StarkNet nanny level interactive tutorial

23-03-21 16:08
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原文标题:《 StarkNet 主网一条龙保姆级交互教程 》
Original article by AllenGeGe

Starknet has been out of the possible snapshot of the message, do not necessarily have but do not do must not.

First create a wallet for starknet Mainnet.

Argent X  Raise 40 million or nbsp;Braavos Wallet  One of two ways to raise $10 million.    

I'm going to do ArgentX here

1. Official cross-chain bridge, must do

Open  Official cross-link bridge click connect metamask

Then click on Starknet Wallet to connect to ArgentX Wallet

The display is successful

Click Deposit, enter the amount to be deposited, and click transfer to deposit into stark Main Network

Here is the end of the official cross-chain bridge, waiting for the account

2. Dexswap. The three operations are similar

It is recommended that each swap interact at least once and perform differentiated interactions




ArgentX Wallet integrates Jediswap, which allows you to swap directly in the wallet

Swap and Pool

Pool option to do, sufficient funds or recommendations to do, increase the data on the chain


Decide for yourself whether mint a domain name, the cheapest is 0.009e a year DYOR!

Enter the mint domain name you want

4.NFT market

Create an NFT in both markets and put it on the shelves

Choose any mint NFT for sale

Same with Mint Square

5.Orbiter Cross-chain Bridge dest=ZKSync

Use Orbiter to span to ZKS if you are also interacting with zks

Because it takes seven or eight hours to span back to ETH chain with official bridge and second confirmation, we choose Orbiter

It is recommended that a certain amount of money be kept on stark Mainnet, and it is recommended that ARBs check the on-chain balance once a week, so pay attention!! Mainnet interaction has a certain gas cost, DYOR

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