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List of new projects worth paying attention to in the near future.

06-07 13:56
Project dynamics
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Original author: toffee, a cryptocurrency researcher
Translated by: Leo, BlockBeats

While the SEC is suing all over the crypto industry, new projects are still worth paying attention to. Cryptocurrency researcher toffee has compiled several early-stage projects recently, which BlockBeats has summarized below:

Lumin Finance

Lumin Finance is a decentralized peer-to-peer fixed-rate lending protocol on the Arbitrum chain, supported by its native token LUMIN. Unlike most lending protocols, borrowers, lenders, and pledgers in this protocol will all receive rewards, and governance is carried out in the form of a DAO. All adjustments to the protocol require approval through DAO requests.

This platform has unique fee-sharing, buyback-and-distribute, and buyback-and-burn mechanisms. Each loan is customized and supported by NFT technology, and can be traded on its market. The collateral for borrowing in this protocol is simple, including ETH, ARB, USDC, and USDT.

Membrane Finance

Membrane Finance is a financial technology subsidiary of Equilibrium Group, a engineering and technology giant focused on Web3 infrastructure, specializing in developing financial software and services that connect traditional finance with crypto integration.

The company has recently developed EUROe, a Euro stablecoin that is compliant with EU regulations and can be exchanged 1:1 with the Euro. It provides liquidity for on-chain Euros and supports instant, low-cost global payments, designed specifically for future enterprises.

EUROe was launched in February 2, 2023 through a collaboration between Membrane Finance, deltaDAO, and Polygon. EUROe can be used in the Gaia-X Web3 ecosystem. Prior to this, Membrane Finance raised 2 million euros from Maki.vc.


Fluo is a full-chain liquidity management and bribery platform designed for DEX, which helps users execute market-making strategies in an automated and dynamic way on any chain and any DEX. Currently, it supports Ethereum, Arbitrum, Cosmos, zkSync Era, and BNB Chain, and will expand to other chains in the future. Its goal is to bring market-making returns to users through cryptocurrency, while also having bribery and bonding mechanisms to allow other DEX and protocols to incentivize user liquidity and loyalty.

It lists the DEX liquidity pools, providing real and sustainable revenue from various fee sources. Its token FLUO varies with different use cases, including staking and voting. The operation of Fluo involves LP depositing into the treasury, stFLUO holders accumulating value and voting, DEX attracting liquidity, and traders benefiting from better liquidity.


bemo is the first liquidity staking protocol on the TON network, where users stake TON and receive stTON as liquidity tokens. Its partners include DWF Labs, which is also a guarantee for the TON ecosystem.

Bemo's mobile liquidity staking app v2 is about to be launched on the TON network, making stTON unstaking more convenient. Bemo simplifies staking, making it compatible with DeFi and reasonably priced. In addition to providing liquidity and opportunities for additional earnings, Bemo has a low entry barrier, requiring only 1 TON token.


Leto is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet designed specifically for stablecoin transfers. Users can pay Gas with USD and send funds to TRC20, ERC20, or BEP20 in the form of a mobile phone or link.

This project provides address book, native currency display and transfer. The advantage is that there is no need for native tokens such as ETH or TRX to do Gas. It successfully passed Pessimistic's audit in the fourth quarter of 2022, and the next audit is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023. The whitelist is currently open.

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Project dynamics
Frontier dynamics, mastered at one hand
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