Product Review | With the increasing demand for VC "shipment", how can retail investors participate in the primary and secondary markets using Coresky?

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23-08-17 11:00
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Due to the current situation in the encryption market, many venture capital (VC) firms are facing liquidity problems and are unable to convert equity shares into liquidity in a short period of time. According to Messari's data, the total amount raised in the cryptocurrency market in 2021 was $18.9 billion, and the total amount is expected to increase to $54.11 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 186%. In the past two years, capital has invested a staggering $73.01 billion in the primary market of cryptocurrencies.

However, the opportunity to list new projects on mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges is becoming increasingly limited, resulting in longer waiting times for investment institutions and users. Therefore, VCs have to sell their shares at a price lower than the market value in order to realize their equity. Coresky provides a platform to help VCs sell their shares at a discount.

Coresky has designed a new business model that drives market development through the economic utility of Launchpad. Simply put, users trade NFTs in the Coresky marketplace to obtain tickets, which are then used to extract NFTs from the main market asset package provided by Launchpad. Coresky has designed a comprehensive community membership system based on users' on-chain transaction behavior, with each level having its own Corecard identity. Corecards of different levels will receive different amounts of platform tickets on a regular basis.

Coresky has its own ecological investment fund, Coresky Labs, which focuses on early investment in high-quality projects in the cryptocurrency industry. Not all IDO projects come from Coresky Labs' own high-quality projects, and some IDO projects will come from other top investment institutions or project parties themselves. In this case, Coresky will act as an intermediary to help other investors who want to sell equity to match potential buyers.

Try Coresky

Currently, the way for users to participate in the trial of Coresky is through Coresky Launchpad. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Casting CoreCard

CoreCard, as a member NFT of Coresky, is a decentralized VIP governance system based on the Coresky ecosystem. Holding CoreCard grants membership to the Coresky community and the right to enjoy a range of benefits provided by the Coresky platform. CoreCard holders can obtain tickets by binding their CoreCard on the Coresky platform.

When using Mint CoreCard, you need to link your wallet, authorize Twitter, and send tweets.

CoreCard is divided into six levels, namely: CoreCardV0 Kite, CoreCardV1 Balloon, CoreCardV2 Biplane, CoreCardV3 Jet, CoreCardV4 Satellite, and CoreCardV5 Spaceship. Users at the V4 and V5 levels can directly obtain asset packages NFT from the Coresky platform. Each user can mint multiple CoreCards, but can only choose one for binding at a time.

Coresky distributes tickets to community members every week based on their CoreCard level, with higher level members receiving more tickets. Users can increase their CoreCard level by burning Coresky points or completing other tasks set by the platform. Coresky strongly encourages users to upgrade their CoreCard in order to receive more tickets.

When a user's CoreCard meets the 24x7 binding requirements, their CoreCard NFT will receive tickets distributed by the Coresky platform. If the user chooses to upgrade their CoreCard, they can immediately receive the tickets.

The number of tickets received per week for each core card level

Users can use lottery to bet on the projects they are interested in. After the betting period ends, users will receive notifications about whether they have won. Winning users must mint an asset package NFT within a specified time frame, which includes the corresponding project's main market investment share. After minting, they can freely sell it as needed.

During the betting period, the market randomly selects a fixed number of winning lottery tickets. Users who own winning lottery tickets are eligible to receive the Mint asset pack NFT. The probability of winning for each ticket in each round of Launchpad is the same. Unused lottery tickets that did not win cannot be reused. The market will collect and automatically destroy all unused tickets. If a user fails to claim the Mint asset pack NFT within the specified time frame after winning, the market will assume that the user has forfeited their whitelist eligibility and will reclaim the NFT asset pack.

2. Bind CoreCard

3. Get Tickets

After binding for 7 days, you can obtain the ticket/upgrade to the advanced CoreCard to obtain the ticket immediately.

4. Participate in Launchpad

After holding CoreCard, we can participate in Launchpad shares. Coresky has successfully held five Launchpad projects: Celestia, Wormhole, Fuel, Scoll, LayerZero. Choose a favorite Launchpad project to participate in Coresky Launchpad, and currently the sixth project, Kakarot, is underway.

5. Put the lottery into the Launchpad pool

Enter the Mint interface of Kakarot on Coresky's page and place the lottery ticket into the Launchpad pool.

6. Casting

Casting asset package NFT (once won, you can cast asset package type NFT for Web3 projects), link your wallet, authorize Twitter and tweet.

7. Sale

In NFT Marketplace, high-priced asset packages NFT are sold or waiting for the bundled tokens in the asset packages NFT to unlock for higher returns.

Coresky's core business: Launchpad and NFT Marketplace

Specifically, Coresky's core businesses are Launchpad and NFT Marketplace. Coresky Launchpad provides IDO services for projects and communities, including NFT projects and FT projects. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can invest in both types of assets on Coresky Launchpad.

According to Coresky, only projects that meet all requirements are eligible to participate in Coresky Launchpad. Coresky requires top industry institutions to invest in NFT projects; a global operating team active in countries with relatively developed cryptocurrency industries; a founding team with strong influence in the industry; and innovative gameplay and unique market appeal. For FT projects, Coresky requires top fund investments, an excellent background and professional knowledge of the founding team, clear product logic with the potential to lead the future development of the industry, and high technological barriers.

Coresky Marketplace is combined with Launchpad to introduce a dynamic trading incentive model. By incorporating Corecard into Coresky's platform governance model, the conflicting needs of NFT traders and token holders are resolved, creating a healthy community economic cycle system.

Coresky Launchpad provides an opportunity for its retail investors to participate in primary market projects. Platform users can mint, bind, and upgrade their CoreCard to seamlessly participate in Launchpad projects, thereby accessing and trading primary market token shares of top Web3 projects, reducing access and investment costs. In addition, Coresky carefully selects top projects for Coresky Launchpad, reflecting its commitment to the security and reliability of platform users and CoreCard holders.

Coresky's asset packaging NFT bundles unreleased token shares from top Web3 projects into NFTs, completely revolutionizing NFT transactions. This innovative approach eliminates the need for traditional financial intermediaries, resulting in a more efficient and seamless transaction process. By reducing transaction costs and saving time, Coresky provides users with a convenient and user-friendly asset trading platform.

For ordinary users, participating in the primary market is usually limited to public offering rounds and unstable interactions. Public offering rounds usually have high participation thresholds. However, at Coresky, users only need to have a CoreCard to participate in primary market investments. Investment shares will be directly minted into asset-backed NFTs, which users can list for trading on NFT markets or store in their own crypto wallets.

For this project, issuing shares in the form of NFT asset packages cast in advance can establish a strong bond with users without affecting the lock-up period. From a long-term development perspective, controlling the quality of the online project is crucial for the survival of the platform. In the future, Coresky also plans to establish a Blue Label Venture Capital (VC) Alliance and incorporate untapped and pending VC quotas into Launchpad products. This will give CoreCard members more choices in asset-packaged NFT investments. Coresky drives user transactions with the economic utility of Launchpad while solving the liquidity problems of the coin rights first-level market and the NFT trading market.

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