t2_stepnforhttp://stepn-market.guidePublished NFT (I missed mint!) NFT allows individual influencers to form a better bond and connection with their fans. Writing this, I thought of Mr. Stephen Chow who recruited WEB3 talents on Instagram some time ago, and also thought of sharing eth trading and running shoes with his followers on twitter@HongKong__DollAnd lots of celebrities/influencers, big and small, with their own rabid fan bases... Hopefully, FSL will devote more of its business resources to finding influencers who want to enter web3 and help them better connect the community with GNT tools -- no more middlemen to make money, and a huge loop-breaking effect.

Individual users who want to have an NFT-like avatar

In December 2022, an app called Lensa AI implemented AIGC in the avatar generation vertical using dreambooth technology, proving people's need to pay for a good avatar. GNT may become one of the more vertical tracks in the avatar generation vertical -- generating your own NFT avatar. In fact, there are some social focused web3 products on the market that address this need and have some tentative implementations, such as@Leoninweb3the@CSpaceOfficialIt provides a tool for generating simple AIGC avatars and allows users to mint them on polygon. The other day,@cz_binanceBinance launched a similar system, Picasso, which crashed the same night it opened mint.@yawn_rongI mentioned in AMA that GNT will be better than this. I am looking forward to generating a unique NFT with strong style as my avatar.

Impact on the ecology of NFT

inAIGCAt the moment, GNT (Generate NFT Tool) may be inNFTsThe market set off a magnificent revolution! If authoring and publishing are no longer barriers and barriers, then all that remains is the enablement and value creation behind the project's side.

Some key points:

Break the barriers of creation

The low threshold AIGC technology allows users to easily navigate the creation and casting of NFT without AI knowledge or smart contract deployment experience.

Ignite the spark of innovation

Creators can focus on giving NFT practical functionality, transforming NFT from a simple collectible to a valuable asset with practical applications, inspiring market participants to explore new applications in art, music, games, physical authentication, etc., or helping the entire NFT market to new heights of innovation and prosperity.

BLUR has started to roll up the liquidity in the NFT market, and for now mooar doesn't seem to care whether its users are trading on opensea or Blur, but rather on the source creators of NFT. If GNT is useful enough, then it can be used as a series of applications in the FSL ecosystem platformGMTThere are new capabilities and applications.

(But as I said, the current transaction experience of mooar platform is not very good, often encountered display bugs, transaction history statistics and other things are not yet, NFt-based social, hope the team can work hard, here@Jerry10240)

Potential opportunities for MOOAR users

What we can see from the updated white paper is thatMOOARGive all one's strengthGMTEnabling, GMT in the Eco Fund will be used to give MOOAR users airdrops and lottery incentives, including:

1. Encourage useGMTtrade

2. Use GMT to vote for launch items.

3. Burn GMT to generate the NFTs of AIGC (using GNTS).

Isn't it a little bitBlurBonus airdrops for contributors?

For the first group of users mentioned in the second tweet, the first teams to use GNT will most likely reap the "top mine" dividends -- from having the most real, high-value non-masturbating users in the circleSTEPNCommunity incubation may be a new cold start.


Look at the technical strength of the team from GNT

@mooarofficialIt was mentioned in the official tweet that "we also developed and trained our own AI model." I wonder if you have any idea about the machines needed for AIGC training now. The A100 used for image training is about 120w at present. Their training at least have a 10 or 20, no point of technical strength and economic strength really can't do this. It also shows from the side that the team has abundant funds and strong technical strength,@Jerry10240and@yawn_rongIt's really running for the long haul.

Borrowed from a big guy I saw on Twitter@RealPabloHemanComment on that: Good to see@StepnofficialGMT still working hard during the Bear market!

Still rememberSTEPNThe AI anti-cheat system using edge computing was released last year and should have been in the works at that timeAISee? That was a blind guessGNTMost likely from the same AI technical team.

So, peace of mind.

My expectation

It wasn't better taxis that beat taxis. It was ChatGPT, not better translation software, that beat DeepL.

The leader of an industry is not necessarily defeated by a competitor within the same industry, and may be replaced by a company from another industry with a different business model or technological approach.

Which brings me to Lensa AI.

The European and American image editing circuit has already been a red sea, the competition is extremely fierce. Lensa broke through with AIGC's ability to mass-generate magic Avatars and hit # 1 on Apple's app chart in December 2022, with 12.6 million installs worldwide in the first 11 days of December. That's a 600% increase from $1.8 million and $8 million in revenue in December alone, fueling the popularity of other AI photo editing apps on Apple's App Store. (Data source:BusinessofApps)

  People ask all the time. How can MOOAR compete with Opensea and Blur on this track? I thought maybeGNTisMOOARHanded over an answer, with and 2022STEPNSame breaking potential, let's wait and see!

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