Activities and hot events that may affect the market in the past two weeks

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The financial market commonly uses "Buy the rumor, sell the news" to describe the potential impact of market events on prices, while the Chinese world summarizes such market behavior as "利好兑现".

Just like Apple's product launch events, the summits of major cryptocurrency projects often release new products or major product upgrades. Given the recent market activity, BlockBeats has compiled some conference events and hot topics that may affect the market trend in the near future for readers based on publicly available market information in chronological order.

opBNB trading fees will be reduced on December 4th

According to a part of the opBNB new technology roadmap shared by BNB Chain developers, BNB Chain will lower the average transaction cost of opBNB from around $0.005 to around $0.001 on December 4th, and will further lower the average transaction cost to $0.0005 within 6 months. In addition, opBNB will also increase TPS from around 4,000 transactions to 10,000 transactions.

Arbitrum Community's "ArbOS 11 Version" AIP Proposal Voting Will End on December 5th

The Arbitrum community has opened the "ArbOS 11 version" AIP proposal vote, which will end at 06:11 on December 5th Beijing time, with a current support rate of 99.79%. The proposal introduces multiple improvements to Arbitrum, including support for EVM upgrade and PUSH0 opcode, as well as various error fixes. These improvements have been reviewed and are available for adoption by Arbitrum Orbit chain, Arbitrum One, and Arbitrum Nova, with the proposal involving the latter two. The proposal states that the ArbOS upgrade can be considered as a hard fork of Arbitrum.

Specifically, due to the fact that the latest version of Geth includes support for the changes made to the EVM in the Shanghai L1 upgrade, Arbitrum also needs to synchronize support to ensure that there is no divergence from previous versions of node software; retryable fixes; fixes for the chain owner list returned by precompiled contracts; fixes for some precompiled methods that consume all Gas during recovery; creation of missing precompiled methods to view some L1 pricing parameters; fixes for the possibility of static calls from owner to ArbOwner emitting logs; and fixes for default L1 pricing parameters.

Currently, the smart contract code for upgrading the execution chain has been audited by Trail of Bits. The ArbOS version used by Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova is currently ArbOS 10.

Yearn and Polygon will launch a hackathon on December 6th

The Yearn Yield Aggregator Protocol is partnering with Polygon to host the first Yearn Hackathon, which will begin on December 6th, with a top prize of 10,000 MATIC. The hackathon aims to provide all users with the opportunity to learn about Yearn's new system and build V3 strategies. Earlier this month, Yearn launched Yearn V3 on Polygon, which introduces tokenized strategies and supports the creation of single strategy vaults without permission. In addition, strategies and vaults are now fully compatible with ERC-4626. Yearn will add new vaults and strategies before releasing on other chains.

On December 19th, Yearn developers will vote to select the winner, with the first prize receiving a reward of 10,000 MATIC tokens.

Chainlink Staking v0.2 migration will start at 1:00 on December 8th, be the first to experience it

Chainlink has announced that its Staking v0.2 version is now live on the Ethereum mainnet. Stakers from the v0.1 version can migrate their LINK tokens and accumulated rewards to the v0.2 version during a nine-day priority migration phase. Starting at 01:00 on December 8th Beijing time, LINK token holders who meet the predefined eligibility requirements will have the opportunity to stake up to 15,000 LINK within a four-day period, which is the early access period before the launch. From 12:00 PM Eastern Time on December 11th, anyone can stake up to 15,000 LINK, provided that the staking pool is not yet full.

At the launch of Staking v0.2, the total amount of the staking pool is 45,000,000 LINK, of which 40,875,000 LINK will be allocated to community members and the remaining portion will be allocated to node operators who currently provide data services for Chainlink. Community stakers can stake a minimum of 1 LINK and a maximum of 15,000 LINK per address during the early access and regular access periods. Node operators can stake a minimum of 1,000 LINK and a maximum of 75,000 LINK.

Taipei Blockchain Week (December 11-16)

Taipei Blockchain Week 2023 will be held in Taipei from December 11th to 16th. The event is organized by BU ZHI DAO and features keynote speakers such as Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, and Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase.

This year's Taipei Blockchain Week focuses on "scale" and aims to explore new areas of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology and their applications.

US November Unadjusted CPI Annual Rate

The seasonally adjusted CPI for November in the United States will be released at 21:30 on December 12th, with a previous value of 3.2%.

US Interest Rate Decision until December 13th

The Federal Reserve will announce the interest rate decision for the period up to December 13th in the United States at 03:00 on December 14th. Half an hour after the announcement of the interest rate decision, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell will hold a monetary policy press conference.

As of the time of writing, according to the CME "FedWatch" data, the probability of the Fed maintaining interest rates in the range of 5.25%-5.50% in December is 97.7%, while the probability of a 25 basis point rate hike is 2.3%.

Weekly Initial Jobless Claims in the United States as of December 9th (in 10,000s)

The US Department of Labor will release the number of initial jobless claims for the week ending December 9th in the United States at 9:00 PM on December 14th (in thousands).

Binance will stop supporting BUSD products on December 15th

Binance announced that due to Paxos ceasing to mint new BUSD, Binance will stop supporting BUSD products on December 15, 2023. Binance reminds users to withdraw their BUSD holdings or convert their BUSD assets to other assets supported by the Binance platform before December 15, 2023.

Users can trade their BUSD assets for FDUSD with zero fees on the Binance spot market, or exchange their BUSD assets for FDUSD at a 1:1 ratio on the flash exchange platform.

WLD market maker will return 75 million WLD to Worldcoin project party on December 15th

On October 23rd, Worldcoin officially announced that during the transition period after the launch of Worldcoin, Orb operators will be rewarded in the form of USDC. Currently, this transition period is coming to an end and operators will receive rewards in the form of WLD.

In addition, when WLD was officially launched, World Assets Ltd. (a subsidiary of the Worldcoin Foundation) signed a loan agreement with five market makers operating outside the United States. The purpose of these entities is to ensure sufficient liquidity for WLD trading on centralized trading platforms outside the United States and to enhance the price stability of WLD. These five entities collectively received a loan of 100 million WLD, which was originally due on October 24, 2023.

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