Endless Clouds: What potential games are the blockchain game developers led by Animoca currently working on?

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On December 5th, Treeverse, the developer of blockchain game, announced the completion of a $2.5 million financing round. The round was participated by the founders and executives of companies such as Animoca Brands, Sky Mavis, YGG, Faze Clan, Immutable, Pudgy Penguins, Pixelmon, Pixels Online, Pixel Vault, as well as a group of angel investors.

According to the financing announcement of Endless Clouds, the new funds will be used to continue developing the mobile MMORPG game Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, both based on Ethereum, as well as related content for the game IP Timeless.

The games Treeverse and Capsule Heroes are both under development, and there are currently no detailed gameplay or token models available. According to information released by the team, Treeverse is a metaverse MMORPG game, while Capsule Heroes is a 3v3 PvP fighting game. The common feature of the two is that they will both incorporate Timeless, an NFT IP series that can be integrated into multiple forms of media.


Treeverse is an open-world fantasy MMORPG game set in a large-scale metaverse, featuring a MOBA-style combat system. Developed by the team at Endless Clouds, gameplay includes teaming up with other players, battling monsters, collecting resources, crafting monster fragments to upgrade equipment, and collecting blueprints.

Treeverse received a $25 million investment led by Animoca Brands during its early development in 2021. It released a full trailer in July 2022 and conducted alpha testing at the end of last year.

According to reports, Treeverse aims to provide players with a Runescape-style MMORPG game, allowing users to deploy NFTs in an open and interactive world. It is worth noting that the floor prices of the Treeverse NFT series have seen a significant increase in the past month.

Economic System

The props currently displayed on the official website include Nftress, Endless Clouds Card, and Timeless.

Nftrees will bear unique fruits based on the characteristics of the tree. After placement, the holder can set a price for the fruits produced by the tree, and other players can purchase them. Consuming the fruit will provide temporary benefits to the player. NFTrees on OpenSea is a collection of 420 randomly composed trees, each of which can be placed in the game world. The current floor price is 10 ETH, which is a 197% increase from 1 month ago when it was 3.3 ETH.

ECC (Endless Clouds Card) serves as a land plot in the encryption industry. Players can place them in Treeverse, and holders can also choose to rent their land plots to other adventurers. The ECC collection is currently known as Treeverse Plots. The trading volume of Treeverse Plots in the past month was 431 ETH, an increase of over 600%, and the current floor price is 0.6 ETH, an increase of 124% in the past month.

Timeless is a unique character with clear badges and a distinctive appearance to distinguish it from others. Timeless is designed for multiple virtual worlds and adapts to various media forms including pixels, 3D, 2D, vtubers, etc. The floor price of Timeless has increased by 82% in the past month and is currently at 0.29ETH.

Currently, Treeverse is still under development. According to its update announcements, Treeverse aims to create a unique gaming experience through its art style. The game will feature many elements of ancient civilizations. Additionally, there will be different tribes in the game world, each with its own culture that embodies certain elements.

It is understood that Treeverse will be released within 2024 and will be officially launched on the PC platform.

Capsule Heroes

Aside from Treeverse, the funding announcement on December 5th also introduced Capsule Heroes, another blockchain game currently being developed by Endless Clouds. Capsule Heroes is a groundbreaking 3v3 PvP fighting game announced by Endless Clouds in August 2023, where players can choose from a variety of unique skins and enter the battlefield. Players can then team up with friends and participate in a series of game modes, including capture, team battles, and survival competitions.

Capsule Heroes skin design

According to the team, the initial concept of Capsule Heroes originated from a game development competition held by Endless Clouds earlier this year. "The team had a lot of fun playing this game and decided to continue developing it."

Endless Clouds launched its Alpha testing in Q4 of this year and is still under development. Unlike Treeverse, Capsule Heroes has stated that they will not sell any NFTs upon official release.

NFT series Timeless

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According to the team's introduction in 2021, Timeless was originally planned as a collection of 11,111 anime characters, composed of different species, each with different characteristics. All Treeverse and Nftree holders were assigned a Timeless, with each block costing 0.222. Each character will have a corresponding 3D character in Treeverse.

Other than appearing as a game character in their own Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, Timeless has already been compatible with popular chain games Pixels on the metaverse games Worldwide Webb and Ronin. On September 20th, Timeless was launched on the Hologram platform as a vtuber. According to the team, Timeless will also soon launch a monster-catching MMORPG chain game called Spellborne.

Currently, Timeless has a total trading volume of 4356 ETH on OpenSea.

More Information

Treeverse began preparations in 2021 and announced a round of financing with a post-investment valuation of $25 million in October 2021. The round of financing was participated by Animoca Brands, IdeoCo Labs, and others. At that time, Loopify wrote an article introducing Treeverse's gameplay and token model, which stated that Treeverse's native tokens would be $SEED and governance token $ROOT.

However, the account that published this article stopped updating after December 2021. Since then, the team has been developing Treeverse on substack with monthly updates. In October 2023, Loopify announced on Twitter that Treeverse and Capsule Heroes will use the universal gaming token $CLOUDS from Endless Clouds.

As of now, according to OpenSea data, the total trading volume of Treeverse's NFTs under Endless Clouds has exceeded 26,368 ETH, worth about 58 million US dollars.

Endless Clouds was founded by Loopify (@Loopifyyy), who is a collector, educator, and media platform founder in the NFT industry. Therefore, compared to other blockchain games, Treeverse and Capsule Heroes have a stronger NFT "culture" attribute.

If you search for Treeverse on OpenSea, you will find that the cover of the NFT list for Treeverse Plot is a cartoon sheep. This is a character in the Treeverse game, which originated from Loopify's post in the dicsord community in March 2023, where he revealed that the Web2 product Baafi will be launched.

On September 5th, the team announced in the Discord community that "Baafi has finally landed", but at the same time "we will not promote it through our current social media, but only run it quietly in the background. Therefore, if you want to keep track of what we are doing with our friends, this is one of the few announcements you will get".

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