OKX has become the first exchange to fully integrate Uniswap Labs API into its DeFi platform, launching the OKX DEX spot trading feature.

24-03-01 10:45
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Source: OKX

On March 1st, OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, and trusted DeFi company Uniswap Labs jointly announced that OKX has become one of the first important builders to fully integrate Uniswap Labs' trading API into its own products.

This integration mainly refers to the launch of the intention trading mode function on OKX DEX, which aggregates more extensive liquidity through UniswapX.

OKX DEX's Intent Trading feature will allow users to quickly and intuitively exchange tokens on Ethereum without paying any gas fees. The Intent feature runs directly on the OKX DEX interface through Uniswap Labs' UniswapX protocol. UniswapX is a permissionless open-source protocol for trading between public and private automated market makers (AMMs) and other liquidity sources.

This agreement aims to provide users with better prices by providing new liquidity and gas-free exchanges. In addition, the protocol eliminates the costs associated with failed transactions and prevents maximum extractable value (MEV).

OKX Wallet also integrates with Uniswap, allowing users to log in to their OKX Wallet directly from the Uniswap interface by clicking "Launch App" and "Connect Wallet". Users who log in through Uniswap can exchange tokens, trade NFTs, buy cryptocurrencies, earn profits by contributing to liquidity pools, and use their OKX Wallet assets on Uniswap to build DApps.

UniswapX's unique design enhances the reliability and security of DeFi transactions while optimizing prices. Web3 users of OKX can choose "Intent Mode" in the "Trading Mode" section of the OKX DEX platform to use the UniswapX protocol for trading.

This integration provides a comprehensive decentralized financial experience, enhancing the reliability and security of decentralized exchanges and providing users with a more intuitive trading experience.

Jason Lau, Chief Innovation Officer of OKX, said: "The strategic integration with Uniswap Labs has improved the decentralized financial experience for OKX users. We are very pleased to be the first company to offer UniswapX services to a wider Web3 audience. UniswapX provides OKX DEX users with new liquidity, enabling users to obtain better pricing and more potential returns. As UniswapX develops, we hope to continue to expand the team's support for cross-chain development in the future."

Uniswap Labs Chief Operating Officer Mary-Catherine Lader said: "Uniswap Labs' expertise in smart contracts has changed the blockchain-based market. UniswapX brings the benefits of on-chain trading to more users and is key to expanding this foundation. We are excited to bring deeper liquidity and save gas fees for OKX users, and open up a new future for cross-chain transactions."

In addition to its intention trading function, OKX DEX also allows users to exchange and bridge tokens through its "smart" trading mode function. This function uses OKX's "X Routing" intelligent aggregator algorithm, which identifies the best trading path for more than 400 DEXs while considering prices, slippage, and network fees in multi-chain and cross-chain scenarios.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Ethereum EIP-6963 upgrade, OKX users will be able to easily connect their wallets to the Uniswap interface, which applies to all browser extension wallets and greatly enhances user interaction experience. Users can now connect their OKX wallets directly to the Uniswap interface by clicking "Launch Application" and then "Connect Wallet". After connecting to Uniswap, users can exchange tokens, NFTs, and purchase cryptocurrencies, as well as earn profits through liquidity pools. They can also use their OKX wallet assets on Uniswap to build DApps.

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