Overview of Artela Hackathon: Application innovation under EVM+Paradigm.

24-02-29 14:00
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On February 27th, the new public chain Artela held the "Aspect Use Cases Buildathon" EVM+ hackathon Demo day, which officially ended. Developers had previously used the 10-day event period to build many creative Aspect extension use cases, covering AI/Crypto, full-chain games, DeFi security, middleware, and other directions, demonstrating the new imagination brought by the EVM+ world.

This hackathon event has received support from many developer communities in the industry, including DoraHacks, LXDAO, BuidlerDao, OpenBuild, Aspecta, Alibaba Cloud, and more. Over 100 developers participated in this hackathon, resulting in 36 EVM+ creative projects based on Artela Aspect programming!

The encryption market is at a new breakthrough, and the demand for on-chain products driven by users is increasing. The limitations of on-chain programmability are becoming increasingly significant. The popular AI/Crypto and full-chain games also highlight the need for programming extensions. Artela has innovated in the infrastructure layer by making it compatible with EVM and introducing Aspect programming, allowing developers to build EVM+ applications using the EVM+Aspect paradigm, breaking through limitations.

Inventory of EVM+ Innovation

KYT Aspect: Chain-based DeFi Security at Fintech Level

KYT (Know Your Transaction) Aspect provides on-chain real-time transaction security analysis for dApps. Through on-chain extension, it can detect in real-time whether transactions involving calling contracts are related to flash loan attacks, arbitrage, and money laundering. By integrating this Aspect, DeFi protocols can customize their security risk control strategies like Fintech services to enhance protocol fund security and compliance.

This project was built by members of the ZAN team from Ant Group, seamlessly integrating Fintech-level security technology into the Artela network. It clearly demonstrates the feasibility of implementing advanced on-chain security features through Aspect, highlighting the effectiveness of the EVM+ paradigm in addressing security issues in the DeFi world.

Previously, Curve and Kyberswap, among other well-established DeFi protocols, were attacked one after another, breaking through the last line of defense of "naked" DeFi protocols. The real-time fund security protection brought by EVM+ has brought a high level of imagination to DeFi protocols.

Full-chain game Pacman: On-chain AI-agent and coprocessor

Pacman uses Aspect as an on-chain coprocessor (representing the GPU in traditional computers) to implement a full-chain version of the "Pac-Man" game. It implements AI-agent algorithms on Aspect, enabling automatic battles between players and ghosts on the chain.

This project is developed by the Cellula team, which has ported the AI agent combat module originally implemented in the off-chain Java system to Aspect while maintaining high playability. With one on-chain transaction, it can execute over 1000 rounds of AI pathfinding decisions.

It verifies that Aspect can act as an on-chain co-processor. In this paradigm, on-chain AI agents and asynchronous PvP games are enabled to run on-chain!

Throttle Aspect: On-chain "throttling" middleware

Throttle Aspect is an on-chain middleware that implements a common web2 application limiter through Aspect, allowing contracts to restrict the frequency of calls. dApps can use it to limit the activity frequency of each address during activities such as airdrops, on-chain launches, and promotions to protect against DDoS attacks, avoid unnecessary gas consumption, and improve fairness and protocol efficiency.

This conceptual Aspect demonstrates that EVM+ has sufficient conditions to introduce flow control technology as a public module of smart contracts in web2 transaction systems. This type of on-chain middleware is currently a technology that few people will study, although it is significant for completely decentralized protocols. However, in reality, it is often an unnecessary module that is ignored by projects.

Aspect can help modularize them as independent on-chain public extension modules, and dApps only need to configure access without the need for redundant development, reducing marginal costs.

Additionally, multiple projects have received the Idea Winner award.

LinkLearner is an experimental version of a decentralized AI model training platform based on Artela. It utilizes off-chain model training and on-chain weight aggregation to build a "DAOs to democratically govern AI" model, aiming to achieve democratic governance of AI.

Limit Order AMM project uses Aspect as "hooks" to extend the functionality of the V3 version of the Uniswap AMM protocol to include Limit Order, without modifying the AMM contract to add hooks functionality. After the swap transaction is completed, it determines the price of the pool to decide whether to execute the corresponding market order at that price.

RingSig is a decentralized and regulated privacy solution concept. It is deployed on Artela EVM and uses ASPECT's preContractCall and ring signature proof to verify whether users come from centralized exchanges (CEX) with KYC and ensure the asset privacy of each transaction.


This hackathon is the first encounter between developers and the new public chain Artela, which focuses on EVM+ and Aspect extension features. Previously, Artela has demonstrated application cases such as on-chain security, full-chain games, and Session Key using Aspect.

From the perspective of the final constructed idea, Artela's EVM+ network has unique advantages and innovative potential in AI, full-chain games, and DeFi security, and has the ability to overcome challenges that pure EVM execution layer public chains find difficult to achieve.

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