How to Approve an ARB contract in advance?

23-03-21 15:29
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The ARB claim will be opened at block height 16890400 underBlock countdownBeijing time is expected to be this Thursday evening. Some scientists have already "pre-started" (as of press release, there have been over 7,000 addresses interacting with ARB contracts in advance), because according to the experience of previous airdrop, fomo sentiment will push up the price of the Token early in the open trading. So how can the average user not lag behind the scientist user, as much as possible with the scientist on the chain to place orders? BlockBeats has put together a way to pre-authorize ARB tokens.

Operation procedure

According to the ARB Token official contract address recently announced by Arbitrum in Discord:


1. Search for ARB Token contracts through the Arbiscan blockchain browser.

2. Read the contract, connect to the wallet, and click approve Contract for editing.

3. Enter the call contract address spender and the quantity function amount

Uniswap, for example, if authorized the Uniswap platform, then fill in the 0 x000000000022d473030f116ddee9f6b43ac78ba3 (Uniswap Permit2 contract address), which is the contract each time a new Token is approved.

The unit256 hash function is required, so fill in:


4. Finally, click Write, MetaMask pops up a confirmation window, and set the upper limit of user-defined ARB expenditure.

(Older versions of MetaMask don't need to fill in custom spending caps)

Click OK to complete the authorization. The transaction records are shown below.

Finally, BlockBeats reminds users to pay attention to the risks when receiving airdrop and subsequent operations. All links and information must be obtained from official documents, do not believe any third-party "jump start" script, and protect their private keys to avoid unnecessary losses.

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