These DAOs are changing Japan.

23-10-10 15:38
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Source: Wang Chao, Empower Labs

A few days ago, I wrote about my experience visiting the Tokyo Game Show, and now I want to talk specifically about the Japanese DAO that I observed. The title may be a bit exaggerated, but it's not entirely clickbait.

On the day of my arrival in Tokyo, I visited a shared workspace for professionals in the encryption industry. There, I met with many Japanese DAOists, Web3 entrepreneurs, and a reputedly active cryptocurrency investment firm in Tokyo.

Its location is excellent, right next to Shibuya Station, yet it is hidden in a quiet corner of an inconspicuous intersection. The shared space occupies floors 3-6 of a building, with two floors reserved for a VC and several larger affiliated companies, while the other two floors are rented by individuals or small startup teams consisting of only two or three people.

The office space is very simple, and can even be described as somewhat rudimentary. However, the prices are quite affordable, with desk prices at 2200rmb and independent compartments only requiring 3500 per month. There is also an evening shift, which only costs 550 yuan per month, but can only be used after 5pm. This is probably aimed at those who work part-time here after work, which is very suitable for friends who participate in DAO in their spare time. It can also be used temporarily, with a daily fee of only 100 yuan, but can only be used until 5pm.

I had arranged to meet with the operations manager at 5 pm in advance, which was a bit late. There weren't many people in the office, and everyone was quietly doing their own thing. The person who received me on site was a young girl with a beautiful and clear appearance, and her English was also decent. She took me around two floors and introduced various facilities and support for tenants. The feeling after a lap was that although the hardware was simple, it was comfortable and free. However, whether it was a compartment or a conference room, the sound insulation was about 0. As long as you make a phone call or have a meeting, it is a serious build in public, which is quite in line with the spirit of DAO. Welcome to listen.

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