Owlto: A decentralized cross-rollup bridge based on Linea.

23-11-20 16:15
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Original Title: "Meet Owlto: A Decentralized Cross-Rollup Bridge on Linea"
Original Author: Linea
Translated by: Noc, BlockBeats

In the era where more and more projects are deployed on Layer 2 networks, users' demand for on-chain liquidity and asset transfer is also increasing. Owlto Finance's secure and fast bridging service aims to provide users with a solution to bridge assets to L2 while adopting Layer 2's high efficiency approach.

Let's explore some key factors that make Owlto a reliable partner for Linea.

Owlto Features

Owlto is one of the fastest-growing bridges in 2023 in the encryption industry. It launched its mainnet in June 2023 and has developed into one of the top cross-chain bridges in the Ethereum ecosystem.

· Speed: Owlto can achieve almost real-time asset arrival without going through the Ethereum mainnet, thereby improving transfer speed. On Owlto, over 90% of transfers are completed within 30 seconds.

· High Security: Unlike other bridges that use Rollup technology, Owlto is risk-free. This is because it directly transfers assets between the sender's account on the source network and the target network. The sender does not interact with the smart contract address, which can prevent attacks. This design makes the process more secure.

· Low cost: On Owlto, asset transfer is conducted between two EOA addresses without involving smart contract addresses, making the transfer cost very low. This makes it one of the preferred options for users to transfer assets.

Linea and Owlto Collaboration

Linea is one of Owlto's best partners and has played a key role in helping Owlto build its ecosystem.

Linea is a highly decentralized Layer 2 solution that operates without relying on central authorities, making it more resistant to censorship and fraud. This gives cross-chain bridges like Owlto more confidence that their assets cannot be seized or frozen by third parties. Cross-chain asset transfers between Linea, the Ethereum mainnet, and other Layer 2 solutions can be seamlessly integrated, increasing the stability and continuity of Linea's services and making it more attractive.

Linea is a highly interoperable Layer 2 solution that is compatible with many other chains. This makes it easier for Owlto to provide better cross-chain solutions based on Linea.

For Owlto, Linea is an extensible, efficient, secure, decentralized, and interoperable solution. It enables Owlto to provide excellent solutions based on its powerful infrastructure, offering users a faster, more efficient, and secure cross-chain bridge for transferring assets between Ethereum, Linea, and other networks.

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