Infographic | Four images explaining what BitVM is?

23-10-13 14:00
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Editor's note:
In this white paper reviewed by Super Testnet and Sam Parker, it can be seen that BitVM is a new type of computing paradigm designed by Robin Linus in Zero Sync, which integrates Optimistic Roll Up, Fraud Proof, Taproot Leaf, and Bitcoin Script.

BitVM allows for the expression of Turing-complete Bitcoin contracts without changing the Bitcoin network's consensus rules, enabling the execution of any computable function and offline computation without leaving any trace on the chain. The white paper also introduces BitVM's architecture, input/output, limitations, and prospects.

The white paper reached 110,000 views within an hour of its release, and as of writing, the number of views has reached 1.82 million. The discussion in the English community has been exceptionally heated, making it one of the biggest hot topics in the crypto world recently. KOL @LeonidasNFT believes this is an anticipated innovation, so he engraved BitVM's paper on the Bitcoin inscription in a more native way to make it exist forever.

Related reading: "How do senior developers view BitVM for calculating any content on Bitcoin?"

In response, Twitter user @BTCillustrated created four simple graphics explaining what BitVM is.

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