Miss the Arbitrum airdrop and can zero masturbate the ZetaChain

23-03-22 15:06
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Miss ARB airdrop, don't worry, Crypto industry will always have opportunities, as long as you have the execution ability to get the next opportunity, this article will introduce a good project - ZetaChain.

ZetaChain Profile

ZetaChain is a decentralized L1 blockchain with built-in cross-chain interoperability designed to connect all blockchains. The team will reward approved qualified participants who actively contribute to the test network, its official said recently.

No funding information has been released, but Delphi Digital, The Spartan Group, Amber Group and a number of large VCS have been observed following ZetaChain's official social media feeds, suggesting that these VCS are likely to invest in ZetaChain.

Overall, ZetaChain is a project worth interacting with right now.

ZetaChain interactive tutorial

Test net interaction first (cross-chain swap)

We need some Goerli ETH;

Added a little Fox.Mumbai testnet  Network;

Application  MATIC test coin, need to retweet;

Enter  Zeta  Website, click Get ZETA, verify and authorize Twitter and connect to Ethereum accounts;

(BlockBeats note: It takes more than one month to sign up for Twitter)

Click Get  ZETA test coin;

If you do not receive a ZETA, there is another way to go through itOfficial DC  Faucet ZETA Go to the official DC and verify. Click on the "zeta faucet" channel and enter "Zeta faucet drip" followed by "wallet address" to receive ZETA test coins.

Next do Swap and click to enterOfficial website, select tMATIC from Goerli to Polygon Mumbai for ZETA Swap via Cross-Chain Swap, click wallet to confirm;

(BlcokBeats Note: this cross-chain Swap requires higher gETH as Gas)

Next switch the network to Polygon Mumbai and Swap some tMATIC across the chain to BSC Testnet's tBNB (normally this would take a few minutes).

After the completion of this process, you will get certain points, which can be done several times a week to increase the account points.

GALXE website

Go next.GALXE website  claim OAT, select the Available OAT to claim;

After that, there are still two Oats that cannot be claimed. You need to fill in the Google Email and Ethereum addresses, and claim them by completing quiz. They are:

-ZETA Assimilated 101 OAT  quiz: 4134124

-ZETA Assimilated 201 OAT  quiz, Answer: 3122432

By answering the question, you can claim the corresponding OAT after verification.

Zeta  Crew 3

Complete its Crew 3 mission and enter it.Crew 3, complete the task as required to receive points.


Access to its social aggregation platform  Guild  And verify.


For now, ZetaChain has confirmed that it will reward test net participants by simply tapping your finger to do at least a certain number of test net cross-chain swaps per week or per month to keep you active and increase your score.

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