LayerZero and Polyhedra Network have strategically partnered to integrate zkLightClient and jointly launch a cross-chain message passing client with zero-knowledge proof.

23-06-01 10:28
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Source: LayerZero

According to the official social media platform message from LayerZero, LayerZero has integrated the zero-knowledge proof light client output by the Polyhedra Network team. The integrated zero-knowledge proof will improve the security, performance, and reduce costs of all supported chains in LayerZero's cross-chain interoperability, promoting the development of a unified cross-chain interoperable digital asset ecosystem.

1. Use ZKP to solve cross-chain interoperability

LayerZero is a cross-chain interoperability protocol that supports cross-chain message transmission. Applications (decentralized applications) built using blockchain technology can seamlessly connect to over 30 blockchains supported by the LayerZero protocol. This allows dApp users to securely and efficiently interact with cross-chain assets.

Polyhedra Network is building the next generation infrastructure for Web3 interoperability by leveraging advanced zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology. The Polyhedra Network team has designed and developed the Polyhedra zkLightClient technology based on the LayerZero protocol, which is a cutting-edge solution for providing secure and efficient cross-chain infrastructure for interoperability between Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchain networks.

2. Integrate Polyhedra zkLightClient technology into LayerZero

The zkLightClient technology of Polyhedra has been fully integrated into LayerZero's messaging protocol, allowing application developers to easily use zero-knowledge proof technology. Developers can easily use zkLightClient to build cross-chain applications on top of LayerZero through its extensive developer tools and community support.

Illustration: Integrating Polyhedra zkLightClient Technology into LayerZero

LayerZero's ULNv2 verification library relies on two components: Oracle and Relayer, to transmit information between on-chain endpoints. When LayerZero sends information from Chain A to Chain B, the information is routed to the ULNv2 verification library through the endpoint on Chain A. The ULNv2 library notifies Oracle and Relayer of the information and its target chain. Oracle forwards the hash value of the data packet to the endpoint on Chain B, and Relayer submits the data packet to verify its hash on-chain and transmit the information.

On-chain light clients allow the validator set of a chain to prove to a receiving chain what has happened on their chain. By combining with other libraries, light clients add stronger security to the LayerZero messaging protocol. Due to the large amount of transaction logs (necessary for proof but not for the application itself), the cost of on-chain transaction verification is too high, potentially reaching up to 50 to 100 million US dollars per day for each pair of chains connected to Ethereum.

The zkLightClient technology built by Polyhedra Network based on LayerZero utilizes the compression ability of ZKP technology, greatly reducing the delay and cost of on-chain verification by using efficient ZKP protocols. In addition, multiple transaction verifications can be batch processed into a single zero-knowledge proof to further reduce costs.

3. Implementation of cross-chain interoperability using zero-knowledge proofs

The zero-knowledge proof collaboration between LayerZero and Polyhedra Network has upgraded LayerZero to ZK LayerZero, which is the first zero-knowledge proof light client, zero-knowledge proof cross-chain message transmission, and zero-knowledge proof oracle. This builds a zero-knowledge proof, secure, efficient, and cost-effective interoperable ecosystem for blockchain.

In the future, LayerZero and Polyhedra Network will collaborate extensively on the application of zero-knowledge proof technology in cross-chain interoperability, enhancing the security and performance of cross-chain interoperability through zero-knowledge proof, and reducing the cost of cross-chain interoperability, thereby unleashing the full potential of interoperability in the entire blockchain and Web3 world. This collaboration will have a profound impact on both parties and the interoperability of the entire Web3.

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