Upcoming events this week: Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to implement new regulations for virtual asset trading starting from June 1st; Optimism unlocks approximately $278 million worth of OP.

23-05-28 19:00
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Selected Events:

The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong: Implements regulations for the supervision of virtual asset trading from June 1st.

Optimism will unlock approximately $278 million worth of OP tokens on May 31st.

The Sui ecosystem's Web3 game, Abyss World, will conduct its IDO on Polygon on June 1st.

BitMEX will launch BitMEX Hong Kong for its users in Hong Kong.

May 29th

BitMEX will launch BitMEX Hong Kong for Hong Kong users. Starting from May 29th, Hong Kong users will not be able to access the BitMEX website or API.

The cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX will launch BitMEX Hong Kong for Hong Kong users as a transitional service when applying for a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license. BitMEX stated that starting from May 29, 2023, Hong Kong users will no longer be able to access the BitMEX website or API, and all account balances will be transferred to BitMEX Hong Kong accounts. Users will need to access these services through the new BitMEX Hong Kong mobile app.

In addition, starting from May 29, 2023, the existing BitMEX trading platform will no longer accept any new Hong Kong users, and Hong Kong users will only be able to open accounts through the dedicated BitMEX Hong Kong mobile app.

Reuters: SBF demands US judge dismiss criminal charges, prosecutors must respond to Bankman-Fried's dismissal request by May 29

According to Reuters, former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) on Monday requested a US judge to dismiss criminal charges against him. In a filing submitted to the Manhattan federal court, SBF's lawyers argued that several of the charges failed to properly state a criminal offense. Prosecutors must respond to Bankman-Fried's dismissal request by May 29, and US District Judge Lewis Kaplan will hear arguments on June 15.

Mysten Labs: Starting from May 15th, 11 game developers will gradually launch games on the Sui network

May 30th

GnosisDAO proposes to swap at least 50% of the treasury's stETH for rETH, with the voting deadline on May 30th.

GnosisDAO community has initiated a new proposal, suggesting that Gnosis DAO commits to transferring at least 50% of its stETH holdings to rETH over time. This GIP aims to guide Karpatkey, the Gnosis treasury manager, to take action to reduce reliance on stETH and introduce additional rETH in its DeFi strategy, to lower the risk for the DAO and support decentralized Ethereum staking. The voting deadline for this proposal is May 30th, 01:48.

May 31st

Optimism will unlock approximately $278 million worth of OP tokens on May 31st.

Optimism will unlock 154,618,822.65 OP tokens on May 31, worth approximately $278 million, accounting for 3.6% of the total supply. Of these, 81,604,379 OP tokens will be unlocked for core contributors, and 73,014,444 OP tokens will be unlocked for investors.

DCG will close its bulk brokerage business unit TradeBlock on May 31.

According to CoinDesk, Digital Currency Group (DCG) is set to shut down its institutional trading platform TradeBlock on May 31. A spokesperson for the department stated that "due to the overall economic situation and the continued cryptocurrency winter, as well as the challenging regulatory environment for digital assets in the United States, we have decided to stop our institutional trading platform business." The cryptocurrency enterprise group suffered losses of over $1 billion last year. TradeBlock was acquired by CoinDesk in 2020 and later spun off as an independent business. CoinDesk retained the purchased index data business (renamed as CoinDesk Index), while the rest of the business was divested as TradeBlock.

Uniswap community's "Temperature Check" vote on deploying V3 to Fantom will end on May 31st.

BlockBeats News, on May 25th, the Snapshot voting page shows that the Uniswap community is conducting a temperature check vote on the proposal to "deploy Uniswap V3 to Fantom", and the current support rate is 100%. The vote will end on May 31st. The proposal aims to use the cross-chain interoperability protocol Axelar to deploy Uniswap to Fantom, to take advantage of current market opportunities and strengthen Uniswap's position in the DeFi field.

Cosmos ecosystem Neutron's token NTRN will be issued and the liquidity auction will end on May 31st.

Cosmos ecosystem Neutron announced its Token NTRN issuance plan: airdrop to Cosmos Hub stakers starting on May 24th; liquidity auction from May 24th to May 31st; liquidity auction participants can choose to participate in liquidity mining from May 31st to June 5th; NTRN issuance plan ends on June 5th, and tokens from airdrop and liquidity auction will begin linear release within three months. Locked tokens will still have voting rights, and liquidity mining rewards can be withdrawn immediately.

BlockBeats previously reported that on May 12th, Neutron, the Cosmos ecosystem's permissionless CosmWasm smart contract platform, went live on the mainnet, becoming the first Cosmos blockchain to launch using "Replication Security".

Subversive Capital plans to close and liquidate its Metaverse ETF on May 31st.

According to PR Newswire, investment advisory firm Subversive Capital Advisor announced that its board of directors has decided to immediately close and liquidate its Subversive Metaverse ETF on May 31, 2023.

Christian H. Cooper, portfolio manager of Subversive, stated that the creation of the Metaverse ETF was previously misguided by Meta's focus, and given the rapid development of more promising technologies such as artificial intelligence, the company has decided to change its investment direction.

June 1st

Huobi will launch Huobi HK for Hong Kong users

The encrypted trading platform Huobi will launch Huobi HK for Hong Kong users and is ready to provide users with a variety of cryptocurrency trading services. Starting from June 1st, users can buy, sell, and hold mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, as well as other major cryptocurrencies listed in independent indexes through Huobi HK.

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission: Implementing regulations for virtual asset trading supervision from June 1st

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission website shows that the consultation period for proposed regulatory measures for virtual asset trading platform operators applying for licenses from the Securities and Futures Commission ended on March 31, 2023. Respondents generally supported the proposed regulatory measures for licensed virtual asset trading platforms. The revised proposed regulatory measures will take effect on June 1, 2023.

Japan will implement stricter anti-money laundering measures for cryptocurrencies starting from June 1st.

According to a report by Kyodo News, the Japanese Cabinet plans to implement stricter anti-money laundering measures starting from June 1st. A key feature of the new framework is the implementation of Travel Rules, a strategy for anti-money laundering on the basis of necessary confidentiality, in order to better track criminal proceeds. The rule requires financial institutions that handle the transfer of cryptocurrency assets to pass on customer information to the next institution, including the names and addresses of the sender and recipient. Violators who do not comply with official correction orders will face criminal penalties.

Sui 生态 Web3 链游 Abyss World 将于 6 月 1 日在 Polygon 上进行 IDO


Sui ecosystem Web3 chain game Abyss World will conduct IDO on Polygon on June 1st

According to official sources, the Abyss World team of Sui ecosystem Web3 chain game will conduct IDO on Polygon on June 1. The team believes that the dynamic NFT and high TPS features of the SUI chain are very suitable for the gaming scene, so they plan to handle all settlement functions related to games on the SUI chain. There are two main reasons for trading on Polygon: first, the previous AWC has been distributed to Polygon, and Gazer is also based on EVM, which is more convenient for receiving rewards; second, there are more local USD tokens on Polygon, which can provide higher security.  

June 3rd

Sui Builder House Seoul Station will be held from June 3rd to 4th, and registration is now open.

Sui Builder House Seoul Station will be held from June 3rd to 4th, and registration is now open. This event will include presentations and workshops from Sui engineers, as well as its ecosystem projects and partners. In addition, a special announcement will be made for projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pudgy Penguins推出的实体玩偶Pudgy Toys将于6月3日发货


Pudgy Penguins has launched physical toys called Pudgy Toys, which will be shipped on June 3rd.

According to official sources, Pudgy Toys, the physical toys launched by NFT project "Pudgy Penguins", are now available on Amazon. Currently, the available products include two plush toy series, priced at $24.99 and $12.99 respectively. The plastic and rubber figurine series are not yet available for purchase, and all products will be shipped starting from June 3rd.

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