BNB Chain is making efforts in the Bitcoin ecosystem, showcasing four potential 'new shovel' projects.

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23-12-27 14:46
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Last night, Binance announced the launch of a new coin mining project called Sleepless AI (AI). BNB briefly surged past $300, with a 24-hour increase of 11.98%. At the same time, a number of projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem also experienced a general uptrend.

A few days ago, there were rumors in the community that Binance's Web3 wallet will be integrated with the Inscription market, which has led to a rebound in Inscription prices. Currently, there is still no official confirmation, but from the market performance, it is evident that BNB chain is making efforts in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Currently, the entire Bitcoin track is still in the period of new project outbreaks, and providing early project discovery for encrypted users is one of the fastest ways to obtain market increments. BakerySwap is a pioneer in exploring the Bitcoin ecosystem on the BNB chain, but faced with such a high degree of attention and a constant stream of new projects and protocols in the Bitcoin ecosystem, BNB chain will obviously not stop here, and neither will Binance. BlockBeats has compiled other potential projects worth paying attention to in the current BNB chain ecosystem for readers' reference.

Dego Finance(DEGO)

BlockBeats News, on December 25th, NFT+DEFI aggregator Dego Finance announced the completion of its BRC20 Launchpad BETA version testing. After the announcement, its native token DEGO's price surged to $4.2, with a 24-hour increase of 64.1%.

Yesterday, Dego Finance also launched the DEGO staking plan, stating that the Launchpad rules will be released within the next 7 days.

DEGO Pledge Days Corresponding to Early Pledge Rates Table; Image Source: Dego FinanceOfficial Documentation


On December 27th, decentralized leverage trading platform LeverFi announced the launch of its BRC20 Launchpad platform, LeverPro. Following the announcement, the price of LeverFi's native token, LEVER, surged to $0.0025, with a 24-hour increase of over 50%.

According to official documentation, LeverPro plans to launch three projects in the near future, which will focus on mortgage stablecoins, BRC20 asset lending, and AMM exchange and liquidity mining protocol.

In LeverFi's 2024 roadmap, it also mentions its commitment to advancing the BTC and BRC20 ecosystems, including the launch of LVR token for trading as a BRC20 token and DeFi development (lending and AMM) within the BTC ecosystem.

Bitcoin Cats(1CAT)

The Bitcoin Cats blockchain gaming project is BakerySwap's first Launchpad project. After this, every new launch project of BakerySwap can participate using BAKE and 1Cat, which also continues to empower the value of Bitcoin Cats. With the upcoming third Launchpad project, the price of 1CAT has once again risen, with a 24-hour increase of 80.96%.

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On December 25th, Bitcoin Cats announced the launch of the "1CAT Gold Shovel Plan". Participants can earn ecosystem partner tokens by staking 1CAT tokens. The first project in this plan is BitLand. Users can stake 1CAT tokens on the official website to mine BLLB tokens. This activity will start this weekend and last for two months, with a total reward of 500 million BLLB tokens, accounting for 5% of its total supply.

According to official introduction, 1CAT is not only the main asset in the Bitcoin Cats game, but also serves as a "golden shovel" to access a broader ecosystem. In the future, it will be further integrated into the game mechanism of Bitcoin Cats, providing users with diversified rewards.


On December 20th, Binance launched the 41st new coin mining project, NFPrompt (NFP). NFPrompt is an AI-driven user-generated content (UGC) platform for Web3 creators and was one of the incubation projects of Binance Labs' sixth season in June of this year.

Yesterday, NFPrompt announced the launch of the AIGC Inscription Platform and Trading Market on the BNB Chain. By building the infrastructure that connects AIGC and inscriptions, NFPrompt will become the first platform where users can easily mint and trade special inscriptions. NFPrompt will also provide a market to facilitate the exchange of these inscriptions while maintaining fairness in distribution and trade.

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