Understanding the Decentralized Social Newcomer friend.tech in One Article.

23-08-11 09:46
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Overnight, the entire encryption community was flooded with "friend.tech invitation code".

So what exactly is "friend.tech"?

In short, friend.tech is a decentralized social platform that allows users to purchase shares of any user on friend.tech through the Ethereum blockchain of the Base chain, which is strongly linked to Twitter (now renamed X). This gives users the right to directly communicate with the user they purchased shares of, and also provides the possibility of earning profits.

Try friend.tech

1. Get the APP

Note: iOS system must be upgraded to 16.4 or above to use this app.

Add friend.tech to the home screen.

In the Safari browser menu, click on the "Share" icon, and then select "Add to Home Screen" from the options. Then open the friend.tech application on the home screen.

2. Account Settings

After opening the main screen APP, users can choose to log in using Google or the App Store.

After completing the registration process, users will arrive at the "hard-to-find code" section, where they need to enter an invitation code to gain access.




Readers can try using the above three invitation codes (cannot be reused) or register by asking for a code from peers in the community.

3. Bind Twitter and transfer 0.01ETH

After filling in the invitation code, users need to bind their own Twitter account and send 0.01 ETH based on Coinbase's Base chain to the address to activate the account.

By now, you not only have 3 invitation codes, but also have the right to purchase shares from other users and communicate with them directly, unlocking your value as a member of the community network.

4. Purchase Shares

After entering the APP, you can see the most popular users on the homepage and buy their shares. You can also search for the users you follow and buy their shares through the Explore button.

Not only is the initial price of each user share set based on Twitter data, but the price of shares also increases as purchases increase.

Before purchasing, a lock icon will appear in the chat interface after clicking on the user, indicating that the user needs to purchase a share. After the purchase is completed, one-on-one chat can be conducted. To prevent spam messages, friend.tech allows each holder to send three messages, then wait for the other party to reply and reset the limit.

It is worth noting that because Twitter names can be duplicated, when purchasing shares, users can check by clicking on the user's Twitter bird logo or by viewing the unique handle in the explore interface to minimize the occurrence of "mistaken identity" situations.

Is it a rising star or a flash in the pan?

Actually, this type of social product in the encryption industry is not the first to appear. As early as 2021, Nader Al-Naji, the founder of Basis, released the decentralized social product BitClout. With the endorsement of top institutions such as Sequoia Capital, A16z, and Coinbase Ventures, BitClout attracted the attention of the entire encryption industry as soon as it was launched.

However, BitClout's practice of putting user information on its platform without user consent has also sparked strong community dissatisfaction.

Amid criticism from opponents and excitement from participants, BitClout quickly went from a peak to a valley. Subsequently, BitClout was integrated into Nader's third project, DeSo.

Unlike BitClout, friend.tech does not use Bitcoin for purchases. Instead, it has opted for Ethereum, which is more readily accepted by the community, and is built on Coinbase's latest Base chain.

In short, friend.tech is not only relatively easy to access, but also dynamic. From the perspective of Twitter KOL, which has the most topics and audience, it is the most cost-effective marketing method. Moreover, the built-in airdrop expectation of friend.tech is also attractive enough.

Every Friday, points will be airdropped and will be used in friend.tech. The first distribution will be on 8/18/23.

friend.tech is currently very popular. This can be seen from the user experience of the current APP, and the official announcement that the server capacity reached its limit early this morning. After configuring more network resources, friend.tech also joked that "we really didn't realize that there are so many people enthusiastic about cryptocurrency".

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