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原文标题:《 Qualify in ZkSync Airdrop- Complete Guide sync 交互教程 》

Original article by Airdropverse
Crush, "Biteye" community

Miss Arbitrum, don't miss this opportunity for ZkSync (main net + test net)!

01 Brief Introduction

ZkSync is a Layer 2 Ethereum extension solution built on top of Zk Rollup. In short, it helps save users on-chain Gas costs and is faster than Layer 1.

The project has raised $458 million, led by some of the biggest venture capitalists, such as Blockchain Captital and A16z.


That means ZkSync airdrops could be worth a lot of money, and they could happen soon, because the crypto market is getting better and it's a good time to launch their tokens.

02 How do I qualify for ZkSync Airdrop?

All of these standards are guesses, and ZkSync is probably a snapshot done, so do your own research before investing.

Main network task

Use the official bridge to cross the chain in the trading platform to make transactions Foundry NFT browse all available dAppGitcoin donations

Test network task

Receive the test coins and interact with the available apps in the network to experience the features of these APP products and experiences

Join Crew3

Complete all missions in Crew3

Please set up your wallet before you begin

1. Go here :

2. Connect your wallet

3. Select Include test network

4. Search for "ZkSync" and click "Add to Metamask" to add the two networks.


03 ZkSync Main Network Task

Arbitrum 最近通过在 Arbitrum 主网上的交易和交易量来分配 Token ,向几乎所有的用户进行了空投。

Zksync mainnet is up and they can take the same approach, so let's see what we can do with mainnet.

Use the official bridge to cross the chain

1. Visit here:

2. Connect the wallet and click "Top up"; Top up


3. Scroll to the bottom and select "ZkSync"


4. Cross-link some ETH from Ethereum main network to Zksync main network


Note: Since you are operating on the main network, this will cost you a Gas fee of around $2-3.

Casting NFT

1. Visit here:

2. Log in with your GitHub account

3. Click upload and select any image

4. Click 'upload' to upload it

5. Copy your file CID (see screenshot below)


6. Visit here:

7. Connect your wallet

8. Click on "Mint NFT" and then "Sign Account Activation"


9. Paste the CID number you copied in the content address box

10. Click "Mint NFT"


11. Click "Procced to Mint" to continue casting, then confirm at Metamask


12. Wait a few minutes to complete the transaction

04 Browse DApps on the main network

There are only a few DApps available, and using them can increase your chances of getting an airdrop.

Orbiter Finance

1. Visit the link: dest=ZKSync

2. Perform ETH cross-link between the Ethereum main network and the Zksync main network

3. Cross-link again from ZkSync to Ethereum

Note: Orbiter supports multiple chains, but in most cases please use Ethereum mainnet.

(Note: ETH in ZkSync can be returned to the main network without cross-linking, please note that in addition to the individual interactive Orbiter, please use the official bridge for cross-linking.)


Trade on ZigZag

Zigzag recently conducted an airdrop to the community congratulating all eligible users. Don't stop trading on Zigzag, this will help with ZkSync airdrops.

1. Visit the link: network=zksync

2. Connect your wallet

3. Do some deals on the main ZkSync network


Note: You can increase the volume of Zksync mainnet by making a few transactions each week, which will help.

05Gitcoin Donation

Many of us have tried to use the Zksync main website to donate to Gitcoin before, but the new issue is not open for now. If there are new fundraising activities in the future, we can donate some more funds through Zksync.

(Note: If you've never interacted with Gitcoin through ZkSync, you can still use ZkSync to donate to Gitcoin, even without a fundraiser. Welcome to support our public welfare project Chaineye:

06 Test network tasks

我们从一开始就在关注他们的测试网任务,他们的 Zkync Era Georli 测试网现在已经上线了。让我们使用它,并希望他们也将为测试网用户提供一些空投 Token 。

领取测试 Token

1. Visit the link:

2. Connect your wallet

3. 点击「Request Faucets」并发推特以领取测试 Token

Note: If the ZkSync Era Georli test coins are not available, you can use the following address to collect them.


1. Visit the link:

2. 通过粘贴您的钱包地址领取以太坊 Georli 测试网 Token

Use all the important features on this page

1. Access link:

2. Cross-link some ETH from Ethereum Geroli test net to ZkSync Era test net


Note: It takes some time to cross chains, so be patient.

3. Click "wallet" after completing the cross-link

4. Transfer some funds to any other wallet

5. Receive some funds from any other wallet


07 Explore DApps in Era Georli test network

ZkSync Era 测试网中有许多 DEX,但我会建议您使用没有自己 Token 的某些 DEX。因此,我们也可以有资格获得他们自己的空投。


We've shared this project before, and I think most of our users already have Travaera 1.0 citizenship on the main Web. You can use this ID to play games and earn Karma Points on the main net.

Travaera 2.0 is launched on the ZkSync Beta Network, and you can still cast Citizenship and Guardian NFT on the Beta network, and play games to earn Karma Points on the Beta network.

Let's go straight to work!

1. Visit the link:

2. Connect your wallet

3. Forge citizenship and Guardian NFT

Note: You will need to have ETH on the ZkSync Geroli test net to cast citizenship and on the Ethereum Georli Test net to cast Guardian NFT.


4. After casting, click "PLAY GAME"


5. This game is very simple and fun, and the better you play it, the more Karma Points you will earn.

6. 可能未来可以将这些 Karma Points 转换为主网 Token


1. Visit this website:

2. Receive Synswap test coins

3. Then, use all available features such as:

交换 Token 在流动性池中选择交易对添加和移除流动性


4. Visit this page:

5. Join Discord:

6. Get Guild roles

1. Visit this website:

2. Connect with the ZkSync Era Georli wallet

3. Use all available features

Convert ETH to Mute tokens and other tokens to provide/remove liquidity for all possible currency pairs



1. Visit this website:

2. Use all available features

交换 Token 跨链 Token 使用 Farm 并提供流动性铸造 NFT 等


3. Join Crew3:

4. Complete all available tasks on Crew3

08 Add ZkSync Crew3

1. Visit this website:

2. Join Discord:

3. Follow Twitter:

4. Complete all available and upcoming missions on Crew3

Important: Stay active on the main network and test network every week or at least two weeks.

Translator supplement

This article does a good job of summarizing most of the projects worth interacting with in ZkSync, including the mainnet and Testnet projects, but keep the following interaction points in mind to prevent witch attacks during interaction:

1) High-frequency and monthly continuous interaction;

2) Multi-protocol interaction;    

3) Guaranteed number of transactions (transaction records can be found at      

4) For the sake of safety, do not put too many assets in the interactive account, and can appropriately retain small assets after the interaction;

In addition to the projects mentioned in this article, Biteye has prepared a detailed list of interactions.

For details, click the image below:


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