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After studying 19 EIP, 9 future directions of NFT are summarized

03-21 15:30
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We can imagine that as NFT becomes a sovereign chain entity, anyone will be free to establish NFT's intellectual property.
原文标题:《 ABCDE: After studying all EIPs, we summarized 9 future directions of NFTs 》

Original article by ABCDE
Ten articles, Odaily Planet

ERC-721  In   2018  Year   1  The month was created when some had already appeared on the chain. NFT  Experiment. But no one could have predicted that it would lead to the birth and release of NFT ecology. NFT  The potential for application. PFP and GameFi NFT will be the main Web3 stage in 2021 and 2022, which we're excited to see. NFT  The next stage of growth.

Increasing innovation and standardization initiatives are further driving NFT. In this article, we will analyze the latest   EIPs (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) and refining NFT  nbsp; 9  A future direction.

1. Permission enabled   NFT

We have been following it until now. NFT  A model of each   NFT  Each has an owner field in the metadata, representing one of its owners. However, a single owner configuration can result in the use of   NFT  Lack of flexibility. If the owner wants to rent it out. NFT  What about the practicability of If the publisher wants to limit the total   NFT  How about giving its audience wide access to its service? This leads us to permit-enabled   NFTs.

By enabling permissions, we mean in   NFT  A way to generalize permissions. A   NFT  There can be an owner, but there can also be fields dedicated to potential rights holders, loyalty givers, and so on. Eg. We can put the NFT  The utility is broken down into specific parts for different players to get the most out of.

Ip-4400 introduces   NFT  By creating permissions for non-owners, enabling them to enjoy the given. NFT  The benefits of example. The primary use case comes from the meta-universe: landowners can authorize consumers to use their land. It hints at the potential to leverage additional characters to enable an   based; NFT  Rental market and   NFT  Benefit-user relationships in revenue farms.

Ip-4907 proposed leaseable   NFT  The concept of It's in. ERC-721  The contract includes user fields and expiration fields so as to be in a. NFT  Internal implementation of a fine owner-beneficiary relationship. With this improvement, a person can easily rent one out. NFT  Or authorize others to use it. IP. In this. EIP  Before, NFT  The holder must transfer. NFT  To initiate the lease and carefully calculate the security required to protect his or her ultimate title. This model is not the safest and can lead to problems. NFT  The lease market behaves like the options market: if   NFT  The lender has the option of waiving the guarantee and getting paid. NFT  The upside.

Ip-5023 creates an interface for creating a pool shared by multiple owners. NFT, called shareable   Student: NFT. The current reference implementation emits a shared event based on the given tok  ID  To mint a new token and transfer it to the receiver. The implementation isn't perfect, but it points to a future. Ownership can be refined to each specific function or function module. The owner can share. NFT  The same or different parts of the rights granted. In addition, it can cope with the current contradiction between supply and demand: Scarcity and limited supply are needed to stabilize market prices, however. Should be shared and therefore accessible to all. By shareable   NFT, such as music   NFT  's application may achieve the goal of retaining price appreciation while providing access to all fans through sharing features.

In short, we expect permission enabled. NFT  In the rental market application, looking forward to. NFTFi  Variants, as well as through   NFT  Distribute fan products.

2. Relationship enabled   NFT

Except in   NFT  In addition to innovation in terms of multiple owners and users, there is an urgent need to implement multiple. NFT  Bundled functions that belong to the same owner. In a game, the value or output of a group of assets can be much higher than that of a single item. In a metaverse, one might want to teleport between multiuniverses and still be able to access its assets in a compatible format. If nbsp; NFT  Available in   ERC-721  Combine contracts, applications and chains, and there will be a huge market through. NFTFi  Unlock the value balance.

EIP-5606  Proposed multiverse   NFT  To implement multiple correlations on different platforms. NFT  The generic representation of As a single asset, it enables users to bind and unbind anything. NFT  To support collection needs and practicality. It can define the relationships between assets and their relational nature to achieve better interoperability across chains and across universes.

Ip-6059 will bundle   NFT  It is further extended to be nested under parent control   NFT, which is in the bundle   NFT  A relational layer has been added. It controls the parent by specifying. NFT  nbsp; EOA  And all children   NFT  The tree structure provides better clarity for bundling. It can support bundling, standardized collections, on-chain membership, and delegation for enhancement. NFT  Collection experience   NFT  Practical potential.

EIP-6150  Stratification   NFT  Is similar to a file system in an operating system. It can be more accurate to the   NFT  Hierarchy Hierarchies and levels. In addition, it proposes standardization to set permissions for each layer of each hierarchy to achieve better. NFT  Permission operation.

EIP-6220  Create composable slots with fixed and customizable slots. NFT, can make   NFT  Combine directly into a utility or trading asset. It can support a game application with a standardized way to equip characters, or anything. DApps  Use a combination of   NFT  To create new user experiences or assets.

3. NFT  As a staging tool

The Token has been a vehicle for investors and early backers to receive shares and returns in the project. However, there has been more short-term hype than support for healthy ecosystem growth. It is difficult for projects to use encrypted local methods to formulate a fair share allocation, or for the average person to do so. ERC-721  To easily create step-by-step ownership statements. Attribution   NFT  Can be the solution, it has huge potential to expand to a variety of applications, moving traditional financing onto the blockchain.

EIP-5725  创建了可转让的解锁 NFT 接口,可以按照一定时间释放底层 Token 。这意味着 NFT 是解锁 Token 的载体,或者可以按照预定曲线进行解锁,以达到其最终使用价值。

EIP-5753  提出了一种可锁定的 NFT 扩展,以在锁定期间禁用 Token 转移。这可以在 Defi 借贷或收益农场中实现更安全的 NFT 抵押。持有人可以选择将 NFT 锁定在自己的账户下,而不是将其存入外部合约,以达到相同的结果,但协议风险更小,不易丢失 NFT。

We look forward to more financial structures being created. NFT  Inclusive and enrich the entire blockchain market.

4. NFT  As a practical tool

In addition to being a viable grant tool, NFT  It is also used as a utility to support gaming applications and club memberships. NFT  What is the potential for practical value? We expect unlimited utility, inheriting user behavior and characteristics from Web2. New   EIP  Be put forward for support. NFT  The practical value of

EIP-5050  建议 NFT 应该通过行动消息和发现协议去定义相互交互的方式。这可以使创建者不断与持有者交互,或使游戏连接到其 NFT 角色。此外,它预示着 NFT 可能成为用户相互交互并将 NFT 用作电话或社交媒体的连接节点。 Token 合同将可被应用程序发现和使用,以便游戏和其他应用程序可以有一个与 NFT 互动的层。

EIP-5643  Put forward subscription   NFT to embed the due and repeat payment plans for valid subscriptions. It will be   NFT  Issuers provide a steady stream of revenue, rather than relying entirely on loyalty fees that fluctuate in transactions. That means. NFT  Creators can focus on developing sustainable business models, rather than focusing on driving them. NFT  And cause   FOMO  To earn income. In addition, it will help users easily manage their subscriptions and be able to gain support for promising projects early on. NFT  To gain capital gains.

5. NFT  As an identity token

灵魂绑定 Token 和命名服务一直是链上身份表示的流行方式。它们都依赖于 NFT 来承载身份,并代表身份的独特特征和财产。EIP 一直在增加对 SBT 及其生态系统的支持,同时我们期望 zkID 技术堆栈,即链上隐私保护身份的技术堆栈,将很快准备就绪,并在 EIP 标准化管道中。

SBT 最初在 EIP-4671  中提出,旨在创建非交易型 Token 作为持有和成就的证明。它被开发为由一个机构发放的证书,不能被撤销或转让。然而,EIP-4671 未能成为以太坊的标准,被搁置了。它并没有消弭 SBT 的热情,反而在 SBT 领域启动了更直接的开发和 EIP。

Ip-5192 proposes soul binding. NFT  The minimum interface to implement   SBT  Standardization of wallet implementation and transfer functions. It points the way to. SBT  The simplest path to the specification interface. This is the present. ERC  On   SBT  The current standard. By standardizing, we'll see more developers use it. SBT, and more. SBT  Creation of oriented applications and utilities.

6. NFT  For richer content

At present, NFT  You need to rely on external storage for preservation. PFP  Or other media, which has led to display and use in various metauniverses and markets. NFT  Interoperability issues may arise because linked files may exist in different formats or may not be available. In our opinion, the future NFT  Itself will be able to accommodate richer content for use in any mediation platform and multiverse.

EIP-4955  Is to improve with more content. NFT  Step one: Vendor metadata extension. It is simply   NFT  Metadata adds a new field so that vendors are free to store application-specific   JSON  Data, and NFT  Markets and metacomes can be leveraged by presenting custom metadata. Student: NFT. For example, metadata can include   NFT  Custom 3D representations or other properties of

EIP-5489  Proposed hyperlink extension for all   NFT  Clickable functionality has been added to direct the user to the specified web page. If nbsp; NFT  To be the main media and information carrier in the Web3 world. There needs to be an alternative way to attach more content than is on the chain. The hyperlink standard is an important step towards any kind of information dissemination.

EIP-5773  Specifies an interface for a multi-asset token, with context-dependent asset types. Each   NFT  It can be displayed in the corresponding format according to the access mode, such as   PDF  Files are displayed in e-reader format, 3D model assets are displayed in game format, etc. Embed various assets in different contexts directly. NFT  Can create a smoother, more fulfilling user experience.

Richer content can be fully promoted. NFT  ". It is   NFT  The user experience creates a larger surface area and can lead to more innovation and use cases.

7. NFT of physical assets

An important step towards achieving widespread adoption of blockchain is to bridge the physical world and the blockchain world. digi-physical is a common term used to describe the combination of digital and physical experiences and assets. NFT  Is a promising vehicle for the digital-physical relationship between products and services.

EIP-4519  It is proposed through   NFTs  Represents an interface to physical assets and has the ability to generate or restore accounts. It will. NFTs  Associated with unique physical assets to implement applications related to physical sensors and assets. The specification is a strong indication of achieving full integration of physical assets into blockchain encryption schemes, although more work is needed to achieve full physical layer integration with blockchain.

EIP-5700  You can bind and trace to a unique asset via a token, which can create useful   NFT  Bundled physical assets. For example, it could be microchipped clothing or digitally registered real estate assets. The standard also supports   NFT  Composability by giving   ERC-721  And   ERC-1155  The ability to contract bind to support a unique or non-unique physical asset.

8. With advanced metrics   NFTFi

With the increasing of authority, relationship, lockup period, practical value and other aspects of NFT, the valuation and trading of NFT need more elaborate mechanism to reflect the market's different valuation of the value of each part of NFT. The continuous progress and enrichment of EIP shows the evolution of NFTFi. In the future, there will be more levels of detail and more refined user experience, but also more difficult tasks to ensure smooth user experience.

We see that future NFTS require and facilitate the emergence of better markets, trading options, and yield farm algorithms.

9. NFT  As   EOA (Externally Owned Account)

And finally, It can be its own entity. It can serve as the holder's wallet, identity, or in general. EOA. This can limit a person's tracking and establishment on the chain. NFT  The history and reputation, and make many more. NFT  Ownership structures become possible.

EIP-6066  It is standardized. NFT  Signature verification method for easy verification   ERC-721  And   ERC-1155  The signature of the contract. It essentially expands. NFT  From an asset to own, to one with the ability to interact, pay and approve transactions. EOA. NFT  You can become a manager or character in the Web3 world, enriching the current ownership experience.

We can imagine that with the development of NFT  To become a sovereign chain entity, free to be established by anyone. NFT  Intellectual property rights. In addition, use relationship or permission enabled   EIP  Scheme, users can create hierarchical signatures or in a brand new way with   NFT  Bundle interaction.

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