Zircuit’s total locked-up volume exceeded US$500 million, and Ethena was newly integrated

24-03-08 14:00
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Zircuit, a zk rollup with parallel sequencers and AI-based security, today announced that its TVL has exceeded $500 million. Zircuit is currently in the testnet stage. Zircuit is expected to become the blockchain network whose TVL exceeds Linea, Manta, Mantle, Near, Scroll, Aptos and zkSync on the first day of mainnet launch.

Next week, Zircuit will integrate Ethena as part of its list of supported protocols. Users who stake USDe with Zircuit will earn Zircuit points and 7x Shards (Ethena points). Ethena is a cryptocurrency solution for a USD stable ratio that is fully collateralized and freely combinable on-chain to generate yields. Other protocols in the program include Renzo, Kelp, Etherfi, Lido, Swell, Eigenpie, and Liquid Collective.

Points programs have become an emerging trend in the crypto space, providing a new way to incentivize those users who contribute to the protocol. Zircuit Staking is an innovative program that allows users to deposit ETH, Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), and Liquid Re-staking Tokens (LRTs) to earn Zircuit Points. Through the staking program, users can earn Zircuit Points on top of any staking earnings or points already earned. Users who choose to migrate their assets when the Zircuit mainnet goes live will receive the highest rewards. Users can withdraw and keep earned points and earnings at any time, as ETH is not force-locked like Blast or Mantle.

After a year and a half of research on L2 networks, the Zircuit team created an L2 with a built-in AI-enabled sequencer that monitors the mempool for malicious transactions to protect users. Compared to security measures that usually focus on application and smart contract level security, Zircuit brings Sequencer Level Security (SLS). This means that every transaction on Zircuit will pass stronger security checks, providing a more secure blockchain network experience for projects and end users. Zircuit is also fully EVM compatible, providing greater efficiency and providing users with cheaper and faster transactions.

With support from Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and Maelstrom, Zircuit is currently in the testnet phase, with mainnet expected to launch later in 2024. For more Zircuit staking information, please visit official website.

About Zircuit

Zircuit is a zk rollup with a parallel sequencer and AI-based security. With a team of Web3 security experts and PhDs in computer science, algorithms, and cryptography, Zircuit's unique architecture combines the best features of performance and security.

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