Arbitrum Nova Novice Guide (with list of major ecological projects)

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原文标题:《 Arbitrum Nova 新手指南(附主要生态项目列表) 》
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Katie Koo, Odaily Planet

With   ARB  Eg. As the airdrop approached, people began to react. Arbitrum  The ecosystem pays close attention. Today, let's take a look. Arbitrum  One of its main products -- gaming and social focused. Arbitrum Nova  Chain.

Many of you have heard of it. Arbitrum One, but   Arbitrum Nova doesn't read much. The purpose of this derivative L2 is to simplify transactions involving a large number of transactions. Web3 gaming and social applications. In this article, we will take new people to get a feel for it. Arbitrum Nova.

(1) Last week The long-awaited governance token was officially released. ARB, the token will be paid in   3  Month   23  Online daily. It is worth noting that one of the eligibility criteria for airdrops is in the Arbitrum Nova  There are some transactions going on.

Arbitrum Nova 新手指南(附主要生态项目列表)

ARB  Will be used for administration. Arbitrum  Ecosystem, including   Arbitrum  One  And   Arbitrum  Nova  And others. Arbitrum  Chain. Take into account   Arbitrrum  The ecosystem is just beginning to develop, so it's very important. multi-rollup  The first building block of the core -- Arbitrum  Nova  Will flourish and generate plenty of opportunities.

What is   Arbitrum Nova?

2022  Year   6  (1) A month ago It was launched. Arbitrum  Nova, which is based on its   AnyTrust  Technology's new L2 rollup, which is optimized for ultra-low cost transactions and strong security guarantees. Self   2022  Year   8  For a month or so Dedicated to promoting gaming and social applications, while popular. Arbitrrum One L2 continues to be widely supported. DeFi  And   NFT  The project.

Arbitrum  Nova  And   Arbitrum  One  The key difference is how transaction data is handled. Although nbsp; Arbitrum One  Has been bulking all its transaction data onto Ethereum, but Nova  Use Data Availability Joint Organizations (DAC) to dramatically reduce costs, only in   DAC  Data is placed on the chain when it fails to perform its function.

This kind of nbsp; DAC  Method to make   Arbitrum  Nova  Make it ideal for projects with high transaction expectations, such as games where new items are frequently created or social platforms with multiple on-chain interactions. In addition, L2's creators plan to implement more improvements to further reduce transaction costs.

Arbitrum Nova  Current on-chain activity

Arbitrum Nova 新手指南(附主要生态项目列表)

Analyze services according to extended solutions   L  2B  Arbitrum Nova  It is currently the first in the crypto economy. 15  Large L2, total locked value (TVL) is   1050  Ten thousand dollars. Of course, as with Arbitrum One  The scale pales in comparison. Arbitrum  One  It is the largest L2 by far, with a 38.5 & have spent A hundred million dollars. TVL, but   Arbitrum  Nova  In the past month. 100  Ten thousand deals are not to be sniffed at.

At present   Arbitrum  Nova  The largest application running on DEX  Sushiswap. So if you need to do anything on L2. Swap, then   Sushiswap  That's your main starting point right now. Today, however, Nova  The most interesting narrative is the rise of its upstarts in games and social apps. For example, social news aggregator giants. Reddit  Is transitioning its community points system to   Nova.

Arbitrum Nova 新手指南(附主要生态项目列表)

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Use   Arbitrum Nova  Portal  Portal search   APP

If you are interested in discovering and searching currently on. Arbitrum Nova  On a series of applications, then. Arbitrum  Nova  Portal  Portals are a great ecosystem resource. It shows potential projects currently available or under development in all major cryptocurrency categories, from cross-chain Bridges to wallets.

Arbitrum Nova 新手指南(附主要生态项目列表)

Through this portal, we can easily identify what has been or is being done. Nova  Early games and social apps to build stores on.

So far, these applications include:

Game applications:

Battle for Goblin Town



The Legend of Eros


Rocket Monsters

The Damned Pirate Society

Town Story

Social apps:


Rogue Network

Remember, arbiter Noval  The portal pays close attention to a variety of categories from cross-chain Bridges to wallets, and it can satisfy you about. Nova  Most of the information requirements of the application.

Other; Arbitrum Nova  Application program

Arbitrum Nova 新手指南(附主要生态项目列表)

From   Treasure  nbsp; Trove  nbsp; Arbitrum One  On the leading   NFT  Market, which it currently supports. Arbitrum  Nova  ". Arbitrum  Nova  The app scene is still fairly primitive, but if you want to use it in the Max   Arbitrum NFT  Market when "surfing", just use. Trove  The Network button is available from Ethereum or   Arbitrum  One  Switch to   Nova.

In addition, it is currently available in   Arbitrum  Nova  Some other things to consider. NFT  Projects include   Zonic, a covering   Optimism  And   Arbitrum  Chain   NFT  Market, and   NiftyKit, a no code   NFT  Casting Solution, it has just been added to the pair in   Arbitrum  Nova  Upper casting   NFT  Series support.

Use   Arbitrum Nova  What is needed

To start using   Arbitrum Nova, please first choose Ethereum wallet, such as   MetaMask, Coinbase  wallet  Or   WalletConnect. As a result of Arbitrrum Nova  Compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), virtually any Ethereum wallet can become. Arbitrum Nova  A wallet.

Next, you need to use   Chainlist  The tool will   Arbitrum Nova  The network adds to your wallet the network you're looking for. ID  Is   42170  .

Finally, you need some. ETH  To pay you in. Arbitrum Nova  Transaction costs on If you have it on the Ethereum network. ETH, where you can transfer funds to a cross-chain bridge. Arbitrum Nova  Use on.

Transfer assets across chains to Arbitrum Nova

Arbitrum Nova 新手指南(附主要生态项目列表)

If you want to transfer Ethereum-based assets such as   ETH  And   ERC  20  Token) to   Arbitrum Nova  Or from   Arbitrum Nova  Transfer out, you can consider using   Arbitrum  Primary cross-chain bridge system. Simply enter the amount you want to transfer, select the required transaction chain, use your wallet to confirm the transaction, and then you will be available immediately in   Arbitrum Nova  Trade on the Internet.


Arbitrum Nova  Is a new L2 extension solution tailored to handle the high volume of Web3 game and social application transactions. Nova  From   Arbitrum One; arbitrum one; arbitrum one; Nova  Brings new features such as data availability Joint Organizations (DAC) to reduce transaction costs.

although Arbitrum Nova  Still "finding its feet", but as its ecosystem begins to embrace more gaming, social and... NFT  Project, Arbitrum Nova  Is gaining some early momentum. With the continuous progress of technology, explore. Arbitrum Nova  The experience currently offered to users. Arbitrum  Opportunities at the forefront of ecosystems that have the potential to capture future growth opportunities.

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